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Toyota Prius

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    The Prius is a mid-size sedan of Toyota available in Sri Lanka, an is one of the leading choices in the hybrid car market. The original Prius was the first hybrid car to be imported into the country, and subsequent models have found popularity, first due to the extremely fuel efficient engines, and later due to increased availability of parts and mechanical expertise.

    All versions, right from the four-door first generation (1997-2003) Prius is available in Sri Lanka, but the older ones are limited in number. Second generation (XW20, 2003-2009) and third generation (XW30, 2009 onwards) are more widely available, with a wide variety of options.

    Reasons to buy Toyota Prius

    ~//Toyota Prius Engine and Performance

    The first generation, rarer cars, are powered by a 1.5L in-line four cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor kicking in for hybrid power, with the second generation XW20 also using a different tune of the same engine. The third generation XW30 used a 1.8L four cylinder engine with an Atkinson cycle to conserve fuel. The XW30, even with its larger engine, would still easily top 20km/l.

    All three models have a single speed planetary gear system that sends power to the front wheels, and switches between the petrol and electric motors depending on the speed and battery levels.

    ~//Design and Features of Toyota Prius

    The Toyota Prius comes with power steering, air conditioning and power windows as standard in most cars, as do multi-function steering wheels. Driving aids such as ABS and traction control are available on all models. Convenience features such as remote keyless entry and power door locks are also standard in the newer generation of cars.

    The design of the car has clear evolution from the Echo of yesteryear, but now has moved onto a more streamlined, modern look moving away from the quirky eccentric look of the first generations.

    Older, low-spec models have wheel covers on steel rims as standard, but most cars have alloy wheels installed.

    G and S grade cars are the most popular in the market, with the latter having a sportier look complete with lower profile and sporty additions like side-skirts and a frontal lip.

    ~//Outstanding Features of Toyota Prius

    Toyota’s Prius, especially in the latest generation, delivers both extremely high fuel efficiency and the performance of a mid-level subcompact, even during long-haul drives out of the city. The liftback form factor of generation two onwards is the perfect balance between a spaciousness of a sedan, and the luggage handing convenience of a hatchback.

    The main competitor for the Prius in the subcompact category is Honda’s hybrid liftback offering, the Insight. The Prius however, has better residual value, better availability of parts and servicing and will get better fuel economy overall, making this car a better bet.

    ~//Toyota Prius Availability and Price

    Since the Toyota Prius in Sri Lanka spans three generations, pricing varies heavily. Registered XW20 model Toyota Prius cars start at around Rs. 3 million, and the price hikes up to around Rs. 4 million for older XW30 models. For newer cars, expect to pay close to Rs. 5 million.

    The original Prius, which was basically a hybrid version of the Toyota Echo, can be found for around Rs. 2 million, but is quite rare on the market.

    ~//Toyota Prius Overall Impression

    The Prius was the original hybrid car. While the likes of Honda Insight and Honda Civic have now got hybrid options available at the same form factor, this remains the original choice for many. Third party venders can now supply spare parts, and outside mechanics can fix the cars as well, unlike earlier days where only Toyota Lanka had the expertise.

    Toyota Prius is an all-round performing, economical, convenient four-door car which fits perfectly into the lifestyle of the Sri Lankan commuter who would also want to periodically take the car for a long spin.

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