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Honda Fit GP1 Hybrid

Free download MTA 2 & MTA 3 Forms Department of Motor TrafficHonda Fit GP1 Hybrid – Owner’s/User Manual Free Download (English)

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  • Udara88  commented on  9/2/17 2:09pm


  • Farees  commented on  7/11/17 11:42am

    i have a honda fit gp1 2011 model, meter panel of my car (rpm meter, speedo meter, fuel meter) not working since this morning, does anyone knows the reason for this

  • Razi  commented on  5/8/17 12:48pm

    Hello i own a GP4 RS with 39000k milage. Please let me know if i should use 0w 20 or 0w 30 engine oil Thanks.

  • Bandu  commented on  1/12/17 10:15pm

    I have Side mirrors for Honda GP 1/3/5 . Imported from Japan.Have winker side mirrors for all hybrid cars

  • Marlon Sasanka  commented on  12/15/16 3:13pm

    Dear friends,
    Please let me know how to set the time on Gathers VXM 145 VSI? The Original language is Japanese.

  • wicky  commented on  9/30/16 2:26pm

    gp1 20011. can i change the dashboard language.

  • Tiki  commented on  9/2/16 9:09pm

    Hi friends, My gp1 2012 display shows fuel consumption as 12km/l i did colombo kandy twice.. is this acceptable ? If not acceptable whatcouldnbe thenprobem and what should i do to get is corrected ?

  • sarath  commented on  7/4/16 8:15am

    Dear Friends,

    Suddenly my IMA shows a message to check the engine system of my GP1 (2012 Honda Fit). Can you please help to translate it to english.below is the picture of the message.great Help



  • sarath  commented on  7/4/16 8:05am

    Dear Friends

    I got a engine check message in Japanese. Can someone help me to translate it.I can email the pictyre of the message that i got. Great help
    Thank You


  • afzalbubby  commented on  5/21/16 3:09pm

    Hi friends

    Can any one please suggest a good service place for my car Honda GP1?
    1st service I did at Staffords and is there any other good place or stick to the same place

    Thanks in advance

  • thilina  commented on  1/25/16 9:54am

    I have a Honda FIT GP-1 car. I wanna re fill the coolant. Is there any special coolant for Hybrid cars ?

  • samachan  commented on  12/21/15 4:37pm

    Dear All, I am using GP1 (2012), I usually travel 140Km per day, 5days a week. when I purchased (as 2nd owner)it gave me average 21km/l. however,I misses out service milage by 2000km, It got started to reduce fuel consumption upto 18km/l rage & it never increased until to date.
    Further, I had switched transmission oil from mobil 5w-30 to toyota 0w 30 (@ 46800km level on my last service). changed both air filter & A/c Cabin filter too.
    Now I am in real trouble as the display shows average 18km/l range & it is never climbing up.

    Can Anyone help me how to fix this issue (I am not maintaining average mileage & mostly using cruse controls).

    PLs advise me what action do I need to take for me to get back to normal mileage per liter.

  • chaminda1975  commented on  12/24/15 6:45am

    @ Samachan
    What’s your mileage? Better to reset the power and check. Check the 12V battery terminals for loose connections and carbon deposits. If oil and air filter changed then next step to do a engine tune up.

  • samachan  commented on  12/29/15 12:59pm

    Hi Chaminda,

    millage 53K+,however, this happens soon after service due exceeds. I ran 2k millage after due. Its a new battery 12v. is there any relationship on engine oil have changed from mobil 5w30 to toyota 0w20.(mistakenly mentioned it as 0w 30).
    Do I need to do a engine tune up ?. this happened during the time of service laps.

    pls help me as I like this car very much.

  • Dumindu  commented on  12/8/15 8:53pm

    hi, I’ am getting ‘HMMF’ notification on my car. That means I have to change transmission oil right? Can anyone recommend me the oil to use. thank you.

  • chaminda1975  commented on  12/24/15 6:47am

    Use Honda CVTF oil. #.5L cans are available.

  • Sanjeewa  commented on  2/23/15 7:06pm

    Hi I am using Fit GP1 2012 model and after my first service (Using Havoline Eco 5) how many Kms can I drive before the next one. Because I was told that it can last close to 8000km

  • NalinJ  commented on  2/23/15 8:02pm

    may be it could last 8000 km. I’m also using it now it is around 5500 km and still the color is good

  • nalinjawa  commented on  4/6/15 2:31pm

    Today I did the service after using Havoline eco 5 for 8000 km because I had to change CVT fluid. Still the color is good. It has given me the same fuel economy as Mobil 5W-30 full synthetic oil.
    I used Havoline eco 5 again and I think it can be use for 10000 km and price is also nearly a half of Mobil 5W-30 full synthetic

  • nirrishan  commented on  2/13/15 1:56pm

    Where i can find the VIN number in my Honda FIT GP1 2012 model Hybrid car. Assist me pls.

  • NalinJ  commented on  2/13/15 7:32pm

    Open the bonnet, Then you will see a plastic plate that you can slide. This plate is located in the center where the windscreen side. Just slide this plate and you can see the VIN. In my GP1, there is also a black sticker in the passenger side door panel. VIN is also known as Chassis number

  • nirroshan  commented on  2/13/15 11:35pm

    Thanks for the reply. I already have the chassis number. But it is only 10 characters. It starting with GP1-1111****. But the VIN( Vehicle Information Number) should contain 17 characters. Then only i can check my vehicle details online. Actually i need that.

  • lucky  commented on  2/12/15 8:09pm

    what s d new price of honda GP1 according to new tax scheme?

  • Shakir Hashim  commented on  2/12/15 1:05am

    Hi everyone. I have a 2011 GP1, registered in 2013, very happy with the car (even though I only get 10-12 km/liter!)

    Recently, my 12v battery died, and without realizing, I went and changed it. What happened after that was my radio unit (Fujitsu Eclipse AVN-V01) locked itself!

    No more radio, no reverse-cam, nothing!

    Apparently, when the battery is removed from the vehicle, these units are designed with anti-theft systems, and will lock themselves!

    I am now struggling to find a way to unlock this. I have checked a couple of places, but they have not been able to help me.

    This is the message I see on the screen:

    If anyone here can assist me to unlock this unit, that would be great! Thank you.


  • duthindara  commented on  2/12/15 4:22pm

    Your navigation SD is not in the slot! Have you tried Petco Lanka, Advance Electronics or Bara ? They may able to help.

  • Shakir Hashim  commented on  2/12/15 10:12pm

    Thanks Duthindra! I have not checked Petco Lanka yet, I will definitely go there and see if they can help. And Bara is close to my place, will check that out as well. Will let you know how it goes!

  • Shakir Hashim  commented on  2/21/15 1:51pm

    I went to Petco and they were unable to help me 🙁 Looks like im going to have to spend 40k and get a new unit installed :'( sigh

  • S.S.Niranga  commented on  2/23/15 11:24pm

    Same thing happens to me a few months back, What I did was, called the agent ( Stafford ) they told me they couldn’t provide it. So, I called Japan Honda office and explained the situation. They got my details , and send me an email CC Stafford asking to solve it. Stafford called me and got my details (VIN number, reg details etc..) and told me will send the code withing two weeks. They didn’t send me the code after 1 month. I have sent an email to honda japan and blasted them , about their service. Next day Stafford called me and gave the code.

    After all the drama, code worked.

  • Niroshan Fonseka  commented on  2/24/15 11:18am

    Hello brother, if u don’t mind can u pls share the both Japan & Stafford Email addresses to us which u have solve this issue ? This will help all of us when we face the same thing near future.

    thanks in advance !!!


  • Shakir Hashim  commented on  2/25/15 8:53pm

    Thanks for the info, Niranga. However, this procedure will only work for original units installed by Honda Japan. The unit in my car was installed by the owner of the car, not Honda Japan. Therefore, Honda will not be able to help me with this.

    Thanks anyway for your response. I am sure there are lots of people who are in the same position as you, and can now have this issue resolved.

  • Nirroshan  commented on  2/11/15 2:46pm

    Hi Guys recently i bought a Honda FIT Hybrid GP1 2012 model(30000 Km Done). I am abroad, my wife driving the car once a week only. Is there any problem for the Hybrid battery because of less driving? One of my friend told me the battery will die after 3 years if u not drive the car everyday. However the battery life is only 3-4 years only, then you should change the battery definitely. So normal gasoline cars are better than Hybrid cars, he explained me. I am really confused now. Please assist me in this matter. And anyone have any idea about the price of Honda FIT Hybrid battery?

  • NalinJ  commented on  2/18/15 12:32pm

    My GP1 was also manufactured in 2012, so now the battery is 2.5 years old and I scanned the car in this January and usable battery capacity was 78% and I use this car daily around 28 kms per day. So it saves my fuel cost half when comparing to my previous gasoline car.

    I think a hybrid car is useful if you drive it more than 20 km daily and it also maintain you battery well since battery is charged and discharged continuously Price of a battery will be around 300k to 500k but you also can also replace the damaged cells for lower price

  • upul  commented on  2/9/15 10:48am

    I recently bought a Honda Fit GP1. I need to convert the radio bandwidth of the Car set. Can anyone please help me with this.

  • duthindara  commented on  2/12/15 4:31pm

    Simple Fm converters are available in the market, but not so good quality. I bought one from Hong Kong via Ebay and it’s working well. But there are few draw backs such as some of overlapping and missing radio stations. This is not a fault of unit and it’s obvious as a result of shifting the frequency. Anyway I’m satisfied with the original Panasonic + FM converter unit. Sound quality is second to none! This imported unit may cost about 18$.

  • meupul  commented on  2/13/15 12:34pm

    Thanks for the reply. But How did you connect it to the setup? I bought one, but the issue is the jacks in the car antenna and in the g.

  • duthindara  commented on  2/13/15 1:30pm

    Unit is similar to this one. Simple to wire.

    Honda Auto Wiring

    Red wire – to the positive terminal of radio.
    Other black plug – to the radio antenna socket
    The remaining socket- to the antenna plug

    If you are not able to do the wiring due to mismatching of plugs and sockets, take the car to a car stereo joint and they will do in 5 minutes.

  • meupul  commented on  2/18/15 11:01am

    Thank you so much duthindara. This is very helpful.

  • nilam  commented on  2/7/15 10:00pm

    Hi I have a Gathers setup in Japanese language in my Honda Fit GP1. could you please help me to change the language to English

  • duthindara  commented on  2/12/15 4:34pm

    Simply no. Because these units are designed for their domestic market. Best solution is to change to a new unit compatible with your navigation system.

  • Thiwa  commented on  2/7/15 2:23pm

    Hi, I have Honda fit GP1. I have done my first service and do the oil change, Used mobile1 0W40. Is this Good for GP1? What is the best oil for GP1?

  • duthindarad  commented on  2/8/15 6:17pm

    10W 40 is not the recommended. 0W 20 , 0W 30 are the recommended. Now it’s too late. You have to check the site before changing.

  • thiwa  commented on  2/9/15 10:42am

    Thanks for your reply. I used 0W40 not 10W40.

  • NalinJ  commented on  2/9/15 4:23pm

    0W 40 is too thick for Hybrid engine. The viscosity of the engine oil is shown in last number and the viscosity is higher when last number gets higher and higher. The recommended oil is 0W 20 and the thickness of this oil is very low (just like water) and it flows to all parts very quickly when you start the engine and lubricate the engine. Since the viscosity is low 0W-20 gives a very good fuel economy.
    Usually engine oil with 40 at the ends (0W-40,10W-40,15W-40) are used when the engine is old because engine parts are worn-out and think engine oil can flow easily.

    Which service center recommended 0W-40 oil for Hybrids?
    I think it is better to check with a professional to know whether it is OK to use 0W-40 in a hybrids because hybrid engines are designed to use auto stop functionality. So it stops and starts time to time and does not get warm during short trips in cities like the other cars therefore I think thick oils like 0W-40 does not lubricate your hybrid engine similar to 0W-20

  • Kavindu  commented on  2/25/15 9:58am

    useful information. Thank you!

  • Chathuranga  commented on  2/3/15 11:27pm

    Dear friends, What’s the most recommended octane value of petrol for fit hybrid gp1

  • NalinJ  commented on  2/5/15 12:47pm

    According to the manual, it should be 90 or less, since we do not have 90 Octane now, the best is the 92 Octane.

  • varuna  commented on  2/7/15 12:15pm

    90 less means, shouldnt it be other way around. if you consider the quality of fuel.

  • Thiwa  commented on  2/7/15 2:27pm

    All of them are saying better to use octane 95 for new cars. why is that? any idea?

  • NalinJ  commented on  2/10/15 6:22pm

    I think most people think 95 Octane is cleaner than 92 Octane but 95 Octane has higher octane rate and give higher performance. But it is better to stick with the information in user manual. I used Ford fusion 2014 model in USA and manual says to use 89 Octane fuel.
    I do not think there is not much difference in economy and performance wise in 95 and 92 in FIT GP1. I have tested both fuels and got the same rates so I use 92 for less price but there could be a good difference in high performance engines

  • NalinJ  commented on  1/26/15 12:58pm

    Do you guys know the CVT oil change interval for Honda FIT GP1?, the English Manual says, it should be done in 40000 km intervals. Should I do it before that. Some forums like AutoLanka says, the Honda (general for all Honda) CVT oil should be changed in 20000 km intervals.

  • duthindarad  commented on  2/8/15 6:22pm

    This 20000km interval calculation based on our terrible traffic condition. It is good to be on safe side, if you are a regular Colombo roamer. Also do not forget to reset the meter.

  • Sunimal  commented on  1/7/15 3:20pm

    I need to have duplicate key ,please give supplier name

  • Niroshan Fonseka  commented on  1/12/15 2:11pm

    Hi, for my personal view is not necessary to keep duplicate smart key if u really not received additional one from purchase place .It is unnecessary cost for you means it will take aprox 20 -25,000 rupees to take additional smart key . in the other hand it takes the same cost when u lost your smart key & reprogram from professional key programmer to reset your car with new smart key.

    decision is yours whether u spend additional cost or not . the best key programmer is Petco Lanka.

  • harsha  commented on  12/26/14 3:41am

    Hi. How to change a battery Honda fit intelligent key. please help me

  • Niroshan Fonseka  commented on  12/31/14 8:35am

    hi, there have a small hole in side corner of the Key . put insert the flat screw drive with a small cloth to the edge & open the 2panels safely . Then u can find the battery on another panel . SO carefully remove the battery & insert the new one. u can find this battery from most of the pharmacies which is same battery as using for blood sugar testing “onetouch” machine.


  • Suranga  commented on  12/24/14 11:40am

    is there any place to find a tail door of gp1,10th anivasery.the issue is the glass heater wire opening at top of the door panel is not available.

  • regi  commented on  12/29/14 7:35am

    Hi Suranga, Did you try with the Stafford motors?

  • Niroshan Fonseka  commented on  12/31/14 8:37am

    hi, there have plenty of hybrid spare part shops on the high-level road near to Delkanda junction . So u can try with this places.


  • Dilshan kommala  commented on  12/22/14 7:54pm

    Hi, My Gp 1, Smart key and all electric items are not working. Cant start also. What can I do, Please advice

  • Dasun  commented on  12/25/14 9:29am

    I have the same issue with my gp5, any help?

  • Niroshan Fonseka  commented on  12/30/14 2:47pm

    Hi, This can happen if u park the vehicle under the high-tension wire/ transformer or more closer to the railway crossing. U can remove the small Key from Smart key and start the vehicle .if u still find the same issue then u have to contact for agent imme to solve this issue ..Pls keep us posted about your experience when u rectify this issue ?


  • Niroshan Fonseka  commented on  1/1/15 11:56am

    One more thing .. Check whether your Smartkey battery is in good health as well as your 12V small battery . If this both are ok then try with my other option which I have mentioned in my first comment .

  • Thayyib Hassan  commented on  12/15/14 7:46pm

    Hi I have a gathers setup on my Honda fit gp1 what I got with it. everything works well want to know if someone knows why the dvd playback stops while driving and the TV does not work can these be fixed without changing the head?

  • NalinJ  commented on  12/16/14 1:58pm

    This is not an issue. It is a safety feature in Honda system. You should not watch DVD or TV while driving

  • regi  commented on  12/16/14 2:43pm

    Hi Thayyib,
    This is a safety feature that is comes inbuilt to the setup. You cannot change this. This feature is there to prevent diver from distracting

  • regi  commented on  12/5/14 8:13am

    Hi, Any idea about most appropriate tire pressure I should keep? Regi

  • NalinJ  commented on  12/10/14 5:04pm

    I usually keep, 32 psi for front and 30 psi for back wheels, it gives good fuel economy and comfort, the recommended pressure by Honda according to the sicker in your front door panel 33 psi front and 31 psi back but this is not comfortable when two people in the car

  • regi  commented on  12/12/14 7:53am

    Thanks NalinJ

  • MNR  commented on  1/2/15 11:54pm

    NilanJ .. are you sure.. i was told it is the other way around!. i.e 31psi in front and 33psi on rear. I know usually the front should be ore but can you pls check and conform this.

  • Nirosh Navindra  commented on  11/30/14 3:45pm

    Can anyone tell me about how can I convert my fit shuttle’s car set language. It is in Japanese language how can I convert it into English.

  • NalinJ  commented on  12/14/14 4:45pm

    Install Google translator if you have an android phone and set the language selection in translator to Japanese to English (Now Google have Sinhalese too, but have not tested), then scan the Japanese text in Car setup and highlight the phrase you want to translate from the the finger. Then it will give you the translations.
    This is the only method we have and you cannot change the language in the Japanese setup came with your GP1 to English

  • Meupul  commented on  11/23/14 12:31pm

    Hi, I am going to buy a GP1. Can someone please tell me fuel consumption o this vehicle?

  • NalinJ  commented on  11/25/14 10:25am

    In heavy traffic (usually in Colombo) 14-16 kmpl
    in light traffic 18-19 (I get this in Kandy daily ride to the office)
    No or very less traffic (during the night after 8PM) I get more than 28 according to the display.
    Kandy-Colombo-Kandy trip, I usually get 22-23 and if I did not caught in to a heavy traffic in Colombo city I get between 24-25 kmpl.

  • meupul  commented on  12/1/14 5:18pm


  • Damith  commented on  12/4/14 5:03pm


  • regi  commented on  11/26/14 7:48am

    Agree with NalinJ.. In addition i get 25-26kmpl on highway(cruise control 90kmph).

  • shaz  commented on  11/19/14 9:03am

    have fit gp1 2012. car is equipped with keyless entry smart key. i have only one smart key. how to programme an extra smart key. where can i do this ? need a reliable place.

  • Mithila  commented on  11/16/14 9:45am

    Hi Can you tell me what is the lowest price that is possible for a FIT, it is ok for it to be with less options?

  • Car Lover  commented on  11/12/14 2:23am

    This link has all FIT GP-1 to GP-4 variants .. this is the Japanese Honda official website. You may use Google translator facility to translate to English.

    Even though CarSales Guys say different things about versions/Pkgs Hybrid FIT Generation 1 has only following variants.

    a. Hybrid – Basic ( DAA GP- 1 1300cc )
    b. Hybrid Smart Selection ( DAA GP- 1 1300cc )
    c. Hybrid She’s ( DAA GP- 1 1300cc )
    d. Hybrid XH ( DAA GP- 1 1300cc )
    e. Hybrid RS ( DAA GP- 4 1500cc )

    For variants b,c,d,e there is a high options Pkg Called “Fine Style”, making all together 9 variants.

    Full Specs can be found below. ( Refer TAB 3 )

  • regi  commented on  11/13/14 7:40am

    Thanks. This really helps. You can use Google translate to translate Japanese to English.

  • S. Priyan  commented on  11/11/14 7:48pm

    Dear Friends, I am going to buy Honda Fit GP1 Unregistered,Please help me which major check have to do ? before buy. How can check battery is good or Bad ?

  • regi  commented on  11/12/14 1:33pm

    Hi Priyan,
    One of the best things you can do is that to check the system through agents (Stafford motors in Maradana). They will check the system and will provide you the findings. You can also get the printed version of the report. You can also ask them any questions that you need to clear out from them.

  • Bhanuka  commented on  10/30/14 4:03pm

    Hi, I have a FIT-GP1 done only 4000 Kms. After the first service, I can hear a little sound comes from my front wheels when I’m going to park the vehicle. Its like some plastic is touching some rotating stuff. I feel it comes form wheel cups. I checked the wheels and front bottom surface of the vehicle. But, didn’t find anything.’t anyone have any experience with this sound. Please let me know.

  • MNR  commented on  1/3/15 12:05am

    have you tried without wheel cups (totally remove)?

  • Charaka  commented on  10/26/14 10:11am

    Can anyone share the translated “Vehicle Settings Menu” of GPI?

  • Regi  commented on  10/27/14 8:03am

    Hi Charaka, I saw a GP1 English manual somewhere in the main thread. You may be able to get some idea of menus. There are pics to assist you in every flow.

  • shumz  commented on  10/25/14 6:43pm

    i have a gp1 and fitted with original japanese set up. according to the user manual there is accessory cable where you can connect usb . but in my car only the socket is there no accessory cable. where can i get this accessory cable? i checked with petco and advance car audio, but they dont have the cable.

  • MNR  commented on  1/3/15 12:06am

    ebay has it for very cheap price

  • Arun  commented on  10/25/14 5:22pm

    Dear fellow members, Please help me to iron out this issue.
    I want to know the different grades in Honda Fit GP1 and the options available for each grade., Recently got a GP1 which was told be a smart selection 10th anniversary one.
    However i found out that it doesn’t have traction control.,
    Further i don’t know whether it comes with auto headlights and rains sensor wipers….
    The knobs shows that it has rain sensor wipers but it doesn’t work until i switch it on. Further, i have seen additional 2/3 buttons near the Eco mode button (below the steering wheel in on to your right side) in other GP1s, but in mine there is only the Econ button there. please guys help me out.
    sorry if i’m asking a outdated question. Thanks

  • Lathika Pinidiya  commented on  10/25/14 7:50am


    I’m using Honda FIT GP1 and waiting to do my first full service. Any anybody share me with any recommended place and prices? Other than engine oil changing do I have to do a engine tune up as well?


  • NalinJ  commented on  10/29/14 1:32am

    Servicing a hybrid is same as servicing a normal car, so go to a reputed service station in your area. Remember to bring systhetic engine oil if they do not have oil with them. 0W-20 (Synthetic, Havloline Eco 5: 4300/=) or 5W-30 (Synthetic, Mobil 1 around 8700/=).

    No need to do an engine tuneup since this is your first service (hope you have a low mileage <30000km)

    my first service @ Automiraj, Labour free due to kobe power train warranty and material charges (Mobil 5W-30, Airfilter,Cabin Airfilter, Oil filter etc) was 17620.

    my second service @ Magcity, Labor charge and oil filter cost was 3350 and I brought Havoline Eco 5, (4300) and did not change the air filter and cabin air filter

  • regi  commented on  11/1/14 6:29am

    Thanks NalinJ. This was helpful.

  • CHI  commented on  10/24/14 12:59am

    Can anyone tell what is the function of the button beside econ button? not the headbeam adjuster other one toward steering with a orange LED. not the traction controller either.

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