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Hybrid and Electric Car User’s Group – Sri Lanka

Dear Hybrid & Electric Car Users/Lovers,

We can see so many high tech hybrid and electric cars on Sri Lankan roads these days. The cars a very attractive in terms of technology, appearance, fuel efficiency and ultimately the cost effectiveness to the end user. Anyone who is looking to purchase for a car may find the option of “Hybrid” car very attractive in the long run. But lack of knowledge and experience in the Hybrid and electric vehicles may inevitably create risky and uncertain feeling. Any prospective hybrid car buyer can place trust over the refutable hybrid car makers such as Toyoda and Honda for reliable cars.

We, as hybrid car users in Sri Lanka would like to kindly invite you all to share your experience and knowledge of your hybrid cars.

Would any of you recommend on this product? Would anybody knows or recommend partner or service station for Hybrid car maintenance in Sri Lanka ?

Join with us & share your experience & knowledge. Just click add comment tag and add your valuable comment for this blog.

Finally all our effort is to create an online community to share all information on hybrid cars in Sri Lanka. Please share this blog with others who are interested in hybrid cars.

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  • A.M.Jayasekara  commented on  2/23/15 3:32pm

    Thank you for the advice

  • Dananjaya  commented on  2/20/15 6:15pm

    I have a prius 3rd gen. 2011 s touring. I does only 14.5 km/ ltr

  • Vedha  commented on  1/5/15 12:12pm

    hello friends, I have a Aqua 2014 S grade. just ran 889 km. but i have filled 2 times full tank and ran only in Colombo, when i pumped fuel first time the reading was 637 km and again filled when it was 889 km. I am wondering whether the i use the system correct, how can i know it runs in battery or fuel, help me to understand. also the battery bars remain around 3-4. your urgent feed back is highly appreciated, thanks

  • A.M.Jayasekara  commented on  12/7/14 8:21pm

    Hi, all. It is for the first time I used Hybrid Aqua car. During parking, as there was no noise in the engine, I had forgotten to press the brake gear and press the button to stop the engine. I had locked the doors and after 3 hours only I noticed that I had not put off the engine when I came back to start driving the car.
    It happened again for the second time too, when I was in a hurry.
    Now I am very careful about this.
    (In other ordinary cars you can hear the engine sound and when the key is used engine can be put off.)
    Is there way to overcome this situation in a hybrid car?. If we lock the car without pressing the power button (engine working but no sound) due to forgetfulness, is there a way to get a warning signal.

  • Thilina Hettiarachchi  commented on  12/2/14 3:40pm

    Any one can help me to get the Axio hybrid car 2014 manual (English Copy)

  • Melanka  commented on  11/16/14 12:06am

    Hi Im Melanka. Planning to purchase a Honda Vezel or a Axio Hybrid. Which is the most fuel economical vehicle. As far i know vezel does only 17km P/L and Axio 25km P/L.

  • Eng.D.Jayantha L Perera MIIE (SL] Eng  commented on  2/22/15 1:25pm

    Go for the toyota axio

  • Chanidu  commented on  9/15/14 9:27am

    Dear friends, I brought a aqua 2013 2nd hand g grade car previous owner has changed the Japanese car dvd player and replaced a Chinese one its have all the options but when I switched off the car some noise is coming true the speakers. I contacted the electric workshop they ask me to change the dvd player for Japanese one. pls let me know is that the only option. ..and he said this is common for hybrid car s when installing a Chinese dvd player.

  • Shehan Mendis  commented on  9/16/14 4:03pm

    There is no such things as installing chinese DVD player and let alone hybrid. There may be some issue with the player. Try going to Hybrid Motors because there are foreign nationals working there. They can help you. Refer my name and they will help you out since they help my friends alot.

  • sondaruwan  commented on  11/6/14 10:14am

    change the earth wire location (from player) to a different location. this will fix your problem. & make sure all the wire joints are properly insulated.

  • Shehan Mendis  commented on  9/2/14 10:40am

    My uncle has purchased a new Nissan Serena Hybrid Van. He has no idea of where to get it serviced. He had checked with Nissan Company Union Place but they seemed to have no idea of it.

    Does anyone know of a good place that recommend?

  • Kasun Kumarasinghe  commented on  9/1/14 7:48am

    Hi friends, I have a Toyota AQUA 2012 G-Grade one. I noticed that it doesnt get fully charged when I was accelerating on southern expressway. (The top two battery levels dont show the charge.) Can anybody tell me a way to check whether battery can get fully charged, or should I go for a battery check-up?

  • Shehan Mendis  commented on  9/2/14 10:00am

    This may be normal as you how accelerate the vehicle. Does your battery get fully charged when you drive in normal road?

    How well do use the AC power?
    This is supposed to be normal as there can be no issue. If the battery charge level indicate below 01 bar then that is a problem.
    You can get advise from reputed company such as Toyota Lanka or Hybrid Motors. They give good instructions as how to use the car, generally and maintenance.

  • fonseka  commented on  9/12/14 8:57pm

    hybrid battery only charge while engine is decelerating, which means when you took off the accelerator paddle, battery starts charging… what you see battery level is quite normal.

  • Udara  commented on  8/6/14 3:04pm

    Hi! I am Udara. Recently I bought this car ‘Aqua-S grade-2013″. Can you please explain, What are “ECO” and “EV” Modes? When these modes are operated ? and IN MY CAR there are indicatore “ECO mode”,”EV mode ” and “EV”. What are these?

  • Demanthe  commented on  8/28/14 4:43pm

    Hi Udara, have you not considered the all-EVs? The answer to your question is basicaly that in ennergy consumtion the ECO mode function economically. EV mode runs on battery.

  • fonseka  commented on  9/12/14 9:02pm

    you should always switched to ECO mode in normal driving usage which allow you to optimize fuel economy it also combine work with engine and battery do not put the gear in “N” when you stop in traffic. EV is electrical Vehicle, this mode should be used if you want to move your car to a small distant, or very short trip going to a shop 1/2 km away but speed below 20k.

  • Asoka bandara  commented on  5/19/14 6:13pm

    the meanings of eco mode and ev mode is needed for us we are new owners of toyota aqua.

  • Dinusha Mudunkotuwa  commented on  6/14/14 2:17pm

    Eco mode is good for aggressive drives who doe not control the throttle properly. Eco mode controls the throttle response electronically. Also it controls the efficiency of the AC. EV mode totally uses the battery power without turning on the engine, provided enough remaining battery power.

  • Sandamali  commented on  2/3/15 9:59am

    Is it bad to put both the modes on and let the engine select the best mode according to the situation?

  • Shehan Mendis  commented on  9/2/14 1:44pm

    ECO MODE is fifty fifty on both engine and hybrid battery. acceleration will be limited and the AC compression will be working depending on temperature.
    EV is Electric Vehicle Mode. If the battery has sufficient charge you can activate EV and drive the car. The engine is cut off. This automatically deactivates EV mode when the battery charge is low

  • Sandamali  commented on  2/3/15 9:57am

    Can you please explain whether we can put the Aqua both into the Eco and EV modes at the same time ? I did it that way thinking the car itself would select the mode suitable while driving !!

  • Eng.D.Jayantha L Perera MIIE (SL] Eng  commented on  2/22/15 1:29pm

    you cannot put both modes at once while driving.if it is happenning therewillbea technical issue in that vehicle

  • Ravi  commented on  5/15/14 10:50pm

    Hi their, I am planing to by prius a 7 seater 2014 modle. Could you pls let know what kind of details I have to look in to in addition to normal checking of appearance etc. What kind of a warranty shoul I get. Tks ravi.

  • Eng.D.Jayantha L Perera MIIE (SL I Eng  commented on  2/22/15 11:40am

    Hi Ravi, Prius 7 seater vagon is a best car very comfortable spacious very large luggage area space. ideal car for tourist industry,. it has ZVW 41 engine almost same as prius gen 3 engine ZVW-30. This car is known as Prius alpha in Japan but in USA or in britan known as PRIUS V very good vehicle in fuel economy accoding to the driving style. Very easy to drive though it is big in size.GO for it

  • boyd  commented on  5/4/14 12:15pm

    great work !

  • shenal  commented on  4/22/14 9:12am

    hi there! I have prius 30 & presently it has battery fault. so please let me know if u know battery recycle centre please let me know.

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  4/22/14 11:29pm

    Hi Shenal, There are different methods which are employed to recondition your HV battery based on the current condition of your pack. Please contact me on 0773781255 so that I can explain your options.

  • Eng.D.Jayantha L Perera MIIE (SL] Eng  commented on  2/22/15 11:58am

    Hi, Shenal, I am Eng D.Jayantha L Perera [ MIIE SL Ieng ] specialized in hybrid vehicle electrical & electronic systems.can check your hybrid battery pack of Prius GEN 3 with mycomputerized Hybrid battery analyzer. i will perform dynemic & static test for your hybrid battery to confirm your battery status before replacement or recharge. Contact me on 0722 750 279 or 0765237386

  • Hemal  commented on  4/16/14 3:32pm

    I have Toyota Aqua 2012, I want to know what is the best Petrol type to use. 92 Oct or 95 Oct

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  4/22/14 11:40pm

    Hi Hemal, using either 92 or 95 doesn’t really matter in low compression engines such as your INZ-FXE. You will not get better fuel economy figures by moving to a higher octane level (the energy density is the same in both types of petrol. The higher octane fuel is less combustible and thus it is used in high compression engines to avoid pre-ignition. in your engine, the ignition timing is automatically adjusted to compensate for both octane levels). It is said that 95 oct fuel is more refined and thus more cleaner than the 92 counterpart (in the Sri Lanka context), but in my experience this doesn’t really make much of a difference. Either way, I would advice you to use the wurth injector cleaner (which has to be put into the petrol tank) every 7,000km to keep the entire fuel system clean.

  • ernest  commented on  3/31/14 6:09pm

    i have a 3rd genaration prius when i bought the car the audio system was in english the language turn to japanese can somebody pls advise me on what i should do

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  4/22/14 11:43pm

    Hi Ernest, My good friend Chaminda (0777367443) should be able help you out in this regard. Please give him a shout and see.

  • Chulanga  commented on  5/7/14 3:59pm

    i have a 3rd generation prius when i bought the car the audio system and multifunction display is in Japanese I want to change it to English

    Can any one help me on this?

  • Eng.D.Jayantha L Perera MIIE (SL] Eng  commented on  2/22/15 12:05pm


  • Sasindu NP  commented on  1/22/14 7:27pm

    is there a company that import toyota avalon to sri lanka ?

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  4/22/14 11:47pm

    Hi Sasindu, The XX40 is a gorgeous car!. I checked with a few of my contacts and none of them have brought it down as yet. I will let you know if I hear anything positive.

  • Sumedha  commented on  12/12/13 11:09am

    Hi, I am going to buy a car, but still I am not convince in regards of cost of ownership.
    Is it worthy owning a hybrid to a gasoline car in the long run?.

    I’m looking for details on cost of ownership of a hybrid and a gasoline care in Sri Lanka
    pls help me out if any one has done any research.

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  4/22/14 11:58pm

    Hi Sumedha, I don’t think anyone has really done a formal research on this :), The comparison on the total cost of ownership would depend on the type of pure gasoline and Hybrid vehicle. If you can specify two models (hybrid and non-hybrid) I can give you a few pointers you can use to arrive at your total cost of ownership.

  • fonseka  commented on  9/12/14 9:07pm

    In hybrid cars you get Apple to Apple returns, so no worries.

  • Eng.D.Jayantha L Perera MIIE (SL] Eng  commented on  2/22/15 12:24pm

    Hi sumedha, Actually buying a hybrid car is much better rather than buying a normal gasoline car. Because hybrid car if you maintain properly no repairs for long period other than running maintenance & therefore your cost of owner ship would be very less compaired to a gasoline car if you are planning to go for a hybrid car my openion is to go for toyota brand. it is reliable & after market support service is good in srilanka.

  • Manoj  commented on  8/15/13 7:39am

    Hi guys
    I’m having a Toyota Aqua & can any body please tell me the correct function of
    1) EV mode
    2) ECO mode
    3) How to change vehical audio & navigation system from japanese to english version (having NSCP-W61 system)

  • Pathirana  commented on  11/24/13 12:31am

    EV ;Electric vehicle, In Eco mode fuel efficiency is maximum but pulling power is less.
    I have the same problem of not knowing how to use the japanese navigation system.

  • Sandamali  commented on  2/3/15 10:03am

    Is it wrong to put both EV and Eco modes at the same time?

  • Eng.D.Jayantha L Perera MIIE (SL] Eng  commented on  2/22/15 1:35pm

    if your HEV is in good working con dition you cannot put that in to both modes at once

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  4/23/14 12:09am

    Hi Manoj, When your Hybrid battery state of charge is more than 50%, you can enable the EV mode and drive your vehicle in all electric mode (without the use of the engine) until the battery level reaches about 30%. The EV mode will also get cancelled if you either accelerate heavily or if you exceed 58kmph.

    When you switch on the ECO mode, the A/C system will get optimized to save energy and the throttle response would reduce (i.e. the throttle would be less sensitive so that you will experience a reduction in the acceleration) to save on fuel.

    To my knowledge, there’s no one in Sri lanka who has successfully managed to change the navigation system from Japanese to English.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dharshana  commented on  6/17/13 2:10pm

    Any one give me contact of person who can install a good DVD palayer to my prius 2008 2nd generation. if know pls letmeknow

  • Mahith  commented on  4/16/13 6:04pm

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  • Thushan  commented on  3/13/13 1:09pm

    I am looking for hybrid car, pleeez help me to find out problems of insight n prius ?

  • mahesh  commented on  11/5/14 11:15am

    Hi Thushan, Don’t go to buy insight. its not working petrol well and pulling power very low

  • Eng.D.Jayantha L Perera MIIE (SL] Eng  commented on  2/22/15 1:16pm

    My openion is to go for a toyota hybid car which is very reliable in long term use with less major repairs & maintenance

  • SUNIL RAI  commented on  7/29/12 3:00pm

    Dear All,

    Anyone who did install the GPS navigation software/ systeM to Honda Insight Intenavi ?

  • S L Eragoda  commented on  1/30/12 2:11pm


    I can supply any part of Toyota/ Honda Hybrid spare parts which are directly imported from Japan. Probably my parts are the cheapest comparing to others (Pls.Check my prices with others)here are some of my Hybrid part prices.

    Tail Light Set – W 20 – Rs.60,000/=
    Head Light Set – W 20 – Rs.100,000/=
    Buffer Set – W 20 – Rs. 110,000/=
    Head Light Set – W 30 – Rs.65,000/=

    If anybody interested please contact me on 0773 763 732 – Lalaka

  • Nalaka  commented on  5/17/13 3:01pm

    Your contact number doesn,t work.

  • Kosala  commented on  10/20/11 10:50am

    I prefer if Hybrid organize a platform to discus technical facts. with best technical teams and all users.

  • Senaka  commented on  10/19/11 12:50pm

    Dear all,

    I bought a Honda Civic Hybrid 2009 model about 2 months back. I think I have made a big mistake. My car does only 10km per liter. Is it a problem with the battery? I really appreciate if somebody can give me some advise regarding the issue.

  • charithaekanayake  commented on  10/20/11 1:24pm

    Well I need to how much total Km you have done. And where you car is import from (japan or uk). Aprt from that need to check air filter. Because air cleaner do a major roll in fuel economy. Top from all that is your driving style. Try to use more assist from the batty
    (white bars on the display says assi) and get to a speed quickly don’t try to keep the rpm below 2. press the accelerator pedal little hard and you can feel that car is getting speed quickly with out rpm is going higher. That’s happen when the electric motor is helping the engine. And try to keep a steady momentum as long as you can.

    If you have father problems I am Charitha call me at 0777314914 or come to Staffrod motors i’ll help you.

  • uditha  commented on  10/20/11 11:57pm

    Hi Charitha, do you in a position to give clrifications on Toyota Hybrid Prius owners also ?

    thanks, Uditha.

  • Charitha Ekanayake  commented on  10/26/11 10:02am

    Yes I can but I specialize only Honda and I am currently working for Honda company. So I prefer to answer Honda problems.

  • nuwan  commented on  2/18/15 11:34am

    Hi charitha. I need to know whether its safe to buy a 2009 honda insight which has done 50000 km. How long does a battery of honda insight last.

  • Senaka  commented on  10/27/11 5:07pm

    Thank you Charitha for replying. My car is imported from UK and had done total 25,000 Km. I will contact you and come to Stafford Motors when i get a chance from my busy schedule. Thanks for helping

  • Eng.D.Jayantha L Perera MIIE (SL] Eng  commented on  2/22/15 1:51pm

    Yes, you have done a big mistake, Ok i could help you to correct your car problem. i am Eng D. Jayantha L. Perera MIIE (SL} Ieng Specialized in HEV & EV
    I will be able check your civic HV battery with my high-tech state of the art technology hybrid battery analyzer on static & dynamic modes & will be able to improve your KM/L. Please contact me on 0765237386.

  • chamila sujantha  commented on  10/13/11 12:55pm

    How to change to an English?

  • Kosala  commented on  10/6/11 11:38am

    Last month I import Prius 3Gen . I just noticed the pressure on the tires was set at 30 rear and 32 front. I just made them 30PSI all . according to the owners manual it would be 35, 33 ? need more facts because we are running in low grade roads with high temperature. Anyone have good experience abt tire pressure?

  • Eng.D.Jayantha L Perera MIIE (SL] Eng  commented on  2/22/15 2:01pm

    inflate 34 psi for the front wheels &32 for rear wheels wil get good performance for SL roads

  • Sasanka  commented on  9/15/11 10:01pm

    I’m a student of royal college and we are having exhibition at our school this month and we are doing a stall on hybrid cars. we need some help making this stall a success. so is there any way you could help us? we would be truly grateful to you if you could help us on this matter.

  • Ashoka Dissanayake  commented on  9/13/11 5:50pm

    I also have a Toyota Prius NHW20 / 2009,car and I like to join this club. I want to about system of engine oil changing and How often should change oil?l

  • Chanaka Niriella  commented on  9/10/11 8:00pm

    I also have a Toyota Prius car and I like to join this forum.

  • Kumudini Seneviratne  commented on  9/5/11 12:35pm

    We are about to change our car. We thought of buying a hybrid car. But since we have a budget only to go for a Reconditioned honda insight 2009 or toyota Prius 2008. Our car mechanic advice us to go for brand new one,because all the real mil age metres using after 2/3 years definitely has to be over 15,000 20,000km.So he says the hybrid battery will be not in very good shape after 4/5 years. where we can not afford. Please help us we don’t want to risk our hard earned money.
    Can Honda hybrid run even without the battery? (just increase of the main – hybrid battery failure) K & M

  • Charitha Ekanayake  commented on  9/8/11 10:29am

    Iam Charitha and I’am currently working for Honda company in Sri Lanaka . Yes our cars can run only from from gasoline if there is a failure in the battery. And there is no way we can say that the battery will go bad in this much of time period.

    Any way if your buying a second hand car there is a risk. But even tho you replace battery in a Honda car its much more cheaper when you compare a price of a hybrid cars in other countries.

    So if u want more advice from me give me a call at 0777314914. ow don’t worry any thing about technical matters if your buying a Honda.

  • seelan  commented on  4/22/13 10:10pm

    The battery is not cheaper,more than 300,000/ to 400,000/ LKR.
    So i think it is not cheaper..

  • manjula  commented on  10/28/14 7:58pm

    How much is honda hybrid battery

  • Nipul GOONESEKERA  commented on  8/25/11 10:08am

    Please add me to this club

  • seragam, seragam sekolah  commented on  8/2/11 7:32pm

    Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

  • Hemantha  commented on  7/28/11 4:01pm

    I am also using Prius (2008 Model – NHW 20 ) .does any one knows in addition to main battery, is there a another battery (12 V) which we have to maintain (Eg filling battery water ) ?

    There are lots of myths about Prius. some were telling it does 35-40 km per litre . actually it does only 22-26 km per litre .

    Is there any way to extend the FM frequency beyond 90 ?

    Any way I am produce to have eco friendly car (less pollution).

    Thanks for the views given
    0773 000 124

  • Thilina  commented on  7/21/11 7:52am

    We are a authorized dealer for ProSat GPS- Vehicle Navigation system in Sri Lanka.
    We can install your GPS NAV with Sri Lanka Map for the cheapest price…

    * ProSat 3 Series – Screen 3.5″ = LKR 33,250/-
    * Pro Sat 4 Series – Screen 4.3″= LKR 39,900/-
    * ProSat 5 Series – Screen 5.0″ = LKR 46,550/-

    For more details,

  • Pathirana  commented on  11/24/13 12:39am

    Thilina, Can you install your software in original japanese navigation set up in aqua or prius?

  • udayanga  commented on  12/21/14 8:29pm

    Can you setup it for chinese audio system which has GPS menu.

  • Ananda  commented on  7/15/11 10:41am

    I have a Toyota Hibrid, 2008 model.

    The display is entirely in Japanese. Is there an inbuilt option of converting all instructions to English ?

  • uditha  commented on  6/12/11 4:05am

    Thanks for the great sharing of knowledge. I bought my Prius 30, (2009//9 – 48000 KM done) 2 weeks back. Experienced in Colombo running 20 km/L . I went up to Balangoda from Colombo and came back and did some running here , total mileage done 408 KM , check the full consumption as trip B noted the fuel performance recorded 27KM/L. My feeling is driving habit and the style will impact the fuel performances. I would like to share, when I was driving the hill transferred driving mode to power mode from Economy to get full pick up.

  • Ashoka  commented on  6/11/11 8:51am

    I’m using Prius since 2005. Have 2 cars but both belongs to older 1997 model.

    When the government reduced import tax for hybrids and people started to buy Prius cars, I started to get so many calls from friends and from friends of friends. For few weeks, it was as if I was a Prius dealer, expert or a mechanic! Well, I’m non of above yet I helped those callers to the best of my ability. It is then it occurred to me that if I put a blog post, it would be useful for some people and easier for me as well! The recent post by සඳරු at හිස් අහස prompted me to put that thought into quick action…

    Now, the reason why people asking me about Prius issues are because I’m one of those rare guys in Colombo who was (put your favorite adjective in here. crazy/stupid/brave/lucky whatever) enough to buy an earlier model of a Prius (when at the time they were rather unheard of a model and a technology in here) and so have actual experience of 5-6 years in using them in Sri Lankan conditions. My car is a old 1997 model Prius (as one in the photo above), which is the very first Prius model to come out of factories. Japan started to export Prius only in 2001. The recent models 2008-2010 are far more advanced and superb in features than my old poor car, yet the main principles of the hybrid concept is more or less same so answers can be the same for most of generic hybrid car questions.

    Let me list most frequent questions I got and their answers :

    1) How easy is it to find parts in here ?
    No big deal. At least for my model, almost all the parts I have replaced so far were compatible with other Toyota models. Namely Corolla 121 or Allion. Parts I have to replace/renew in last 6 years since I bought my car were Shock Absorbers, CV joint, spark plugs, lower arm bush, mounts, break pads etc. They were all compatible, as you know Toyota parts are the easiest to find in Sri Lanka.

    2) How expensive were repairs/maintenance ?
    It’s exactly same as any other Toyota model. I mean servicing the vehicle, renewing parts etc. I didn’t encounter needs for repairing the hybrid unit yet, but will come to that later.. So, as for all the other repairs which you encounter 99% of the time of normal vehicle repairing, It was relatively cheap. Reason was mechanics in Sri Lanka are more familiar with Toyota. As mentione d above parts ere not expensive either (when compared to let’s say Honda, Mazda etc)

    3) How many kilometers does it do for a liter of petrol
    For some reason most people are under the impression that Prius does about 40 kilo meters for a liter of patrol! completely not true!! May be the reason for this myth is in the manuals it says fuel consumption is 40mpg. Note, that means 40 miles per gallon! and gallon means a US gallon. this need to be converted to kilometer and liters. 40 mpg is 24 km/l and that is ideal lab condition expectation. In reality, the car was expected to do somewhere above just 20. While this is still very good and almost double the fuel efficiency of a normal car, it is no where near what some people assume a Prius to be. In the newer models expectation is to near the efficiency level of 50mpg. This would mean about 30 kilometers per liter. Hope an owner of a new Prius car would confirm for us whether this can be observable under normal Sri Lankan conditions.

    As for my car, it did about 20 – 22 outstations and about 15 in the city traffic. Averaging about 17-18 per liter at every month. I was very happy with that. Since people were so afraid to buy this car then (I bought that in 2005), it had a lesser market value, so I did not spend any additional amount to gain that fuel befit. It was a total save! Besides the amount I spend to buy the car was actually even less than then market value of then recent model of Corolla!! So I had reasons to be happy.

    Over the years, fuel efficiency dropped a little. After 6 years now it is doing only about 18 outstations and 12 in city traffic. Still not so bad considering the car is now 14 years old and have now done about 120 000 Kilometers.

    4) How far can you go in battery without using petrol
    This question is entirely wrong. Prius can’t go any distance without petrol, petrol needs to be in the tank at all times. This is not an electric vehicle. You can view it as an efficiently built petrol car with some fuel saving features. Some of those features are :

    * High fuel efficient engine
    * Body shape to reduce air resistance.
    * Re generative braking.
    * Extra power get saved in a battery and will be used later
    * Engine stops when the vehicle is idle in traffic
    * Newer models can provide air conditioning from the batter power.
    * LCD display with fuel consumption statistics.

    So it’s more correct to view a hybrid car as basically a normal petrol vehicle with few fuel saving features with the aid of a rechargeable battery among other things. I personally give lot of credit to the LCD display for high fuel efficiency as it helps us to find faults in our driving and help improve our driving habits to improve fuel efficiency. For instance, in the first week after buying the Prius I recorded just 10 Kilometers per liter. Once I get used to how to drive a Prius properly (in fact these techniques are true for any car), my fuel consumption reduced almost by 50% ! Basically you need to aggressively accelerate at the start, get into a comfortable speed quickly and then try to maintain that as a constant without pressing hard on the accelerator. This technique is called ‘feathering’ you give gas just enough to keep the current speed and not more.

    Opposite of this is what most drivers do. Accelerate like crazy when ever possible and then brake like crazy. Lot of energy get wasted when we accelerate just to break few seconds later.

    Another false understanding on Prius is that people trying to go solely from battery as long as they could thinking that they are saving fuel. This is actual wrong! Once the battery discharges, then the car will have to waste petrol to get the battery charge again! This technique therefore provides no gain and even decrease the overall performance. A mentioned above, when we try to drive in a constant speed without burning additional fuel, system will automatically decide to provide additional power via battery, this is the energy which normally get wasted in ordinary vehicles.

    5) What if the battery goes dead. how expensive is it to get imported ?
    In the days I bought it, if the battery goes dead that would have been a big issue for me since there were not many importers and the battery in 1997 model was a big heavy monster. I think it would have cost at least 2-3 hundred thousand to (2K-3K US$) get a new one from Japan, if not more. However battery never died, well not yet at least! Toyota is known to be very smug about this and say ‘our battery never dies’, (but we Buddhists should know better on that!). In my model, Toyota used to give a warranty of 160000 kilometers or 8 years for the battery! even though we don’t get this in reconditioned Sri Lankan cars, this shows how confident they were on their batteries. The newer models should be even better! We all know how much dry fuel cell battery technology has improved since 1997!

    Another thing is when I felt like battery performance is going down a bit, I used to go to a good friend of mine who had just the right equipments and know how to address the issue. (too bad I can’t name him here due to professional reasons from his side) Basically he could open up the battery, take down 40 odd individual small cells inside it and measure them for voltage. He says if one cell is defective, all the other cells after it will not charge properly and that’s the reason of overall battery performance to go down. So he would just find the defective cell, charge it from the main (like I said he has equipments!) and reassemble the battery, problem gone! For the last 6 years I had to do this only once and he hasn’t even charge any money for that! (Like I said he was a friend of mine!)

    I have just mentioned above information to show the readers that there really is not a big problem to worry over. This is a technologically very advanced age and information can be found readily in internet. So there is nothing like a impossible technical problem when it comes to issues like these. Only reason I have about these batteries are that how are we going to recycle them in about 15-10 years of time from now. Batteries are very toxic and I hope there will be plans and places which does proper recycling, otherwise these batteries could cause lot harm to the environment to offset the good Prius is now doing with lowered emissions and lowered fuel consumption. This is a point most people pay little attention to.

    Re-generative breaking mentioned above is the process where the hybrid car saves the additional kinetic energy at the time we are breaking in to a rechargeable battery. In normal vehicles, this energy get wasted as heat when we apply breaks. In Prius, a separate motor will work when we apply breaks. (that’s why we hear that nice humming noise while breaking) this motor will convert kinetic energy into electricity and save it in the battery for later use. Again, breaking need to be applied in a controlled manner for this system to work efficiently.

    6) How good a car is this

    This is a great car! On this you don’t have to listen to anybody. Here is a simple test : Go to toyota site, check the prices of top range Toyota cars. You would see something like this : (prices in US$)

    Corolla : 16K-18K
    Camry : 20K
    Prius : 22.5K
    Yaris : 13K
    Avalon: 33K
    RAV4 : 22K

    Prius is priced much higher than common models such as Corollo and Yaris. Even more expensive than Rav4 which is a SUV! Only Avalon is more expensive than Prius, but then Avalon is a super luxury vehicle which drink petrol (relative terms) if you are of that type.

    So Prius is a expensive vehicle than Yaris or Corolla, yet due to tax breaks in Sri Lanka, a Prius cost less even than those economy Toyota models! Not to mention the amounts of money you can save on fuel afterwards! Therefore it’s a definite attractive model to buy. In addition, Prius is possibly the most greenest of petrol / hybrid vehicles out there. It has been initially designed as a low emission vehicle to be environment friendly. It’s a good part from the government to reduce tax and encourage people to go for the greener options like these.

    Honda Hybrid models like Insight (World’s first hybrid car If I’m not mistaken.) are also had to be good but I do not have hands on experience on those. Earlier Insight models used to be even better than earlier Prius models in terms of fuel efficiency but Insight lost market due to it being a 2 seater while Prius was categorized as a mid size sedan.

    Got more questions on Prius… ? Feel free to ask!

    PS :
    Driving the Prius was always a very comfortable experience. Good handling, control, super sensitive breaking and power steering, short turning radius etc. Surprisingly pickup seems to be very good as well. Having battery is useful at hill climbing when you can get power from 2 sources. All this while saving the environment too ! In short I would recommend this car. However, according to what i know there is not much practical difference between 2009 model and 2010 model except in pricing. So going for 3rd generation 2009 model (which is lot advanced compared with 2nd generation 2008 model) seems to be the right choice.

  • Alex De Silva  commented on  6/24/11 2:54am

    Dear Ashoka,

    I am interested in starting a Hybrid battery recyling plant in Sri Lanka. Please advice. I am presently in the US.

    Thanking you.
    Alex De Silva

  • Sandamali  commented on  2/3/15 9:51am

    Thanks for being this generous in spending your time to write such a useful description ! Most of my doubts are gone ! I use a 2012 Aqua and I love it. Your explanations made me like my aqua more and more.

  • maxwell  commented on  6/10/11 12:37pm

    It is so great to volunteer to give advice. We Sri Lankans need people like you and the website developer Indrajith.

  • D. Jayantha .L .Perera  commented on  5/24/11 1:51am

    I am a Member of incorporated engineers Sri Lanka & having more than 25 years of hand on practical experience in the fields of electronics, satellite communications and computerized automation systems & also i am one of the advisory committee member for The National apprentice and industrial training authority of Sri Lanka. Also visiting lecturer to the university of vocational technology in Sri Lanka.
    I Have studied very much about the hybrid vehicle technology to provide technical support service to the hybrid car owners in srilanka. Presently there is no such technical support service organization in Sri Lanka according to my knowledge.

    Therefore any hybrid car owners could contact me if there is any technical matters related to hybrid vehicles.. Also i will be able to supply used spare parts for toyota Prius earlier models, in Sri Lanka.

    if anybody interested please e-mail me. Hybrid car owners could register with me to get technical advice and support service for your vehicle.

  • Harshana  commented on  11/11/11 8:07pm

    Hi! I am Harshana and I’m Using Honda insight Hybrid. Most of today’s Hybrids Use Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh battery pack (except Hyundai Sonata which uses Li-ion Batteries.) So the said batteries have a weakness called “Memory Effect” that is once the battery is charged without fully discharging, it memorizes the middle point (not the zero level) which started the recharging as zero level (fully discharged level) and it leads not to utilize full capacity of the battery. All the manufacturers web sites are silent on this fact and I didn’t find any solution applied for this effect. so can u pls explain what they have done to overcome this shortage ?

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