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Toyota Aqua

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  • Ahamed  commented on  6/9/16 12:38am

    Guy’s I do own Aqua Xurban , recently in my dashboard there is a indicator blinking ( šŸ”§! Very similar to this )
    Do you’ll any idea what is this means . This indicator blinks atleast once week

  • Sanjeewa24  commented on  4/2/16 8:47am

    Where is the best place for hybrid car service?

  • Samitha  commented on  2/16/16 5:41pm

    I’m a new comer for this forum.i got lot of thing from experts & thank for all.
    I have a Toyota Aqua & need to install front Camera.Pls let me know the best place to install that in Kandy or Kurunegala.Samitha

  • Upali Wanigasuriya  commented on  7/21/15 6:43am

    I bought a brand new Aqua.Now I have done 4000 km.Ps lET ME KNOW A GOOD PLACE FOR SERVICING

  • Samitha  commented on  2/16/16 5:50pm

    I also have Aqua and the service has been doing with Sterling care.As per my experience they do it in advance & in proper way.

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