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Honda Fit GP5 – Hybrid

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  • Vivek  commented on  5/24/17 4:56pm

    Hello Friends, I have a Fit GP5 L package with navigation/audio system integrated on the dash board. Recently i heard that those people who changed their 12v battery are having problem with their radio which is asking for a CODE. Does anyone knows if will happen with my car also. I will need to change the 12v battery soon.

  • anoojradhay  commented on  5/10/17 6:47pm

    dear friends
    how to unlock gathers vxm 145vfi audio for honda fit hybrid 2014

  • udesh lanka  commented on  10/3/16 2:35pm

    can i change the dashboard and audio setup language japanese to gp 5 has factory fitted 2014 setup.

  • Kalinda  commented on  11/8/16 12:02pm

    you will need to change your audio unit. If you opt to go for a chinese unit they are not expensive. go pioneer or kenwood about 50k.

  • Gayan228  commented on  7/20/16 6:02pm

    I recently removed the connection to Low beam headlight from headlight’s end to check something, and after that everytime I start the car I keep on getting a message on the screen where you see average fuel economy, power distribution etc. (with information icon on dash lit). This message has a big low beam icon in dark orange color and some japanese letters. But the lights are working fine.

    Any idea how to clear/remove this message? I can close it temporarily if I press either UP/DOWN keys. But it comes again next time I start the car.

    Many thanks in advance.

  • mnuwan  commented on  7/18/16 5:33pm

    Hi. I’m using 2015 F one. Anyone knows how can I add auto door locking function to GP5?

  • Kalinda  commented on  11/8/16 12:03pm

    F grade normally doesn’t have it unless the japan owner custom ordered it. it can be set up through the menu. there are youtube videos on how to do it. Vezel is also the same.

  • Kapilak  commented on  5/25/16 12:47pm


    I need know what type of transmission oil use for GP5 and what millage do we have to change, Is there a indication or warning sign to indicate when to change


  • Kalinda  commented on  11/8/16 12:07pm

    Hi Kapilak,

    From information I have found, it looks like that the car dashboard is going to indicate when a transmission oil change is needed. Seems it reminds every 60,000 kms. Go to the agent to do this.

  • dilshan1985  commented on  5/22/16 11:09pm

    Can anybody please send me photo of FIT GP 5 rear tool kit & jack placeholder inside view photo

  • ACH  commented on  4/9/16 2:43pm


    I have a FIT GP5-S grade, which was bought 2015-June. The current mileage is 20k. I have been maintaining the car in a timely manner with scheduled service and Tune up done on time.
    I use the S mode once in a while and recently realised that it’s no longer functioning (Not even the S indicator is lit up when the S button is pressed). Also I’ve noticed that the fuel efficiency has come down significantly (I run in ECON mode) which is close to 12 km/l while the previous average was around 16 km/l. I did a engine Tune up at Auto Miraj with a scan and still couldn’t find any problems.
    Additionally I’ve observed that the engine race-up longer than before when transmission happens, specially from 2-3-4-5 gears.

    what could be the reason for
    1. Problem in S mode
    2. Reduction in efficiency

    Greatly appreciate your advises on this regard.

  • Docjunaid  commented on  4/7/16 10:49am

    Hey guys i own 2013 Honda Fit F GP5 and i wanted to know if i can install cruise control in it? Does GP5 come equipped with cruise option /clock spring or do i have to buy the whole assembly plus control switches?

  • Kalinda  commented on  11/8/16 12:10pm

    You can do that. You have to buy all the components. Its painstaking, not worth in my opinion. and can damage interior plastic parts trying to remove them unless done by a professional.

  • Dananjaya  commented on  3/13/16 5:57pm

    Dear Friends,

    I got a Honda GP5 (2014) and planning to change my internavi from Gathers ( Gathers VXM-145vsi ) due to Language and radio frequency constraints.
    I would like to know what would be the best brand and model for me to move ahead with. Specially the procedures if I want to change the unit myself.

    Thank you.

  • udaraau  commented on  11/30/15 2:59pm

    Hey guys,

    Firstly, hats off to all the commentors for sharing experiences. This forum was really useful for me during past few days. So let me return the favor.

    Few days ago I was driving back home and suddenly felt quite a significant vibration.When I checked the dashboard it showed the check engine indicator. Since I was in the traffic it took some time for me to stop the car, and by that time whole lot of other indicators were on ( Steering wheel,Skid, Lint mode). Fortunately Papiliyana Auto Miraj was right around the corner and I was able to get hold of a mechanic quickly.

    According to the diagnostic scan there’s an issue with one cylinder. So they removed the first ignition coil and checked.
    To my horror it was quite clearly wet. Some how water has leaked through and coil got burnt. It looked like some kinda rodent has been hanging out on top of my engine. May be it had something to do with it.

    Interestingly it was extremely difficult to find a replacement. It was only available at Stafford. Neither tech motors nor any other place in Panchikawatta/Delkanda/Wijerama had it. It cost me 13.5k from Stafford.

    From this forum I found out that there was a recall for these coils. Stafford guys told me that if my car is effected they will replace it FOC,but it takes Stafford guys 3 weeks to check eligibility. So i decided to replace it myself for now and get them replaced again from stafford if theres a need.

    few things I learned from the incident

    1. Stop the car asap when theres a vibration
    2. When theres a issue with a cylinder the engine gets destablized and whole other set of indicators start going off due to the vibration. This doesnt mean there are lot of issues.
    3. Protect your vehicle from rodents. Following was recommended to me–Repeller/dp/B010KJ9OUW/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1447844776&sr=8-7&keywords=rat+repeller

    4. Be watchful during the services.
    5. Do a engine tuneup. Apparently the plugs etc cost a lot too :S

  • iqballk  commented on  6/13/15 9:26pm

    hi. if anyone know wheres the VIN number located in gp5 2015 model..!

  • Kalinda  commented on  11/8/16 12:13pm


    its located between the driver’s seat and driver door on the floor panel. Has a Cover on the carpet that can be removed over it.

  • Buddhi  commented on  5/11/15 10:00pm

    Does anyone know the colour codes of GP5?
    Where are they mentioned in the vehicle.

  • iqballk  commented on  4/12/15 11:07am

    hey guys. found a website contains some “Do It Your self” honda fit guides.. check this site..


  • iqballk  commented on  4/9/15 10:33pm

    here’s an executable contains honda fit gp5 2015 dashboard detail..

  • iqballk  commented on  4/10/15 8:47am

    100% virus free executable.. original swf file from honda website that converted into executable format by me..

    nd dear indrajith..,

    please add FAQ’s in every sections that contain

    type of oil to be used, Tire pressure, Best place to do vehicle services, oil change interval, etc.

  • Buddhi  commented on  4/8/15 11:00pm

    Experienced following after my second service at SJ.

    1) After driving around 5km during the last part of breaking a sound came from rear side which felt something hit from behind. It is like a shift shock. I could really feel it.
    Immediately returned to SJ they test drive and said it is do with mixing of water and break pads dust. Will be normal after driving a bit longer. At my request they did another scan on entire system and ABS system. They were ok.
    Have anybody come across with such a experience?

    2) On the way had to wait in a bumper to bumper traffic. Since there was sligt downward slope on the road I nutraled the car. When the the speed increased during first 3 second I felt a sudden shock. This time more towards from front. I was able to experience it several time. But it did not happen at higher speeds.

    Is it okay to drive at “N” position?

  • Bhagya  commented on  4/9/15 9:43am

    Dear Buddhi,

    It seems that this is the same which i experienced with my car recently. It happened couple of times for me with when the CTBA is activating. (But i didn’t do a service recently) As per Yasith, this is normal with CTBA. (Please see my conversation with Yasith about 6 comments before)

    Thank you.

  • Buddhi  commented on  4/9/15 11:08pm

    Thanks Bhagya for your reply.

    But my one does not have CTBA. And I didn’t have this issue previously.
    BTW they rotated the tyres. Can this cause the sound when applying full break.

    I have to wait till weekend to check the vehicle again. Let’s see. Will update.

    Meanwhile can somebody let me know the outcome when the car is allowed to glide from stand still in Neutral for about 10 meters.

    New question.
    At times when gear is shifted to D from P the change in gear is felt very much.
    I know this happens when the hand break is not applied sufficiently and vehicle is parked at a hilly road and the whole weight of the vehicle is put on P gear. When it is released the shift shock is felt. The remedy is to apply hand break well before releasing foot break.
    Question is can the gear box bear this shock once in a while? How bad it is for the gear box?
    I see auto gear vehicle owners park the vehicle even without applying hand break and rely solely on P gear. Is it a good habit?

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  4/10/15 2:14pm

    Dear Buddhi,

    Seems like you are having a temporary issue as your service agent said. Almost all vehicles will have such brake disk/drum issues after servicing. Usually it will be back to normal after running for several kilometres.

    Nothing will happen when you allow the vehicle to glide in neutral position but you will waste energy that could be used to charge the battery. So, never run your hybrid in Neutral position.

    To be clear, there is no “Gear” related to the “P” position. what happen is, when you shift the vehicle to “P” position, the front wheels (Drive Shaft) of the vehicle get locked within the gear box. That’s why you can not push the vehicle in “P” position. It is same as applying hand brake but hand brake is for the rear wheels and the braking mechanism is different. And this locking mechanism is better than the hand brakes.

    In an automatic gear box, the shift lever only represents the “Position”s but not the “Gear”s as in a manual gear box.

    The most part of the “shock” you mentioned is the impact coming by the releasing mechanism of the front wheels. You will feel some amount of impact when the gear engages. There is no additional impact on the gear box as you are applying main brakes of the vehicle while changing from “P” to “D” and the vehicle is steady at that moment.

    At last, “P” = Parking. So why can’t we rely on that? I always rely on this parking gear for the last fifteen years in all my auto gear vehicles and noting went wrong up to now.

    Hope you understood this stuff and willing to clarify any doubts.

    Thank You

  • Buddhi  commented on  4/11/15 8:35pm

    Wow Yasith……. Thanks for the detailed explanation and your time.

    1) Sound Came from Rear Side
    As you predicted the shift shock/sound that came during later part of full braking is no longer there.

    2) Driving in N position
    The shock/sound that came when vehicle is allowed to go/glide while in N position is still coming!!! Wonder why?
    It happens when the vehicle is N and foot brake is released. After vehicle picks the speed for about 3-5Km a sudden shock/sound comes.

    I can understand your explanation on not to drive in N position and I totally agree.

    Small clarification…
    Keeping the vehicle in D for longer periods in standstill traffic is good of bad?

    3) Parking Position Issue
    I can understand and agree with your explanation on the mechanism.
    But what I can’t bare is the feel at such times.

    I always feel it will harm the gear box or some mechanical component for that matter.
    Hence I tend to apply full hand brake before sifting to P and it works. May be my 15 years of experience in driving a manual 😉

    Of course this happens only when at a up/down hill parking situation.

    Thanks again for your explanation.

  • iqballk  commented on  4/7/15 6:20pm

    glad to join this forum. have a honda gp5 2015 S package.. its not come with parking sensors.. is OEM parking sensors available in sri lanka..! how much will it cost..?

    thanks nd regards..

  • Renuka  commented on  3/27/15 1:50am

    I got the Honda audio system unlock pin through local agent. Is any one have locked audio system call agent. They charge Rs 2050/-to provide anti theft unlock code.

  • Buddhi  commented on  3/26/15 10:58pm

    1) In S model do you get the parking lights along with the turning lights?
    Cause my one does not have the parking lights there. Only the 3 LED lights are lit when parking is switched on. Today I saw S grade with parking lights at turn signals lights.

    2) Is it possible to keep the parking lights on even after locking the doors?

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  4/8/15 7:22pm

    Dear Buddhi,

    1. There is NO Parking lights in S Grade. The Day Time Running Lights (DRL) turns on when you switch on parking lights. Probably you have seen a L Grade that later installed DRLs.

    2. Nope. The parking lights auto off when you lock the car

    Thank You

  • Buddhi  commented on  4/8/15 10:45pm

    Thanks Yasith.

  • Diaz  commented on  3/25/15 9:37am

    will be getting the last recall update & 1st service on friday. any advice on brand of oil? mobil, havoline, etc..?

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  3/25/15 6:48am

    Dear Bhagya,

    Your CTBA is working fine.

    The symbol with the exclamation mark indicates possibility of collision. And the other symbol indicates your car has been stopped by the system. The “Brassss..” sound is a warning buzzer and not the sound of applying breaks but it feels so.

    Thank You

  • Bhagya  commented on  3/31/15 5:30pm

    Dear Yasith, Thank you for your reply. But the sound i mentioned was not the warning buzzer. because the warning buzzer already activated and it was there when i heard this second sound. It was somewhat big and scary sound when comparing with warning buzzer. (I almost thought that the vehicle came from back has applied a sudden break. :))And this sound appeared with the second symbol. (A car with an arrow pointing under it).

    Thank you.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  4/8/15 6:33pm

    Dear Bhagya,

    The first sound you heard is the chime and the second one is a buzzer. That consists not only the sound but comes with vibration. As you correctly mentioned, it is scary. Do not worry this is normal.

    Thank You

  • Bhagya  commented on  4/9/15 9:32am

    Thank you Yasith

  • Bhagya  commented on  3/23/15 10:45am

    Hi All,

    My GP-5 has Honda Collision Detection System or in other words City Break Assist (CTBA). When this system activates it displays 2 types of symbols on the display. One is a car with an exclamation and the other one is a car with an arrow pointing under the car. can someone please let me what is the different between these 2 symbols and what are the different situation where these 2 symbols are appearing.

    Most importantly, recently when i got the second symbol (A car with and arrow pointing under it) appeared on the display i heard a sound like “Brasss…” from behind. It was kind of a sudden break apply. is there anything wrong with my car. Can someone please advise.

    Thank you.

  • Renuka  commented on  3/22/15 11:09am

    Is any one know how to check transmission oil level in GP5? Some times I can hear a grrrss sound while changing 1st 2nd gears. Why is that?

  • Diaz  commented on  3/15/15 10:04am

    Hello, lots of changes going on here.. hope all of you are still happy with your GP5’s!

  • Renuka  commented on  3/12/15 4:10pm

    Hi. My one’s Gather sound system asking a password to unlock. Is any one know how to get it?

  • Gayan  commented on  2/26/15 6:41am

    Honda GP 5 fuel consumption is superb….this is ma first car…
    With 95 oct around 35km/l (2 passengers)
    With 92 oct around 32km/l (5 passengers)

    I am very satisfied with this vehicle, comfortable and good looking, space inside the car is highly appreciated.

    Thank you

  • vindhya  commented on  2/25/15 4:40pm

    Can anyone tell me what is the most suitable engine oil for GP5 ? Even Stafford motors uses 3 types that are mobil , Havoline and some other one bit expensive. One of my friend used the Havoline 0w20 at first service but had a problem that was not having smooth acceleration.

  • Darth Maul  commented on  2/26/15 12:10pm

    Doesn’t Sterling have any of the preferred Honda oils? Have you not tried to get hold of Honda Ultra?

  • yasith mayabandara  commented on  3/12/15 11:43am

    Dear Vindhya,
    I don’t think there is a problem with Havoline 0W-20. I also using it and did not encounter such problem. The recommended viscosity of oil is 0w-20 for GP5 and Honda recommends there original oil (Ultra Next / Ultra Green / Ultra Leo). But i have no idea about the availability of those in our country. Best thing is to use an oil with correct viscosity (0W-20).
    I personally believe that it is better to use an oil that have to be changed in every 5000 km as Havoline rather than using an oil that have a life span of 10000km. Because in driving conditions we encounter here will need much frequent maintenance at least in 5000km.
    Thank You

  • sadeep sepala  commented on  5/24/15 9:27am

    Honda Ultra LEO is available at Sameera Motors, Kottawa.(071 2943783). But it seems too expensive (12,000/= per 4 L can). Do you know any other places which carries Honda oil ?

  • BG  commented on  2/24/15 11:08pm

    I’m planning to install a local GPS unit. Can somebody recommended a good map and an unit. What are the options available for me?

  • Nil  commented on  2/23/15 12:24pm

    Hi guyes, can you let me know what is the proper cvt gear oil for Honda gp 05. Honda site says use only Honda transmission fluid there any alternative cvt oil? kindly reply. thank you.

  • NalinJ  commented on  2/26/15 3:53pm

    Use ONLY Honda CVT fluid. It is available with Stafford motors and with reputed service centers. Do not use any other CVT fluid brand. The Honda CVT is a very sensitive system and you should use only Honda CVT fluids

  • Gayan  commented on  2/22/15 11:14pm

    I need to know a good service place near to Ragama. My GP has done 7000, imported last week need to a full service before anything.

  • jk  commented on  2/20/15 12:12pm

    Dear Darth Maul, What I said was that it is dangerous to drive a vehicle downhill on a higher gear.
    The principle is to retard a vehicle’s acceleration due to its inertia (weight) by forcing the wheels to drag the engine than pushing the wheels by the engine. This way the car does not move beyond the speed given by the low gear and the amount of acceleration that you are providing.

    if you run at a higher gear the car will roll without much acceleration and you have to control the speed using brakes. Constant breaking will not be effective.

  • Darth Maul  commented on  2/23/15 9:50am

    HI jk. Thanks for your reply. Maybe you read my post on 11 Feb incorrectly or maybe it is the way I have written it that makes it difficult to comprehend. Either way, you and I are on the same page. I am also in support for engine braking and dropping it to a lower gear (even when driving in Colombo), in order to slow down. I would be foolish to drive down hill on a high gear. That is why in my post, I have referred to the two concepts as engine-braking and foot-brakes.

  • BG  commented on  2/24/15 10:41pm

    I agree with both of you. Thanks for the insight (not the car) 😉

    BTW Darth I think I can answer your below question.

    “Does the hybrid battery get charged less by engine braking/down shifting or is the charge improved?”

    The thing is when down shifting the vehicle’s speed get low, which result low regenerating force. However the vehicle will travel more time due to slow speed along the downhill and vice versa.

    But with downshifting you have the advantage of safe breaking and more control.

    It is said that there is not much of impact on fuel consumption.
    What about the wear and tear as a result of high reves?

  • Darth Maul  commented on  2/25/15 12:48pm

    Thanks BG. I’ll continue down shifting even in Colombo traffic, since it comes naturally to me. Furthermore, safety and control rank far above fuel economy. I read up on the possible wear and tear and what I found out is that as long as you do not down shift to 2 and 1 at very high speeds, it is perfectly alright. As a rule of thumb, if I could go up to 4000rpm when accelerating, then engine braking up to 4000rpm should be acceptable. This is an article I found recently to confirm my instincts.

    Perhaps we can have a more conservative view on the speeds at which to downshift.

  • Umesha Danjaya  commented on  2/17/15 2:27pm

    According to the Honda Recall site i had to update my ignition plug top coils and noise filter as latest recall update. Stafford has replaced my ignition plug top coils, But not noise filter because of its unavailability of sri lanka at the time. they asked to wait and wiil inform me after noise filter available.
    But now i ve rechecked my chassis number again at Honda recall site, now it shows my veheicle is no need of latest recall update.
    Cant understand what is going on….??????????

  • Prasad  commented on  2/17/15 4:25pm

    Did Stafford charge for this or is this FOC ?

  • Umesha Danjaya  commented on  2/17/15 9:58pm

    My GP5 4 Ignition Coils replaced FOC by stafford.

  • Umesha Danjaya  commented on  2/17/15 2:18pm

    What is the coolant should use for radiator of GP5.

  • Nakash  commented on  2/20/15 2:43pm

    I used wurth blue coolant for my gp5

  • Nakash  commented on  2/13/15 9:20pm

    Guys where can I get Honda fit gp5 left side fender and front bumper?? It’s very urgent

  • jk  commented on  2/20/15 7:56pm

    Try Nawinna, Wijerama area.

  • Shan  commented on  2/13/15 6:41pm

    These days Honda Fit GP5 L Grades are on auction around Yen 15.5 Million. So the value has been drastically come down. Then the price should go down right? in that case what would be the new price considering the new tax?

  • jk  commented on  2/19/15 1:38pm

    Roughly about 3.8mil

  • BG  commented on  2/9/15 10:02pm

    I experienced the same even in EV mode. However at slow speeds as all did.

    It is like something accumulate before being burst.

    My opinion is that it arise as a result of gear change. For example the third is already engaged but second is not released until it reaches the release point. (Odd and Even gear change). The change/accumulation is felt as a result of slow speed.

    Then again it is my two cents knowledge on Hybrids ;-).

  • BG  commented on  2/9/15 10:06pm

    Web master, pls post above as a reply to
    “Mahesh Shan Perera on February 5, 2015 at 10:58 PM” post.

  • max  commented on  2/8/15 8:45am

    Came across a detailed comparison between aqua and fit Hybrid. Although it is in Japanese can get a general idea of what they are saying.
    (watch from 25th minute onwards)

  • BG  commented on  2/7/15 7:11pm

    When the vehicle is going downhill without accelerator being pressed and the combustion engine is running, does it consume fuel?

  • LP  commented on  2/9/15 7:37pm

    No. Engine runs in order to keep applying breaks to the wheels when going downhill. It does not consume fuel more than the tiny amount that is needed to keep the engine running anyway. But of course there is some wastage since the engine is not running in complete ev mode where the internal combustion actually stops. I’m a frequent traveller up and down the hills of Nuwara eliya and at times the engine revs 4000rpm. It does not reflect much on your overall fuel economy.

  • BG  commented on  2/9/15 10:19pm

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    If I may add to your comment, I use paddle shifters to maintain the gear position at fourth or third depending on the slope, to control the descend. The speed can be controlled by foot break further. The gears won’t escalate until the accelerator is pressed or the gears are paddled up.

    This way I was able to increase the regenerative break force.
    Just wanted to know the fuel consumption side as you said it revs high at times.

    Thanks again.
    Like to hear from others as well.

  • LP  commented on  2/9/15 11:04pm

    Thanks BG. Really helps. But unfortunately I don’t have the privilege of “paddle shifting” since I drive an L package. And just five minutes down the hill the battery is fully charged and then it’s just the engine running without charging nor the regenerative breaking. But overall fuel consumption from Nuwara eliya to gampola is 53km/l. So guess nothing to worry in terms of fuel there.

  • BG  commented on  2/10/15 12:24pm

    Thanks LP. I experienced the same when travelling down the Kadugannwa slope.

    BTW what is the consumption for the up and down trip. Guess will ended up around 23?

  • LP  commented on  2/10/15 6:15pm

    Hello BG. The overall fuel consumption from Nuwara eliya to kiribathgoda is 42kmpl if you are so delicate with the gas pedal. And if you press too hard it averages to 35-37kmpl.
    In the climbing process from kiribathgoda to Nuwara eliya it does exactly 23kmpl. Can achieve 28kmpl upto peradeniya and from there it averages to 17kmpl.
    For the whole trip last Sunday it did 28kmpl.
    It always ranges from 25 to 32.
    These are all figures displayed, couldn’t top up and check em.

  • BG  commented on  2/10/15 10:31pm

    Those are wonderful figures. Thanks for sharing. Next time try check it with a top up.

    This is a good example with a mix of all possible scenarios. Thx again.

  • Darth Maul  commented on  2/11/15 12:23pm

    I agree, your fuel economy figures are quite encouraging. But paddle shifters/tiptronic technology is very important for down hill driving from a safety point. Constant use of the foot brakes mean that the brake pads heat up and when you really want them to come into action, pads may not work as good when they are hot due to constant pressing. This can be minimized by have a good set of alloys that lets in a lot of cool air to drop the temperature of the brake pads. Alternatively, air could come in to cool the brakes from the fog lamp ducts. But by using paddle shifters to drop the gears, you are actually letting the engine do all the braking, which leaves the driver to use the foot brake only when it is needed.

  • jk  commented on  2/16/15 11:29am

    In my opinion you do a very dangerous drive on descent. The fundamental principal of driving downhill is to use a low gear and let the engine get the inertia of the moving car so that you do not need to constantly apply the breaks. What you are doing is the opposite.

    My cars do not have paddle shifters but I use the L or rather S mode to come downhill (Kadugannawa) and have full control of the vehicle speed with accelerator instead of constatantly applying breaks.

    I have noticed that many who drive Automatic cars do not even know how to disengage the overdrive clutch (if a switch is available) when going down such deep slopes out of ignorance. Such drivers pose a real threat to other road users as well.

    I am surprised that the driving schools nowadays do not teach these principles of driving.

  • Darth Maul  commented on  2/19/15 10:19am

    Hi jk. I could learn something from you if you can clarify if “you do a very dangerous drive on descent” is in reply to LP, BG or Darth Maul (me). I always downshift using paddle shifters or my triptronic when descending and hardly use the foot brake unless very necessary.

    My only doubt is whether by downshifting and getting the engine to slow the vehicle, means losing degenerative-force which goes to charge the hybrid battery. I found out yesterday that the use of the foot brakes actually reduce the degenerative force that charges the battery, but what about downshifting…. Does the hybrid battery get charged less by engine braking/down shifting or is the charge improved?

  • Darth Maul  commented on  2/19/15 12:18pm

    Sorry for the typo, I meant “regenerative braking” and not degenerative.

  • AAAL  commented on  2/7/15 7:39am

    will the ECON mode in anyway cause any harm to the car or the engine? from the day i bought the car the ECON mode is on. is this ok? what are the implications and advantages (if any)? please help

  • killer_cruise  commented on  2/7/15 2:38pm

    No its won’t do any damage. When eco mode is on the vehicle will shift the gears fast without reving the engine(so in a way it’s good).

  • Mahesh Shan Perera  commented on  2/5/15 10:58pm

    There is a slight shift or jump kind of a movement when driving slow speeds and push accelerator. I noticed this several times. Is it because of gear change or EV to engine change or any other reason. Highly appreciate your advice on this.

  • Mahdhi Murshid  commented on  2/6/15 3:19pm

    Experiencing the same thing with my GP5 as well. Curious to know the answer….

  • Isham  commented on  2/9/15 12:02am

    Same here.. its like it wants to go but you haven’t pressed much for it to go so its like deciding and the feeling is like someone pushing/pulling it a bit.. ya its probably you know shifting engine to ev or something or in its deciding state or what ever.. but if everyone of us is experiencing the same thing i guess its a normal thing.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  2/9/15 12:14pm

    It is the effect of shifting from ev to engine. It is notable when you run in slow speeds. There is a point where there are frequent change over from ev to engine at very slow speeds. That in annoying and feels like there is something wrong in the car. What you have to do is to slowdown further or accelerate a bit according to the situation.
    Thank You

  • retroconduct  commented on  2/9/15 12:53pm

    If you turn off eco mode and control your a/c properly, this can be slightly avoided. Since the eco mode controls your acceleration, even when you put down the peddle, it will limit the rpm electronically. And I have seen that even without the eco mode, the efficiency is quite similar. *if your driving style is not outrageous. 🙂

  • Sam  commented on  2/4/15 7:08pm

    does anybody know how to enable BT in honda internavi. ?? I can’t connect my phone via BT. Also tried with IPad, But it doesn’t show anything

  • jk  commented on  2/2/15 7:20pm

    Have you considered installing anti-glare film or anti-glare visor. Use a cardboard as a visor temporarily first to check the effectiveness

  • BG  commented on  2/1/15 8:20pm

    Guys, something strange happening at recall site. this is discussed at Vezel forum also..

    When I checked my vehicle for 3457 recall back in October, my vehicle is supposed to be recalled.

    Now when I check the same with chassis number it says;

    “Customers tail car chassis number entered not been the subject of recall improvement measures , or you have already repair is complete. We apologize for very worry.
    Honda product, thank you enough for your patronage Honda sales company both in the future.”
    …….which means it is not recalled. Isn’t it?

    Can not understand this.
    May be a “Computer Jilmart”….

    The site link;

    BTW…. Honda has cut down the forecast for 2015 due to recall issues. This is mainly due to Air Bags issue, which does not have impact on FIT/Vezel. FYI.

  • Nalaka  commented on  2/8/15 11:29am

    for my GP5 also giving the same result which was previously supposed to be. better to check with stafford because, for some of the vehicles they have got the confirmation from honda japan for parts replacement. I think the delay with stafford.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  2/9/15 12:27pm

    I also got the same result though my car has to undergone last two updates. Earlier the due updates are shown in the site.
    Dear BG and Nalaka, have you submitted your vehicle details to Stafford? If so, it may be somthing as Nalaka thinks.
    Thank You

  • BG  commented on  2/9/15 10:21pm

    I have not submitted the details to them. Will do.

  • muditha  commented on  2/1/15 5:57pm

    dear retoconduct can u please tell me detail of the Marawila place where u got u r vehicle repaired.

  • retroconduct  commented on  2/2/15 9:03am

    This is the place. Hybrid and Sensor Vehicle Repair Center, Chilaw Rd, Mudukatuwa, Marawilla.
    Phone: 0777383667, 0777792370

  • muditha  commented on  2/2/15 4:30pm

    thanks. thanks a lot. Is u r car ok now?

  • diaz  commented on  2/24/15 10:37am

    hey dasun, how is your car now?

  • retroconduct  commented on  2/24/15 8:57pm

    Hey sorry guys, was busy this month with work. And the current state of the car is: After the marawila place, the car had been running fine for like a month. Meanwhile I managed to get the recall done from Honda explaining to them that this happened. They said the best thing to do is to get the recall upgrade done first and then troubleshoot. Which I think is a more logical solution. So now I am in that troubleshooting phase experimenting going out of colombo on longer trips to see if it happens. If theres anything, will surely let you guys know 😀

  • indu  commented on  1/30/15 10:52pm

    Dear Friends, can you pl recommend me of a good navi app for sri lankan traffic. If it’s a freebie, fine 😉

  • ajithala  commented on  1/30/15 10:29pm

    Guys, hope you have a solution for this. Mine is a GP5, got installed a Chinese audio/video system. There’s always a glare on display and you can see absolutely nothing when reversing through With the sunlight it’s horrible. Any way out pl?

  • diaz  commented on  1/31/15 7:30pm

    get the guys who fitted it to sort out the issue. if it isnt too late, check if you can trade it in for a kenwood or pioneer unit. its worth the excess cash.

  • BG  commented on  2/1/15 8:03pm

    I’m having a Kenwood. Even I have the same issue to some extent. It is to do with the angle of the dashboard. I asked from the person who installed it, whether it could be installed with 90 degree angle. He said it is possible, however the top part of the setup will expose and need to find way to cover that. He added that it is common problem with FIT and Vezel due to the angle of the dashboard.

  • Darth Maul  commented on  2/5/15 10:49am

    Have you tried using an anti-glare screen protector like what we would put on a smart-phone screen? Ding! (The bulb in your head just lit up).

  • Gayan  commented on  1/29/15 6:35pm

    Hi my vehicle is still coming from japan. I will get the vehicle on 16 February 2015.
    As I mentioned earlier it s a Honda GP 5 L grade with 2014/ 7 regesrtration in japan,
    Please i would be greatful If some one knows the new interim budget taxation for my vehicle.
    I imported this vehicle to my name. LC opened on January, are there any added taxation on this interim budget. Thank you

  • Darth Maul  commented on  1/30/15 9:00am

    I followed the budget carefully. There will neither be any concessions, nor additional charges to you. You only need to worry about the Yen/LKR rate.

  • Darth Maul  commented on  1/30/15 12:38pm

    Looks like I was not completely informed. Check the news link. You could be affected. Sorry. Hope it will not hit you bad.,000-cc:–hybrids-tax-revised/1872728934

  • Sam  commented on  1/30/15 4:50pm

    according to the new tax calculation it will increase buy 5-7 lks for GP5. What is your CIF value

  • Web Master - Indrajith  commented on  1/30/15 11:28pm

    Download Revision of Customs Duties and Excise 2015 PDF (Official Document)

  • Sandaruvan Karunarathne  commented on  1/29/15 9:33am

    I heard from some one that GP 5 is not fuel economical than Aqua? Is it true? what kind of fuel economy for city and long distance?

  • Darth Maul  commented on  1/30/15 9:08am

    You have got to stop listening to others and go with your own instincts. If you are buying a hybrid, you are already more economical than a pure petrol combustion vehicle, so what does it matter if the fuel economy of Fit hybrid is less or more than the Aqua? By technical specs, the Fit is more fuel economical than the Aqua and this is proven by tests. If users of Fit experience less fuel economy than users of aqua, it is only because their driving styles are poorer.

    Rule of thumb… fuel economy is 30% due to car’s mechanics and 70% due to driving style. If you get your driving style right and follow the recommended service intervals and operating procedures, you will have good fuel economy. A Fit has more to offer than just fuel economy as compared to an Aqua. Unless, you are a “Toyota” worshipper, you will be penny-wise but pound-foolish to drop a Fit for an Aqua, just because of what you ‘heard’.

  • Mahesh Shan Perera  commented on  1/28/15 10:40pm

    Does any one knows the meaning of this reading at information screen.

    honda meeter

  • Sad  commented on  1/29/15 9:03am

    This shows you estimated range from remaining amount of fuel.
    (FYI: Photo is cropped in the post, you can see the full image by right click and save image. )

  • diaz  commented on  1/29/15 9:28am

    range. amount of km you may be able to cover with what is in your tank at the moment

  • Prasad  commented on  1/29/15 1:36pm

    You have to be very careful trusting that meter specially towards the end of the tank. Figures change drastically.

  • Mahesh Shan Perera  commented on  1/29/15 7:47pm

    Thank you all.

  • jk  commented on  1/28/15 9:03am

    Type of oil has been discussed many times here by users who have more knowledge.
    But the general rule of thumb is that if you drive a lot then using a synthetic oil may be better otherwise mineral oil. Say if you run 15-20k per year then you can go for synthetic.

  • jk  commented on  1/28/15 8:59am

    About tyre pressure, I do not know about GP5, but for old Fit, recommendation is 32 but I have been pumping 33 considering our road conditions.
    Also old Fit users have a problem with Dunlop tyres which come with it. Initially I thought that my car had a problem and ended up doing wheel balancing from two different places to be sure.
    The problem is that the tyre gets worn out very fast on both inside and outside edges. They cannot be used for more than 15000-20000km.

    Later I have seen the same problem in two more cars which have the same tyre. So it appears the tyre is not suitable for our road conditions or the used cars come with aged tyres (new but manufactured earlier).

    Pay attention to tyrea as it is very important for a safe drive.

  • Darth Maul  commented on  1/29/15 9:49am

    By our road conditions, should you not be pumping less than 32psi? Our roads are by far not smooth, and the constant hits to the suspension means that part of the hits should be absorbed by the tires, as otherwise the cost of suspension repairs could outweigh the incremental saving in fuel and tire-wear from pumping more than the recommended limit. A case of penny-wise, but pound foolish. Tires anyway increase in pressure during the daytime in our climate, so why make it worse? If it for highway driving, it is ok to increase the tire pressure a little over the limit, just to cut back on the friction and to wear down the middle of the tire.

  • jk  commented on  1/28/15 8:46am

    95 or 92 depends on choice. But I have a feeling that IOC 95 gives better power and fuel economy. But heard that IOC also buys from CEPETCO when they run out of stock. So
    this feeling cannot be proven.
    Having said that I have been pumping 95 all along. Some say CEPETCO 95 is just alchohol mixed with 92. Unless sombody confirms this we cannot be sure, either way 🙂 But I continue to use it.

  • Darth Maul  commented on  1/29/15 9:31am

    At a private but formal discussion between IOC management and analysts, IOC had admitted that the Ceypetco 95 is of a higher quality than that of IOC. Hence, I switched to Ceypetco several years back. Plus, the country retains the profits on fuels. You just need to find a reputable Ceypetco franchise station that is unlikely to tamper with the fuels. What amuses me is that some vehicle owners of very small cars (less than 1500cc engines) are so paranoid about quality of fuel, that they pump 95. Little do they know and any professional mechanic will support that 92 is what is recommended for small engines, since 95 does not get completely combusted, which leads to a lot of fuel being wasted. I noticed this in my Suzuki Swift 1300cc, back when I was ignorant and then I switched to 92.

  • jk  commented on  2/19/15 2:43pm

    Found an interesting article on the subject:

  • jk  commented on  1/28/15 8:39am

    If the car has done 6500km it would be better for you to do a service because then you have a good refernce to decide on the next service. Having paid 3.75mil for the car it would be worth Rs10k that you spend even the dealer tells you that it woul have been serviced at 1000km and 5000km.

  • Gayan  commented on  1/27/15 7:54pm

    My GP 5 L grade cost around 3.75 lks
    Only done 6500km
    Fog lights
    Auction grade 5 A black

    Actually I m getting the vehicle one February, I don’t know vehicle maintanence procedure. Please explain
    1. Should I want to do a immediate service in Sri Lanka
    2. Time limit for services
    3. Type of oil (brand names)
    4. Tire pressure
    5. 95 or 92 octane better for the vehicle
    6. Best place to do vehicle services
    7. Best place to buy door visor, mud flaps, carpets and door sill, setup

    Is this price reasonable?
    Your comments appreciated, thank you

  • Sam  commented on  1/28/15 10:31am

    Is it 2013 or 2014.

    1 ) May be, Check whether if there any services done before. If not you have to do immediate service

    2) 5000km interval (engine oil change will depend on the brand)

    3) Havoline Eco 5 (4200/=) (I’m using this)
    Mobil – 8000/=

    4) Front 32 Rear 30 or 33 /31 (check BGs comment)

    5) I think 95 is better than 92

    6) I did mine with Sterling. Better do it with stafford.

    7) check ikman lk. Smart drive kohuwala , DN car audio

  • Gayan  commented on  1/28/15 4:33pm


  • LP  commented on  2/10/15 10:05am

    At 6) . Why Sam, is there a problem with sterling, please share the experience. I’m gonna do mine from them. Or is it because the stafford being pure honda agents..?

  • gayan  commented on  1/24/15 11:59pm

    how to mirrow the phone display and the car display? I’m having pioneer bt 8650.can i do it wirelessly

  • jk  commented on  1/28/15 1:30pm

    Your phone needs to support HDMI MHL adapter. Ofcourse you need to buy MHL adapter.

  • Mahesh Shan Perera  commented on  1/23/15 8:28pm

    My one did 32 km/l katunayake highway. jaela to plaiyagoda

  • Gayan  commented on  1/24/15 10:12pm


  • Sam  commented on  1/25/15 2:54pm

    Great. What is the avg speed ? With cruise control ?

  • Mahesh Shan Perera  commented on  1/25/15 7:56pm

    No cruise control. avg speed 80 km/h.

  • BG  commented on  1/20/15 11:38pm

    Saw a Grace for the first time on a vehicle carrier. It seems a lovely extention of GP5.

  • Naz  commented on  1/19/15 6:23pm

    I lost one of my smart key and i want to get a new one, where I can get one and any one knows the pirce of it?

  • Sam  commented on  1/19/15 9:54pm

    Check Ikmanlk. I saw key around 40k

  • jk  commented on  1/25/15 8:34am

    I have bought a remote key from Petco Lanka. They might have smart keys also.

  • Sam  commented on  1/19/15 2:30pm

    I have a few questions?

    Vezel Z grade has these features. Is it valid for GP5 as well ?

    1. auto folding mirror feature
    2. long press of the unlock button, All 4 windows go down ?
    3. doors are auto locked when push the accelerator
    4. Doors unlock with gear lever positioned to ‘N’

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  1/19/15 8:27pm

    Dear Sam, The ” auto folding mirror feature” is available as an option but the others are not available for GP5.

  • Sam  commented on  1/19/15 9:53pm

    Thanks Yasitha, Can you tell me how to enable auto folding mirror without door switch. Is it possible to fold using smart key.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  1/20/15 9:39am

    Dear Sam, A specific electronic circuit has to be installed to enable this function. It automatically folds the mirros when you switch off the power.

  • AAAL  commented on  1/19/15 10:57pm

    What is auto folding mirrors? Are you referring to the side mirrors?

  • Sam  commented on  1/20/15 9:05am


    Looking for this feature

  • Prasad  commented on  1/22/15 10:39am

    You have to install a separate unit for that. You can get it done from Advance car Audio, Boralessgamuwa for Rs. 4500. I did it last month.

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/25/15 10:58am

    How careful are they when doing these changes? Please share your experience thanks prasad.

  • Gayan  commented on  1/18/15 8:06pm

    Finally I bought my honda gp5 black L , it has done 6300km. Price is 1800000 yen.
    Has fog light also, next week planning to open my LC, I m not well aware with further procedures(LC, clearing and documents) if some one knows the required documents to open a LC and further procedure I would be grateful If you could share your knowledge with me.
    Thank you

  • Gayan  commented on  1/18/15 8:08pm

    At the same time I checked my car gp5 number from Honda recall site, it says no further recall for this vehicle, so is that mean my car is up to date with all recall corrected one.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  1/19/15 9:00pm

    Dear Gayan, YES! Your car is uptodate. Congratulations!

  • BG  commented on  1/20/15 11:34pm

    You have not mentioned about the warranty. It is important to have one.

  • Gayan  commented on  1/21/15 9:44pm

    No they are not giving the warranty which I persistently asked for.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  1/19/15 8:42pm

    Dear Gayan,

    The only document that is needed to open a LC is a valid “Performa Invoice” that will be given to you by your dealer. And you have to open an account within the bank you are opening the LC. The margin of credit that has to be in your account depends upon the relationship between you and the bank (Some will allow 0% margin).

    Then you wiil be given “FORM FOR THE REGISTRATION OF IMPOTERS & EXPORTERS” by your dealer to be filled and has to hand over to him. It has to go to the import /export registration section of customs office and you will be registerd as a importer and you will be given a Tax Identification Number (TIN). This will be handled by the clearing agency of your dealer.

    Your dealer will contact a clearing agent and he will clear the vehicle from the port customs and hand over the vehicle to you.


    Thank You

  • Gayan  commented on  1/19/15 10:55pm

    Thank you,

  • Mahima  commented on  1/19/15 8:53pm

    Hi… You need to request the preforma invoice from your vendor and provide it to the bank you’re planning to open the LC. Normally, bank would request you to keep/hold 110% of the value in an account. You can discuss this and change the rate accordingly.

    Once this stage is done, the bank will contact the vendor’s bank and request for the required documentation. You don’t need to get involve at this stage but once the documentation is forwarded from the vendor’s bank, the local bank will check and release funds to the vendors’s bank.

    Then the local bank will charge you according to the exchange rate + they will add some extra costs such as handling fees. (please request for a special treasury rate). Also they will provide you with the original documents for clearing. please don’t loose any of these documents.

    Then you need to consult a clearing agency and they will do the needful. Normally they charge you around Rs25000. They will calculate the tax and ask you to take a pay order for that amount. Then the clearing agency/person will coordinate and confirm the date to release the vehicle from the Harbor.

    Note: Normally the funds will be released before you clear your vehicle.

  • Gayan  commented on  1/20/15 6:39am

    Thank you

  • AAAL  commented on  1/15/15 11:24am

    Hi All, first and foremost thank you so much for all the advise and tips. I recently got my Honda Fit GP5 and this is my first car. I need to verify a few things and the first one is does the FIT GP5 S grade has a central locking button on the door? Although i have read online saying that the car will auto lock when it reaches 15KM/H it never does. appreciate your advise and thanks in advance

  • Chathu  commented on  1/16/15 3:27pm

    As i know auto lock function not available in GP5. Central locking button is at the right corner of the door opening handle. Yes its bit hard to see at first 🙂

  • AAAL  commented on  1/16/15 8:51pm

    Hi Chathu, Thanks for the info. i noticed the black button on the door handle which enables to lock. What i was looking for is once i am inside & started the car or driving the car the doors to be automatically locked.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  1/19/15 9:02pm

    Sorry Dear, There is NO such option.

  • Chathu  commented on  1/30/15 3:24pm

    Hi, i meant there is no auto central locking in GP5 while driving. But you can always lock it manually while inside just a s a normal car using the central locking handle in door opening handle:)

  • Srinika  commented on  1/13/15 12:48pm

    Hi Guys, I found this youtube clip and thought it might be useful to all GP5 owners. Even though this clip is done on a vezel, I think it is the same with GP5 as well.

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/13/15 3:50pm

    This is very helpful. Many thanks

  • Mahesh Shan Perera  commented on  1/11/15 7:23am

    Hi All, I need another advice from you guys. What is the best fitting and quality video setup for GP5?

  • Darth Maul  commented on  1/12/15 1:47pm

    What do you want your multifunctional entertainment system to do for you and what is your budget? Do you intend to use Navigation on this system or want to use the navigation on your smart phone/device?

  • Mahesh Shan Perera  commented on  1/12/15 11:00pm

    Hi Darth, I can spend around 50k for the ssetup and I would like to have good audio and video quality. Mostly I will use it for listen radio, SD or usb for listen music, video for reverse camera and smart phone. And I would like to have nicely fitted setup for my car.

  • Darth Maul  commented on  1/29/15 10:01am

    I got my setup done recently. A Pioneer 6.1-inch screen, because I was not happy with the GUI of the Kenwood and thought that if the 6.1 can provide the same facilities as a 7-inch, why pay more, specially if the resale vehicle market is not going to value options and ads-ons. If you have a F-grade, do you really want to spend 50k on a set up? If you have that budget, you can go for a Pioneer 2750BT 6.1-inch, which ranges from 45k – 48k, depending on where you get it fixed, which is more than enough for your requirement. My first choice was a Pioneer 265 for 36k, but the place was out of stock. Then they offered 2650BT for 40k, but even that they were out of stock. So then they offered the 2750BT for lower than their usual price in order to retain the sale. So far I am happy with the purchase.

    There are few places you can shop around before getting it done – Autopal (polhengoda), Chamara Stickers, Advance Audio… a reputable place close to your home is better in case you have to get something corrected later on. Sorry, I may be late in my response to you.

  • Mahesh Shan Perera  commented on  1/8/15 8:30pm

    Hi, I Got my F grade today. There is a engine sound when I start the vehicle. I thought it is very silent. Is this normal ? FYI: All the recalls have been updated.

  • BG  commented on  1/8/15 11:16pm

    Congratz, If the H-Battery charger is low, then the engine will start evev during initial start of the vehicle. But soon will shift to EV. Comment on recalls is candy to ear.

  • Mahesh Shan Perera  commented on  1/9/15 10:01am

    Thanks BG, Hambantota to Home driving experience is awesome. But I noticed a slight delay in pulling after stop the car at traffic, coz it tries to pull from the H-battery. Other that that driving is superb.

  • LP  commented on  2/9/15 7:49pm

    Do not let the battery alone to pull the car from an absolute stop, always get the engine engaged,it actually saves fuel. unless you have to stop in another 5,10 meters.

  • Diaz  commented on  1/9/15 6:59pm

    Congrats, and dont worry too much. It is not the smoothest engine around in my opinion. minor vibration and noise is something you will get used to, specially when it is charging the battery.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  1/12/15 5:49pm

    Congratz Mahesh, There is bit of engine noise and it is normal. Also the lack of pulling power is normal specially when you are in “ECON” mode and if you have regularly drove a petrol car (1.5 l or above). I also felt the same when i got my GP5 and thought there is no power at all. But now i know how to drive it with same way as a regular petrol car with good fuel economy.

    Don’t worry, you will get used to it later. All the best.

  • Selva  commented on  1/8/15 10:12am

    I wish to buy a hybrid car. Any advice? What is the Grade and Color is more demand? What are options I have to consider when we thing about resale? Selva

  • Darth Maul  commented on  1/12/15 1:54pm

    Selva, yours is a very open ended question. Most of the answer to your question comes from knowing what your budget. Also, how long do you intend to use? As for colour, don’t go buy what the market demands. You are buying the car for yourself, not for the appreciation by others or by what the secondary market wants, so see what appeals to you. One thing that the secondary market could be quite concerned about is cruise control, as the number of highways in Sri Lanka increase.

  • NalinJ  commented on  1/12/15 4:10pm

    I think resale value will be reduced for hybrid vehicles because usable battery capacity decreases over the time. You will not be able to make a profit (similar to Corolla 121 during past years) when you sell it unless government add a huge tax on vehicle import. So forget about the second hand market buy a GP1 or GP5 that available for your budget and enjoy the ride.

    If you are going to purchase a car from a car sale observe the vehicle carefully to check whether it is repaired from a critical accident and request the inspection certificate given by Japanese authority. This certificate has the mileage and some other info.Also check whether the sale provides Sterling or Cobe warranty.

  • BG  commented on  1/6/15 10:06pm

    Guys it is important that you monitor the tyre pressure regularly. Today when I checked it had reduced to 30psi. I felt that hybrid battery charging cycles were rapid than usual. So I checked it. I felt the difference in EV pulling power instantly. Also the charging cycles got reduced.


  • sam  commented on  1/8/15 3:39pm

    BG can you tell me what is best value for the front & rear tires. I’m going to fill the nitrogen.

  • BG  commented on  1/8/15 10:58pm

    The best advice is to adhere to manufacturer’s recommendation. I slightly increased that since my one is most of the time stationed. I’m also going with nitrogen. But make sure lack of refill stations will not be an excuse for proper maintenance of tyre pressure.

  • NalinJ  commented on  1/12/15 4:15pm

    32 PSI for front and 30 PSI for rear, will give good fuel economy and comfort. 33 PSI for front and 31 rear give better fuel economy but less comfort. I don not think Nitrogen does anything for domestic cars and think it is a marketing campaign to sell something you do not need.

  • Gayan  commented on  1/5/15 3:06pm

    Hi guys,, I m planning to buy a new Honda GP 5 black L grade car, it’s from auction. My agent told me it will cost around 35lk , is it reasonable price, need your opinion, according to him carpets, door visors and set up need to be installed. Anyone aware regarding the prices of those items, this is ma first car so well appreciate your comments, this is a very useful page, thank you

  • BG  commented on  1/5/15 8:27pm

    Go for a recently manufactured one. And ensure that that recent recall has been upgraded. Carpet & Setup is ok. But I have seen imported vehicles with door visors. Also I some of the guys here owns L grades with options like CTBA. Options like these would not cost much.

    Don’t rush your self. Ask for several quotations. Demand what you need. Not what they have to offer you. Query from several agents. (I did this mistake!)

    Insist a warranty.
    If possible try to clear it from ports on your own.

  • Gayan  commented on  1/6/15 5:50pm

    Thank you. Agent told me one of his friend clear port documents and asked for 25k rs please tell me is it possible us to clear the taxes and take vehicle out from the port.

  • sam  commented on  1/6/15 9:12pm

    Clearing agent will handle the tax thing. Most of the clearing guys ask 25k for clearing & handling tax docs. Only thing u need to do is make a pay order for customs. For 2014 brand new one i think you have to pay around 1050000/= for tax + 25000 for clearing.

  • BG  commented on  1/6/15 9:53pm

    It is possible. However since we are not aware of the process it is bit cumbersome. So let that person clear it for you. BTW my point is try to collect the car from port rather than your agent’s place.

    If you can do some background research on the clearing process and get it cleared by yourself, I guess it will be a wonderful experience.

  • Sam  commented on  1/7/15 9:07pm

    Yes BG correct. Try to collect the car from port. I heard Honda recommend 40km/h for first 1000km.

  • Gayan  commented on  1/7/15 10:29pm

    Thank you

  • Sam  commented on  1/5/15 10:56pm

    I got my one last dec for 34k Its 2013 sep L grade navi premium edition.(dual multifunction) brilliant blue color done only 3000km.

    What is the year & mileage of the car ? you will cost only 10000/= for carpets & door visors. Also you can fix cheap double din player for 20000/= or good kenwood or pioneer one for around 50k-70k

    better check the year , mileage and auction grade if it is more than 5AA

  • Gayan  commented on  1/6/15 5:43pm

    Mine 2014 December one, black color, has only one multifunction key right side with cruse control key, left side no multifunction key. 0’millage brand new one.

  • Gayan  commented on  1/6/15 9:59pm

    Are these players coming with reverse camera. Are they support with GP5 multifunction key.

  • Sam  commented on  1/7/15 9:01pm

    May be your car has a built in reverse camera. Most of the brand new cars coming with reverse camera. Some of them are support multifunction. Please chk before buy.

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/6/15 2:40pm

    Dont worry too much about the parts (but they do get very expensive when you are going to import/install genuine parts locally), mainly check if all the recalls have been done because even if you do a checkup (not just software update) from stafford, you have already brought the car in and if you find defects its too late. Read older comments on this to find out your recalls for your chasis. All recall stickers are pasted on the side of the driver seat on the body. Spending a few more bucks would be worth it if all are done.

    My best would be to get it from a sale or something so someone is there to help you out, or take atleast some responsibility. Where you can physically go check the car and they will do the necessary checkups for you if you are keen on buying.

  • BG  commented on  1/6/15 9:57pm

    Agree with retroconduct.

  • Asela  commented on  1/5/15 2:19pm

    Hi few days back i got mt FIT GP5 F Grade and drove it from Hambanthota only done 170Km, Any one in here manage to find a English User Manual..? Saw there is one in Honda US site but US version of FIT Dashboard and all differ than JDM version so any one got JDM version Engliash user manual..?

  • Darth Maul  commented on  1/12/15 2:22pm

    You probably won’t find a English version. Go with the best you have.

  • dheeni  commented on  1/4/15 12:15am

    Hi. I bought a Honda fit 2014 recently. Its only done 2000 kms till now. The problem is. Sound arises whenever I change gear to any position. Does anybody have this probkem?

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/5/15 10:59am

    If you are not under warranty, best bet is to show it to stafford. This has not happened to anyone yet afaik. No point getting opinions from anyone else.

  • Blacky  commented on  1/3/15 6:06pm

    Hi guys, Any one tried to customize the settings in the instrumental panel? It has settings for interior lighting, door lock etc in Japanese.

  • hybridsrilanka (@hybridsrilanka)  commented on  1/2/15 10:48pm

    Free Download HONDA FIT Owner’s Manuals –

  • BG  commented on  12/31/14 9:49pm

    Wish all the guys a recalls free happy new year. May you be fallen in love with you GP5 for eternity!

  • Upula  commented on  12/31/14 6:56pm

    I have GP5 and it performed well. Suddenly it indicates CTBA in orange colour with ! mark. I feel that CTBA has switched off. Can anyone help me to get it reactivate.

  • Shehan  commented on  12/31/14 10:43pm

    I encountered the same few days ago and got rectified. Take your vehicle to Stafforfd Motors. They will reset it within five minutes.

  • Darth Maul  commented on  12/31/14 11:46am

    Gosh. I have not received my GP% yet, but I think I can already answer very many of your questions. For starters, I think many of you are overthinking things like oil change frequency, putting synthetic, tire pressure, carpeting, etc. Keep it simple and focus on improving your driving style to keep the car at peak performance. Will write in more details later.

  • BG  commented on  12/31/14 9:50pm

    Wait till you get it.

  • cj  commented on  12/31/14 8:44am

    Hi All, I’m planing to buy a honda fit gp5. But i’m litle confuced what to buy whether L pakage or F pakage.
    Would anyone please tell me about what to buy ?

  • Dilruk  commented on  12/31/14 11:50am

    Hi Cj, check the below link,makes it very easy to understand the difference

    According to my knowledge

    F grade is prety basic
    L grade has Cruise control and multifunction for your audio (Possibility of Fog lights depending on the Japanese user)

    S grade has F+L+Paddle Shifters +Fog lights .

  • Darth Maul  commented on  12/31/14 1:48pm

    I can give you a very good answer if you can tell me…
    1/ Is this your primary or secondary vehicle?
    2/ Will most of your out-of-Colombo trips be in the GP5? Will you do a lot of highway driving?
    3/ What is your budget? Are you very cost conscious about the cost of the car and the fuel economy (because F, L and S have different fuel economy ratings)?
    4/ Do you like to have and operate gadgets and new technology or just boast about what you have in the car?
    5/ How long will you intend to use the car and are you conscious about what the second-hand market will demand from a GP5?
    6/ Do you have babies, small kids or elderly parents that travel with you most of the time?
    7/ The roads that you will mostly travel on – are they smooth tracks or dirt/broken roads with potholes?

    If you can answers in detail, my response will truly help you decide.

  • Bhagya  commented on  12/29/14 6:46pm

    Hi All, Does anyone know how to set windshield wiper speed to automatic on Honda FIT GP5.

  • Diaz  commented on  12/30/14 11:45pm

    on the windshield wiper lever if there is a setting called ‘Auto’, then turn the knob to that position. if the option is not there, then the car is not equipped with rain sensing wipers.

  • Bhagya  commented on  12/31/14 9:30am

    Thank you Diaz. Initially when i turn on the wiper, i didn’t have to adjust wiper speed as it automatically got speed up and down with the amount of rain. Is this what you meant as rain sensing wipers?

  • Diaz  commented on  12/31/14 5:56pm

    Yes. the sensor should be where the rear view mirror is mounted on to the windscreen. when water falls on to that area of the screen, it triggers the wipers.I have used this on a axela before, and on that you had to select ‘Auto’. I assume it is the same with honda

  • Bhagya  commented on  1/1/15 9:08am

    Thank you Diaz

  • Darth Maul  commented on  1/12/15 2:16pm

    Sorry, I meant “scratch” not “scrap” 🙂

  • Isham  commented on  1/2/15 2:35pm

    Yes. and i think in my case the automatic thing works when I put it on the first lever settings and i shift the round circle nob all the way to the 1st where its like a volume key decreased icon. Hard to explain but can show.

  • Darth Maul  commented on  1/12/15 2:14pm

    Think about it. You are more likely to scrap the windscreen if you set the wipers to auto, because at the slightest drizzle, the wipers will operate. The dust and debris caught to the wipers could leave hairline scratches on the glass. I disable it and manually operate the wipers only when necessary, but my preference is to drive without the use of wipers. With the right chemical on the windscreen and driving glasses, the visibility is perfect even in heavy rains. I have always found the wipers are a distraction.

  • Shehan  commented on  12/27/14 11:02pm

    I got a warning message in CTBA and it is appearing continuously and CTBA is constantly appearing in dashboard as well.

    Can anyone assist me on this please. Do I have to carry a repair.

    Here is the message came

    シティブレーキアクティブシステム点検 – City brake active system inspection

  • retroconduct  commented on  12/31/14 7:43am

    I also have this issue. Pain. Dont know whats wrong.

  • rishan  commented on  1/12/15 2:44pm

    Hi guys, I also got CTBA issue on yesterday i called stafford and they give time for me to upgrade system. today morning they successfully upgrade the CTBA system around 45 mins.. dnt go every ware, pl come and upgrade CTBA system.

  • Shehan  commented on  12/31/14 9:40am

    I got rectified this issue from Stafford Motors, My issue was CTBA has operated twice in close lags and system blocked, then they reset.

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/25/15 11:04am

    I would like to turn this feature off, since it does not work the way it should work in sri lanka. Btw, I am curious about the reset, after the reset does that mean it doesnt happen again? or its like a temporary solution. Its like restarting your phone when its stuck.

  • Dilruk  commented on  12/31/14 11:37am

    City Brake Assist (CTBA)

    City Brake Assist (City-Brake Active System or CTBA) is specifically designed to help avoid or mitigate low speed accidents. It is standard on the Jazz RS range, and is part of Honda’s international effort to reduce collisions.
    While driving at speeds of between 5km/h and 30km/h, the CTBA gives audio and visual warnings to the driver when the system recognises a high risk of collision. The system uses a laser radar unit fitted to the windscreen behind the rear mirror to detect potential collisions and to mitigate the level of damage in an unavoidable crash. If the driver does not take action to slow down, the system will apply the brakes automatically. Note: CTBA is not intended as a replacement for driver braking.
    False starts are reduced with City Brake Assist. When the car is stationary or travelling slowly (less than 10km/h) and CBTA senses that the driver has stepped on the accelerator pedal too hard with an obsticle approximately four metres of the front of the car, it will provide an audio and visual warning. The system will then assist the driver by applying the brakes. This helps reduce accidents in situations where the driver accidentally steps on the accelerator instead of the brake.

  • Priyankara  commented on  12/27/14 9:42am

    Hi friends
    I am planning import gp5 brand new one
    I need your help to find good DVD player, engine oil to be used, speed to be maintained at initial level due to brand new, carpets, how to drive with high fuel efficient


  • Dasun  commented on  12/25/14 9:14am

    I have a gp5 and it stopped in the middle of the road last night. All indicators are to inspect all systems (check power steering, check power system, ctab or something and so on). Will not start doing whatsoever. Tried to leave the battery disconnected and reconnect didnt work. Would not switch to park and most of the lights in the dashboard are on. The gear indicators on the dashboard is blinking also. Tried to jump, didnt work. Nothing seems to work. I am getting it towed to the kobe warranty place hopefully. Not sure if they are any helpful. The insurance told to go ahead with the warranty people. Will let you know if something develops.

  • diaz  commented on  12/26/14 10:40am

    sad to hear of your incident, hope it is a minor issue and will be sorted out quick. please do keep us posted

  • Dasun  commented on  12/29/14 10:19am

    I had to put it on a carrier and send to the closest automiraj since kobe works with them. What they said was that the main power supply to the hybrid system has been cut off suddenly. They have disconnected and reconnected it and it had been ok. When it stopped I could not do anything, it doesnt detect the key. Advice was to put the car on a carrier and wait for an expert onion from them without fiddling with the car. People from kobe helped out and got it sorted out. So far good service. Carrier costs I had to bear which was 5000 for the first 15km from AMW. Quite ok I guess and those guys are very professional when moving.

  • Diaz  commented on  12/30/14 11:38pm

    Glad to hear it was sorted out. just try to get a detailed reason as to why the power supply cut off. good to know what caused it. don’t worry too much about the ignition coils and noise filter, so far there are no complaints from owners based on that issue. (That recall includes the thousands of vezels in lanka too, all which are running well!)

  • retroconduct  commented on  12/31/14 9:46am

    Thanks. Yes thats a great point. I am going to try to drive normally. But I am a tiny bit scared to go outstation. If something fails out of colombo, it is going to be hell.

  • Dilruk  commented on  12/31/14 11:46am

    Hi Dasun, Glad your Car is working properly ,May i ask to which Auto Miraj did you go to and how long did they take to rectify the issue ?

  • Mahesh Shan Perera  commented on  1/1/15 9:05am

    Dasun, Can you share the contact details of AMW carrier service please.

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/2/15 2:20pm

    Here is the link for it with the charges also.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/26/14 11:24pm

    It might the problem which the honda had recalled on November (ignition coil). When was your vehicle manufactured? Do please update with your repairing details.

  • Dasun  commented on  12/29/14 10:22am

    They did not tell me about this. I am not sure if that is the case. They did not charge me for anything. I feel its worth it since I bought super recently, and I went through hell to organize this on Christmas day. Vehicle is Nov 2013 and system is already up to date according to stafford. But when I check online, there is the recall mentioned for that sound proofing and plug top coil. Not sure if anyone had done this. Please let me know also.

  • BG  commented on  12/29/14 10:06am

    Don’t know whether to like or dislikes this comment. This is the most disturbing comment I read after the recall note back in October.
    Good luck Dasun.

  • BG  commented on  12/30/14 11:58pm

    Good to hear that you are back on wheels. Did they tell you why the power supply went off suddenly.

    Did you ask from Stafford whether the 3457 recall has been corrected in your vehicle. If they say it has been done you can relax, I guess.

  • retroconduct  commented on  12/31/14 9:43am

    That recall has not been done. I do not have that sticker on the car. And in the site, my chasis comes up on the recall list. The description of the recall does sound a little scary to me. Because when it stalled, it was on S mode and the engine noise might have been high. And it might be something to do with the noise filter or the coils since both these items are closely related to S mode. But then again, they said that the reason was the hybrid system lost power the main power line got disconnected but they also say that another reason is yet to be found and they are also at an experimental stage when it comes to vezels and gp5. btw retroconduct = Dasun. 😀

  • BG  commented on  12/31/14 9:45pm

    In summary your issue is nothing to do with recall no.3457? These warranty people have lot of Vezels and GP5 to experiment on!

    Well as per you, if something goes wrong when you are out of Colombo it is going to be hell. Guess then I’m at HELL. 😉
    I’m planning to shift to Colombo for this reason. (Trying to keep calm under the tension)
    BTW, at night in S mode……. having fun….? Couldn’t resist it huh?

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/2/15 2:24pm

    Yea it might not be related to the recalls. Who knows. I called honda and they said send an email to them asking for recall info and they never got back to me.

    And ofcourse how can you resist an S mode in a Honda! 😀

  • retroconduct  commented on  12/29/14 11:18am

    I checked here also. This might also be a cause for this.

  • Chãmara Anurãhd  commented on  12/30/14 8:35pm

    Waiting to here how you could deal with the situation with the warranty people.

  • retroconduct  commented on  12/31/14 7:47am

    Warranty from Kobe was quite good (not being biased or anything). I am sharing this info because this should help everyone, but it is quite disturbing and I kind of lost hope going outstation in the car now. They even helped out on Christmas day. But the only issue is the recall thing. It has not been done and I dont have the sticker also for it.

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/4/15 1:44am

    It happened again. This time they advised to disconnect the battery and try. Didnt work. Then to reconnect the breaker in the hybrid battery. Didnt work. Carried it again to a friend’s place since the ‘workshops’ are closed after work hours. Now I have to carry it again to the workshop when it opens. Costs me 5k per carry. They do not have a dedicated place where you can tow to when in trouble. I had quite the worst experience with this.

  • DDB  commented on  1/5/15 2:48pm

    I feel so sorry about your situation. It is grate that you share your experience with GP5 user community. It is so valuable for other users. Please continue that.

    FYI: If your problem is related to one of recalls made by Honda for GP5, Stafford Motors will do the fix for free of charge.

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/6/15 2:32pm

    Thanks for the info DDB. I like to share the goods and the bads regardless. It will definitely help me and the community. I am trying to somehow fix this and keep cz I love the car. For that price range, this is the best looking, performing, economical car ever imo. They said this happened to a Vezel too but I did not really get a proper response about the end result. I will fill you guys in on the warranty people, after sales and all other important aspects of this. I am closely evaluating all these.

    So in summary, I put it at automiraj on Sunday, and the Kobe guys are working on fixing it (i am not sure exactly how but they said they are doing a full checkup of the system). Today (Tuesday) I called and checked and they said they will look into this and give me word by the end of the day. I said I am not accepting a quick fix this time and I need a proper solution.

    I assume they know what they are doing since they are offering a power-train warranty and one of the main reasons why people buy hybrids is because of this warranty. And I guess my experience in this will build or lose trust on the warranty/honda hybrids/honda fit but this is reality :). I totally appreciate that there is a community like this and wish it would have been a proper structured forum unlike comments. 😀

  • BG  commented on  1/6/15 3:59pm

    Hang in there friend. At least this what I can say.

    BTW how hard it could be to contact Honda Japan by Stafford? This is like waiting for a call from out of space.
    They need to do something about this or else. the obvious will happen to them in Sri Lanka.

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/7/15 2:25pm

    Thanks for that. I am learning alot from this forum itself. 😀 The newest update is that they are sending it to maravila where there is a hybrid car specialist to have a look at it. The deal here is that this kobe warranty does not seem work with stafford. So they have their own way of doing things. I am going to stick with that since I cannot be bothered to go out of track and spend most of my time worrying about a car I bought with a damn warranty lol. Otherwise I would have to stop all my work and coordinate between these two parties.

    But I guess most people will think these warranties are working with the Honda company. The only point where they are related to honda would be the warranty that they give from japan for the specific car (for a single VIN).

    I heard that sterling have their own workshop as well. Likewise every warranty company works with few companies to sort things out. Worst case, they might contact the japanese company who exported and through them, Honda itself. A long line of companies to deal with.

  • BG  commented on  1/8/15 11:08pm

    Retroconduct, Really like your attitude in this difficult situation. Hats off.

  • Diaz  commented on  1/9/15 7:21pm

    Dasun, use google chrome, fill out the form & send it.pretty straight forwaqrd to fill, make sure to mark “foreign country” in ‘country’ tab. also enter ‘kobe’ in ‘sales company’ tab.
    I hope this will help sort out your issue

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/13/15 12:35pm

    Thanks Diaz i sent them a message, as well as Honda sri lanka. Waiting for a reply. I called Stafford once and asked if I can get recall info and if I can get them done from theirs. Doesnt matter if it was free or not (cant expect much from sri lankan service). They told me to send an email to someone called never got a reply.

    Even if they do not take on recalls for free, at least they should do it for money. If its not in their jurisdiction, they should atleast acknowledge that. Or maybe even do a public notice. How hard can it be?

    But then again all our imported vehicles wont be able to get the recalls done, and if those defects lead to a car crash, wonder what will happen.

    Btw, the car is still in maravila at sanctamaria will update as soon as something comes in. It has more than a week now, I am sure you guys can evaluate the situation considering the election days as well.

  • retroconduct  commented on  1/25/15 11:19am

    Got the car back after a week and so far no issues now its the second week. Warranty said to come back if it happens, and the issue is in the power system relay and they would replace that circuit if needed. But this time a little music to my ears to hear that they found the problem and they are capable of fixing it permanently even though they did not this time.

    The best I would expect would be that they should bring that part down while I roam around till the car stalls again not just using me for the lab rat. Honda on the other hand says these warranty people are useless, they only switch parts around. But anyway these two parties have their own ups and downs.

    I am trying to get my recall parts done because the symptoms in my last recall match very closely with the issues that came up recently. I think its better to do that and troubleshoot from there on-wards. Thanks for the link @Diaz, I got through to them and they might help me at this point. And also both the dealer and warranty said this does not happen often and they haven’t experienced the same in a FIT. So don’t lose hope. I guess my timing was a little off 🙂

    My overall trust on warranty and local dealer are in the same level now since the service is pretty much the same and i would give both of them 6/10. Will let you guys know if something develops 😀

  • BG  commented on  1/27/15 10:31pm

    I would not give so much of marks retroconduct.

  • Sam  commented on  12/24/14 9:51am

    Guys can you recommend good place for 3M carpeting with budget ?

  • Dasun  commented on  12/25/14 9:26am

    Hi Sam, I have no clue on the 3M, but I got my carpets custom cut from delkanda. Cost me only 5k which is quite reasonable and covers the entire floor area.

  • NalinJ  commented on  12/26/14 2:25pm

    I bought a Chinese carpet set similar to 3M from Arpico super center. It costs 4200/-. It is quite good for the price and I’m using it from February 2014. It keeps all the dirt inside the mesh. It fits to my GP1 nicely and cover the entire floor area and I think it fits to GP5 as well since. Go to Arpico and have a look.

  • NalinJ  commented on  12/26/14 2:33pm

    Arpico also has original 3M set, price around 23000/-
    They also have another brand similar to 3M, price around 11000/-, quality is also good.
    Then the cheapest one, I mentioned above is 4200/- also similar to 3M but the quality is not so good but it does the job

  • Shan  commented on  12/29/14 2:20pm

    Does the carpet covers boot also ?

  • NalinJ  commented on  1/1/15 10:41am

    No, it does not cover the boot area, it covers front and back seat area and it covers those area pretty well.

  • Sam  commented on  12/29/14 11:12am

    Thanks Guys, Found cheapest carpet set from Smart Drive Kohuwala. cost me only 3500/= They have lot of GP5 accessories. Door visors same as the original 6000/= , Scuff paltes 6000- 9000, Also fog light without DRL 12000/=

  • Srgdr  commented on  12/31/14 12:25am

    What about the Honda GP 5 body kit price pal….

  • Shan  commented on  12/23/14 11:51am

    Hi Guyz, Couple of things to clarify when is the first service recommended ? All Car Sales say do it in 5000K, is it OK ? Also I use to notice a extra acceleration in my GP 5 recently its now 3500KM. Any advises on this ? By the way Stafford told its only subject to the latest

  • BG  commented on  12/23/14 10:59pm

    Why worry yourself. You will lose only the japanese oil and filter. Anyway they can’t last for eternity.

  • BG  commented on  12/24/14 3:28pm

    Couple of guys haven’t understood my comment.

    Shan, what I meant is you have already used 70% life of the oil and filter. Soon you will have to replace it anyway.
    Since it is a brand new engine, it is rational to change in advance.
    (At least this is what I did.)

    If you changed it you can take one variable off, related to your acceleration issues and concentrate on more possible reasons. (I’m not an expert here)
    Anyway decision is yours.

    As per my experience you do not need to change any other filters like air filter and cabin filter.

    BTW if you have time pls go through previous comments in old archive related to service periods….. and recommend oil.

  • Dasun  commented on  12/25/14 9:28am

    I did my first service @5000km, replaced oil filter and changed oil to 5w20 synthetic which costs 9200.

  • Shan  commented on  12/29/14 2:21pm

    Was it the full cost or only for the Synthetic oil ? I heard its around 14K for the full service.

  • retroconduct  commented on  12/31/14 7:48am

    Its only for the oil. The service was free (labor) under the warranty.

  • Naz  commented on  12/23/14 11:40am

    Want to get a original honda fit gp5 dvd player that comes with a car, where I can get one let me know please

  • BG  commented on  12/23/14 11:04pm

    I can’t give you an answer. I’m wondering why you want to go for one when it will be in japanese language and everybody is looking for ways to change the language. !?

  • Sam  commented on  12/24/14 10:03am

    I think you can’t find the original internavi system in sri lanka. but may be chance of having a cheapest china one with same look. Also original internavi not supported english language and FM frequency up to 90 range only. Also TV frequency not supported. english voice commands not working.

  • Nihal  commented on  12/22/14 9:32pm

    I found that the radiator of my ft gp5 is made in Thailand. Is it normal.’ Made in Thailand’ is mentioned on it. You can see the label from the top of the radiator. just look down left of the radiator lid.

  • DDB  commented on  12/22/14 6:31pm

    Happy holyday season for everybody! (for those who have :)). I’m spending my vacation in my hometown and I could easily achieve 30+ KM/L here.

  • W.C. Jayamini  commented on  12/29/14 10:11am

    Hi Guys, Please kindly advise what is the grade of fuel you are using octane 90 or 95 for 2014 Honda Fit GP-5. Also let me know what is the grade of engine oil you are using 5w x 20 or 5w x 40.
    I bought a vehicle with zero millage and what is the servicing frequency. It is true that first service has to be done at 1000 km and after that every 5000 km. please somebody helps me on that.
    Appreciate if you provide English user manual for Honda Fit GP5


  • Isham  commented on  12/17/14 9:11pm

    I drove on water and screwed up my Electric water pump on my GP5. does anyone know where to get the pump. Would appreciate if anyone knows thanks.

  • BG  commented on  12/21/14 1:40pm

    Worse case try with Sterling Japan. They could order it for you.

  • Isham  commented on  12/23/14 11:32pm

    Thanks mate. Sterling engineers are great they fixed it & checked everything under their warranty.. I got the electric water pump from Stafford motors which cost me 30k with my own cash because AIA insurance refused to cover the flood cover.. useless insurance company that is. I am changing my insurance to ceylinco VIP!

  • BG  commented on  12/24/14 3:38pm

    Good to here that. I was wondering what happened with you vehicle.
    Good luck.

    BTW can you give more details on what happened on the day. Like how high the water levels were, symptoms vehicle showed, etc. It will be very helpful to guys these days.

  • Sam  commented on  12/12/14 10:18am

    Guys anyone know place to buy a body kit for honda GP 5 L grade and the price range ?

  • Vindhya  commented on  12/11/14 2:01pm

    Dear Friends, Please help me to find a place to buy a Audio/Video player with Navi support which suites to Honda GP 5. Most of the players come with the 7” of size. Looking for a full touched response setup with a large screen size.

  • BG  commented on  12/21/14 1:45pm

    I got myself Kenwood DDX7035BTM (7″) which supports navi. The navi unit has to be installed separately, which is also available, but postponed the decision and installed two cameras.

    I read the DDX9. series is more advanced. It has wi-fi, etc. It would cost more and was not available at that time.

  • Sampath  commented on  12/9/14 6:06pm

    Need your help to understand that there are 3 green color stickers have been pasted in Driver door opening with #3378, 3312 and 3391. can please help me to understand those?

  • Sam  commented on  12/10/14 10:21am

    3391 – July 10, 2014 Recall upgraded
    3312 – February 10, 2014 Recall Upgraded
    I think its 3278 – December 20, 2013 Recall Upgraded

  • diaz  commented on  12/11/14 9:02am

    those indicate which recalls have been fixed on your car. go through the first page of this forum for more details

  • Dilruk  commented on  12/9/14 9:35am

    Hi Guys, stumbled upon a few things which might be useful

    Honda fit fog lamp 2014

    Original alloy wheels for the fit

    Honda FIT hybrid Mudguard

  • Sam  commented on  12/10/14 10:22am

    Did you checked the price ? It will also helpful

  • DDB  commented on  12/9/14 12:02am

    Since we are discussing about fuel economy in bad traffic we need some way to measure how bad the traffic is. Here I have compiled a simple mechanism in a spread sheet. It’s not comprehensive but at least it models my driving pattern. Any enhancements to the calculation or any suggestions are highly appreciated.

    [office src=”″ width=”402″ height=”346″]

  • DDB  commented on  12/8/14 11:07pm

    That is 32/31 Pa. Usually I maintain 30Pa for front and 30 – 28Pa for rear depending on the load.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  12/8/14 10:54pm

    Dear Friends, I would like to share the direct translation of GP5 specifications given in the owners manual. I think that this will help you to overcome some of the doubts you are having at the moment.


  • Bhagya  commented on  12/10/14 8:58am

    Thank you Yasith

  • Dilruk  commented on  12/11/14 12:14pm

    thanks bro

  • DDB  commented on  12/14/14 8:54am

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  • Isham  commented on  12/23/14 11:37pm


  • Sam  commented on  12/24/14 10:11am

    Thanks Yasith. Is thr anyway to translate the original user manual & internavi user manual to english.

  • Umesh Indith  commented on  12/8/14 11:22am

    I have a Honda FIT GP5 S package. It says use 2.2, 2.1 KPa tyre pressure. Normally how much we should fill in in a service center in normal terms?

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  12/8/14 10:56pm

    Dear Umesh, Please do as the manufacture says. It is the best for your vehicle.

  • DDB  commented on  12/8/14 11:08pm

    That is 32/31 Pa. Usually I maintain 30Pa for front and 30 – 28Pa for rear depending on the load.

  • Nihal  commented on  12/8/14 7:09am

    Hi, Still I am not happy with the fuel economy of my GP5. If I drive in the city area does about 10 to 12 Km/l . If I do a long run it does about 25 km/l. The engine runs quite long time to full charge the battery.

  • Diaz  commented on  12/8/14 10:50pm

    Best way i guess is, reset your AVG only when you refill. Then by using the real time gauge drive economically. With 50-50 (colombo-other) running, if you reach an over all AVG of about 17-18 then that’s normal.. based on my experience 🙂

  • Isham  commented on  12/23/14 11:39pm

    Ya true expect best condition on normal colombo roads 14-16.. worst condition 11-13

  • DILRUK  commented on  12/7/14 9:56pm

    Hi guys, I’m waiting for my F grade GP5 . i have few questions.

    1.what should be my tire preasure ?
    2.What kinda of oil should i use ?
    3.Should i do a complete service asap since its coming out of an acutionin japan

  • Srinika  commented on  12/6/14 10:42pm

    I recently bought a GP5 L-grade unit which has no factory head unit but a factory fitted reverse camera. Can someone answer if the parking guide lines will appear on aftermarket head units (Pioneer, Kenwood, etc) once with the factory fitted reverse camera?

  • Diaz  commented on  12/8/14 10:38pm

    No they don’t. Mine was refitted with a kenwood system, and no parking lines on the display when in reverse.

  • Srinika  commented on  12/10/14 6:21pm

    Thanks Diaz, may be the only option is to replace the factory fitted reverse camera with a aftermarket camera with guide lines. Any idea on that such cameras?

  • DDB  commented on  12/14/14 8:49am

    Just a thought, Do not spend much just to have guide lines in you revers view. Anyhow you will get used to drive the vehicle with what you have.

  • jk  commented on  1/1/15 8:51am

    Some aftermarket radios have guide lines which can even be caliberated. My Pioneer unit has the feature. I have not caliberated it yet (I am an old fashioned guy when it comes to reversing … using my head more than all the gadgets), but instructions are in the unit’s user guide. You can caliberate it by placing few markers at known distances. Once setup you can use the guide lines accurately.

  • buddhi  commented on  12/5/14 2:56am

    Today I noticed there are 2 buttons (small round one and bigger oval shaped one) above the number plate in rear door. I didn’t have time to understand the use of each as it would require to take away the remote key to understand it with practical use.

    Can somebody explain the purpose of the two buttons.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  12/6/14 8:25am

    Dear Buddhi, The small round button is the “LOCK” button and the other one is the “OPEN” button. You can lock and unlock the doors by the small button.

  • buddhi  commented on  12/7/14 8:26pm

    thanks Yasith.

  • Mahendra  commented on  12/3/14 6:03pm

    hi we see a lot of questions raised around improving fuel efficiency and let us start this question as a forum and single point to share all our views to achieve optimum octane figures on meter … because the whole point we moved to hybrid vehicle is to achieve it and save some Rupees. Pls share your inputs guys

  • DDB  commented on  12/5/14 4:43am

    Good idea. Dear admin, Will you be abe to faciitate this?

  • hybridsrilanka (@hybridsrilanka)  commented on  12/5/14 11:39am

    Fuel Cost Calculator


    How to Get the Best Mileage in a Toyota Prius

  • Mahendra  commented on  12/7/14 9:25am

    Admin and DDB, Thanks for taking this initiative forward and sharing some insightful thoughts. However most are related to Toyota and specifically to Pruis for which lot of info is already available in Web. Lets expand this to include Fit and especially the forum dedicated GP5

  • buddhi  commented on  12/7/14 8:40pm

    Did my first fuel top-up.
    – 1010Km
    – mostly long distance with 2 passengers.
    – A/C at 23c-25c.
    – Octane 92
    – S grade.
    As per the top-up the mileage is 23Km/l.
    As per the dashboard the mileage is 25Km/l.

    Did some “S” mode driving as I couldn’t resist the thrill.

  • Mahima  commented on  12/3/14 12:33am

    Hi Guys,
    I’m driving a 0 milage L grade and during heavy traffic, the Km/l dropped to 13 Km/l. I was on eco mode with A/c temp at 26 Celsius. Is this normal?

  • Diaz  commented on  12/2/14 9:41pm

    thanks DDB, hope this car will live up to its whole point of existence. “a very economical car”. Thanks to buddhi and the rest for sharing info on gp5

  • Shan  commented on  12/2/14 3:13pm

    Hi Fit GP5 Community, As mentioned to you all sometime back, mine did about 16-17KM in heavy traffic in Colombo with Econ Mode, A/C Auto (Actual Temperature minus 2 or 3) and smooth driving, however it is only doing 14-15 Now. I am not doing anything different, but meter reading says that, any advice inputs DDB, Buddhi and Others pls ?

    Its a L grade 2014 one with 2000 Mileage.

  • David  commented on  12/2/14 9:56pm

    Good question and also would like to whats the recommended tire pressure front and rear

  • jk  commented on  1/1/15 8:56am

    Check the condition of your AirCon filter. You will be surprised.

  • Shehan  commented on  12/1/14 3:04pm

    Hi, Today, suddenly I lost my bluetooth connection of my car after getting several messages to pair. Then I tried to connect several times and lost bluetooth in my car. Even the scan icon has been disabled. I tried with a another phone which has bluetooth, even that phone not appearing and cannot scan. I have GP5 L grade.

  • NalinJ  commented on  12/3/14 12:46pm

    Stop the engine and try to pair with your phone. I also had this in my GP1. This happens only when you start the engine. The car thinks you are driving it and wont let you to configure Bluetooth. It seems like a safety feature. It works when you stop the engine, the the scan icon is enabled and you can pair the phone

  • Diaz  commented on  12/1/14 1:34am

    I own a 2014 L grade, 270km done. 25+kmpl out of colombo, and a single day of running in colombo with 4 passengers avg 17. used eco mode & gentle driving habits. i agree the engine seems to charge the battery in short sessions. but its capacity drops fast as well. yet to see it go above half charge! the car is still quite new, so after breaking in (1500km) will update on the battery and fuel consumption.
    Other users please comment on your battery charge level (out of six bars)

  • DDB  commented on  12/2/14 10:26am

    Hi Diaz, In my opinion your car is doing good. I’ve done more than 2000KM with my L package car and usually its get averaged to 18-16 kmpl.

  • DDB  commented on  12/2/14 10:50am

    If you are climbing down a hill or running in sports mode you will see that your battery gets changed to 100%. In normal operation it will not get charged beyond 50 % and that is absolutely normal.

  • Nihal  commented on  11/27/14 9:43pm

    I bought a fit GP5 L grade recently. my fuel economy average with moderate traffic is 15km/L. If it is heavy traffic ,10km/L. I used a prius before with much better fuel economy. My GP5 was done only 100km when I bought it. Do you think that my fuel economy will be improved after doing some more milage as the hybrid battery is new. I feel the engine is started quite a long time to charge the battery and also can travel less distance with EV.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/28/14 12:42am

    Can you try resetting one of the trip meters.
    Check the Econ is on.
    Check tyre pressure.
    Disable the auto a/c.
    Accelerate smoothly.

    Pls go through this forum for more efficient driving techniques.

  • Chathu  commented on  12/1/14 9:19am

    Dear Buddhi, I bought my GP5 week ago and its a S grade one came with 3000 experience also same with Nihal and i drive from Kottawa to Colombo in rush hours in the morning. i also tried your above methods and still stuck at abt 15. some times avg abt 18 but not above 20 so far. An i doing any thing wrong? Please reply i heard Aqua is doing far better than this in Traffic times and worried ive got the wrong car. Thank You

  • buddhi  commented on  12/2/14 12:00am

    My experience cannot be compared with conditions explained here. Most of my trips were long distance and recorded 23-26/Kml. However I’m still waiting for my first fuel top up to see the actual Km/l.

    Try to learn how EV is working. How you can effectively use a charge to go a longer distance. For me previous comments made in this forum really helped me.

  • DDB  commented on  12/2/14 10:45am

    Chathu, Compared to S and L packages S package has little lower mileage since it equipped few other options. It’s true that Aqua is better in fuel economy than Fit GP5 when city driving. One reason is Aqua is equipped with 44KW motor while GP5 is equipped with 27KW motor. That gives an added advantage for Aqua in stop n go situations in heavy traffic.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/25/14 10:53pm

    Honda Grace is launched in JDM. I saw a sight accepting orders to Sri Lanka.

    Seems like we are no longer the newest model around and left over with hardware recall.

  • Chãmara Anurãhd  commented on  11/25/14 8:07am

    The latest recall on 24th October 2014, on Vezel and FIT GP5 (Plug top coils exchange and noise filter mounting treatment) sounds scary. I read some of the Japanese reviews and they say the engine can be stopped randomly. Did anyone encounter such an issue?

  • buddhi  commented on  11/25/14 11:26pm

    True. On this week’s autovision it is explained that a Vezel showed similar symptoms. As per him the plug coils could be replaced locally but the other issue will remain. Added that nobody want to replace it from non-agent places and lack of spare parts.

  • muditha  commented on  11/26/14 6:58am

    not yet

  • retroconduct  commented on  12/29/14 10:59am

    My GP-5 stopped in the middle of the road. I am not sure if its an issue with the coils. But the engine stopped suddenly with some noise and jerk similar to an engine stopping when the clutch has been let go. They said it was something to do with the power system.

  • Dilina  commented on  11/24/14 10:01pm

    Hi,I.m planning to buy a GP5. I’m not really familiar with its 3 different models. What are the differences between the F model and the L model? How much is it going to cost me additionally, if I select a L model over F model?

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/25/14 10:16am

    Hi Dilina,

    Please refer the following link to get an understanding about the difference between 3 models of GP5.

    I think it will cost you around Rs. 200,000 more if you select L grade over F grade. But I’m not sure about this value as i didn’t check the market recently. So better to see others comments on this too.

    Thank you.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  11/24/14 6:31pm

    Dear Friends, Have you ever wonder about a way of getting Honda Original Accessories for your Fit?

    Here’s a way of doing that.

    Just visit the following link. It is an e-Bay like web store based in Japan.

    I got mud guard set for my Fit GP5 recently. Attached some photos of them for your reference

    You can see the available original accessories for your GP5 by the following link

    Thank You

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/25/14 9:23am

    Hi Yasith,

    This is great. How much it would cost for a mud guard set altogether including shipping cost and any other taxes (If there are any). And how long will they take to deliver an item.

    Thank you.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/25/14 11:30pm

    Yasith, Bhagya, I saw all the exterior accessories listed in ebay under JAZZ.

  • Deshapriya  commented on  11/22/14 9:51pm

    Hi friends, I m planning to buy a brand new gp5 F grade vehicle, next month 2014 dec, is it vice to buy on December, should I wait till 2015 because this presidential election may cause delay in delivering and clearing the vehicle document. Is it ok to buy F grade, actually I m not expecting cruse control in ma vehicle, if some knows the answer please explain me. This my first vehicle,
    Thank you

  • Shan  commented on  11/24/14 1:11pm

    Hi, Budget effects are already in place and we see a reasonable reduction in prices. Reduction in Yen rate is also contributing for the same. Hence i don’t think any issue in getting one in Dec. I recommend you to go for a L grade if its within your budget because F Model is the basic car which does not have Scoop Light, Half leather Seat Cover, Leather Steering Cover, and Multi Function

  • Shan  commented on  11/19/14 6:34am

    Its been very silent here both in terms of questions and answers. Would like to clarify how the average fuel consumption on dashboard is calculated ?

  • buddhi  commented on  11/18/14 11:11pm

    At night what is the best method for air conditioning?

    Two days back I drove the longest stretch with EV. I think it is as a rsult of the A/C configuration. Also partly due to low traffic.

    I changed it to AUTO, air source to EXTERNAL and matched the outside temperature of 23.

    Any advice?

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/19/14 9:33am

    Hi Buddhi, Is it OK to use External air source for A/C. As i know, it is not recommended to use External Air Source in here, because of the dusty air.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/19/14 10:30pm

    Thanks Bhagya for your thoughts.

    I also had a similar thinking. But if you go through the recently updated JAZZ manual they talk about external source all the time.

    I thought, since there is a filter it will not have much impact on polluting inside. And we don’t get bad air situations all the time. Imagine a rainy night. There could not be any dust nor polluted air!
    However I guess we have to replace filters much earlier.

    Open for discussion!

  • DDB  commented on  11/20/14 7:00pm

    If you are away city limits, diesel smoke and dust I don’t see anything wrong about getting fresh air through A/C. If you want to prevent changing the air intake to external always set the temperature 1 degree below the outside temperature. That works most of the time.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/20/14 10:49pm

    Thanks DDB.

  • Nilan  commented on  11/17/14 9:34pm

    good work. keep it up !

  • buddhi  commented on  11/17/14 1:04pm

    I was hoping somebody would ask about the HW recall at autovision yesterday.
    I didn’t have the contact number with me and they didn’t displayed it also.
    Planning to ask it next week.

  • Shan  commented on  11/14/14 10:05am

    Guyz, anyone who did the software update ? Any Improvements ? Is it required for a 2014 Manufactured GP5 ?

  • buddhi  commented on  11/19/14 10:43pm

    Not all 2014 GP5s’ require the update.
    If your one had been updated prior to shipment then there is no need. You can use following methods to check.

    1. Check whether your driver side door frame has a small sticker with number 3457.

    2. Use the Honda recall website using your chassis number. The site will tell you an update is necessary or not.
    Use Google translater to translate the site.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/19/14 10:46pm

    BTW is it hardware or software upgrade you are referring here?

    Doesn’t matter. You can check both using above methods.

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/14/14 9:56am

    Hi All, This is kind of a general question. My vehicle is equipped with a Honda Gathers Stereo system. When i tried to pair my mobile phone with it, the Bluetooth Audio function worked properly. But the phone feature is disabled on the stereo system. Do you guys have any idea how to enable the phone feature to get/answer calls through the stereo system.

    Thank you.

  • Naresh  commented on  11/14/14 8:12pm

    Take the car to Hybrid Motors in Demotagoda. They have few Japnese guys working for them. They were able to pair with the IPhone. They didn’t charge anything 🙂

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/17/14 8:52am

    Thanks Naresh

  • Mahima  commented on  11/14/14 2:39am

    Hi Guys, Just got my GP5 -L grade today… still checking… This might b useful.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/13/14 11:39pm

    Hey DDB, Congratulations.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/13/14 11:45pm

    No. he did not do the hardware upgrade 😉 ! It’s a far better news. See several comments below.

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/14/14 8:43am

    Just saw the good news :). Congratulations DDB

  • DDB  commented on  11/15/14 7:08am

    Thank you all 🙂

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  11/16/14 10:37am

    Did i miss something?

  • buddhi  commented on  11/17/14 12:52pm

    Yasith, he is driving with “Baby on board” sign since recently !

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  11/20/14 2:26pm

    Thank You Buddhi.

    Dear DDB, Congratulations!

  • Prasad  commented on  11/13/14 2:47pm

    Can GP5 set to automatically lock the doors when we accelerate and to unlock when the ignition is off

  • Naresh  commented on  11/14/14 8:30pm

    I think the build in smart key system dont have this option!

  • Mohamed  commented on  11/10/14 2:50pm

    what is paddle shift in GP5? what is the difference between ‘S “Grade and L Grade of GP5?

  • Naresh  commented on  11/10/14 10:13pm

    S grade comes with few extras like paddle shift, 16″ alloy wheels, front fog lamps with a LED stripe, Rs seats and RS body kit. Paddle shift can be operated when you shift to sport mode. You can change the gears manually with the paddle shift.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/13/14 11:28pm

    To my experience you can use paddle shifters in all three modes. However the responses are different. And when in S mode the auto gears takeover if you do not shift the paddles accordingly/on time.

    You can use (even in eco mode), especially the down shifter, to maintain speed when climbing down.

    I noticed that the gear will not advance if you do not accelerate in such an occasion, though the vehicle picks up speed due to the slope. This is a good way to make regenerative-break….!..?

    But it is tricky as we don’t know on which gear (I wish the gear number indicator on the panel is there all the time) we are climbing down and shifting down could increase RPM suddenly!

    These are my experience/learnings.
    If I’m doing something wrong or have explained wrongly please correct me.

  • Pasindu  commented on  11/10/14 10:30am

    Hi, There is a button in GP5 2014 L package right below traction off button. Looks like it related to some kind of a sensor. I am new to HONDA and could anyone help me to figure out the functionality of this button. I didn’t get a user manual with the car.

    Image of the button: (button below traction off button):

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  11/11/14 10:31pm

    Dear Pasindu,

    This is discussed earlier in the general forum.

    I’ll quote my own answer again for your information.

    “This button is known as the ” Vehicle Approaching Reporting Device” On – Off button.

    Though we think the sound comes from an internal combustion engine as an annoying sound some times, it prevents most road traffic accidents by alerting the pedestrians and animals about the danger coming from behind.

    But in most of the hybrid vehicles are designed to turn off their engine and to run on their electric motor at very low speeds without acceleration (In GP5, it happens at =< 20 kmph) . This mode is known as "EV – Electric Vehicle" mode. In this moment, theoretically no sound will generate from the vehicle that will prone to increase the risk of accidents because the pedestrians wont notice the vehicle coming from behind.

    To overcome this problem vehicle manufacturers developed an electronic device that produce a sound similar to the engine noise. Honda named this device as "Vehicle Approaching Reporting Device". You can turn this device On-Off by the button mentioned above. Best practice is to keep this device On all the time. Though you turn off the device once, it automatically turns On when the car restarts."

  • Pasindu  commented on  12/12/14 10:59am

    Thank you very much Yasith. This information is very useful.

  • Buddhi  commented on  11/12/14 7:27pm

    vehicle approaching reporting device.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/13/14 11:04pm

    Yes the credit should go to Yasith. I also learnt this from him.

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/10/14 9:10am

    Hi All, Today morning when i’m driving in the heavy traffic, I got a message on information display which is a A car with an exclamation mark on yellow background. This occurred couple of times when there is a vehicle coming very close to the car from side or back. Do you guys have any idea what this message is about?
    (There are no texts displayed with the message. Only the mentioned symbol on the yellow background)

    Thank you.

  • DDB  commented on  11/11/14 9:41am

    This is called forward collision detection alarm. When it display you should feel a deceleration of the car as well. You could temporary disable that from the menu in meter panel.

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/12/14 9:24am

    Hi DDB,

    Thank you for your reply. I also read about FCW on the web after the above incident. But on the web, it says for the Forward Collision Warning it will flash an indicator with the word FCW. But In my case, it was only a symbol of a car and an exclamation mark. Is that because of the car model. Please advise.

    Thank you.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  11/11/14 11:44pm

    Dear Bhagya,

    You are so lucky that your vehicle is equipped with one of the option called ” City Brake Active System”. This is usually associated with 8 air bags! Hope you got that also.

    This system activates between 5~30 km/h. When the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front becomes to a certain limit, (This distance is not given in the manual) there will be a warning sound and a massage is displayed. When the distance is further narrowed, the brakes in your vehicle is applied automatically.

    But always be careful as this system is not working always. Such as,

    1. This does not detect motor cycles and bicycles and may not detect three wheelers!
    2. This is not accurate when there is rain, fog, condensation in windscreen and dirt in the wind screen.
    3. This is not reliable in curvy roads or in sharp turns.
    4. This is not effective when the distance between the two vehicles is extremely short.
    5. This is not effective when the relative speed difference between the vehicle and the front of the vehicle is large
    6. This is not accurate when the vehicle ahead is extremely dirty! (The laser is not reflected effectively)

    So, Please do not rely on this system. Always drive carefully.

    I think you got adequate information about this function. Have a safe drive.

    Thank You

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/13/14 8:58am

    Dear Yasith, Thank you very much for the informative answer. Yes, the vehicle is equipped with 8 air bags as you mentioned. By the Way, Is this “City Brake Active System” and the “Forward Collision Warning (FCW)” same?

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  11/13/14 11:52am

    Dear Bhagya,

    Yes, Those are similiar in functionality. Only the name differs.

    You don’t get “FCW” warning as your vehicle is a japanese domestic model. This is what you will see

    Thank You

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/13/14 6:26pm

    Thank you Yasith

  • retroconduct  commented on  12/29/14 11:10am

    Hi Yasith, Do you know how to disable this? This is such a pain to drive in sri lankan roads. The ABS gets activated when something comes closer. And brakes for no reason. It sometimes might be a reason for a crash.

  • Naresh  commented on  11/9/14 9:34pm

    I have a GP 5 ‘S Package’ I drive mostly in the Colombo rush traffic. So far I have done four full tank refillings. Car does average 15km/l. I haven’t still done more than 600km on a full tank (40 L). Anybody has got more than 600km on a full tank?

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  11/11/14 11:53pm

    Dear Naresh,

    This may be true considering Colombo traffic. But you have to compare this with the fuel economy of a conventional vehicle in similar condition.

    for an example,
    My FB15 with the same engine capacity as GP5, gave a fuel economy of 12 km/l during my routine drive to work. But my GP5 gives 27-28 km/l for the same route.

    Thank You

  • Shan  commented on  11/9/14 7:58am

    Drive up to Kandy and Return.. Did about 270 KMs however meter reading only shows 19. 3. Any advice ?

    Colombo with Traffic and AC it does 16.5 ..

    Pls share your fuel efficiency and ways to improve it

  • NalinJ  commented on  11/12/14 2:16am

    How is your driving style, when there is no or less traffic, accelerate get to your speed (I usually go 60-70) and take your right foot away from the accelerator for a second or two and then slightly touch the accelerator from the right foot. In this method the battery provides power to maintain the constant speed, you can use this method when less traffic (after Yakkala )
    I traveled more than 20 times between Colombo and Kandy during last 4 months in my FIT GP1 and my meter reading is always above 22 also with the traffic after Imbulgoda and Colombo city. I usually set the meter to zero when I start from Kandy and when I return back to Kandy average consumption is more than 22.
    I use above method frequently from Kandy to Colombo taking the advantage of the slope and score more than 27 up to Kadawatha.

    In addition to this I use 92 fuel and keep the AC in 23 C with climate control.
    I think if you use this method in long distance drives, you will score more fuel economy because you have GP 5

    Do not use rapid acceleration frequently to fill the gap between you and vehicle in front you and try to maintain constant speed
    Let the car drive in EV mode in slow speed, this is an advantage in GP5 and I cannot drive my GP 1 only from the battery in slow speed.

  • DDB  commented on  11/13/14 5:45am

    Shan, Mileage heavily depends on the number of passengers onboard and the A/C configuration specially when you are travelling upcountry. If you got 5 people onboard and A/C was configured below 25 degrees, in my opinion this is a good mileage.

  • Shan  commented on  11/13/14 12:50pm

    Thanks Nalin and DDB. Nalin Thanks for the tips, and DDB yeah i was with 5 passengers on board with luggage. As mentioned before in this forum. it does about 16 / 17 KM/L in Traffic. Something i want to re-clarify on the AC Temp. Whats the norm ? and if the EV mode is not displayed, does it mean the car is fully on fuel ? with and without Econ mode is there a big fuel usage difference

  • DDB  commented on  11/15/14 7:21am

    Shan, To have comfortable climate inside I normally set temperature to 26-27 at day times. That it when the outside temperature is above 29 degrees. However for some reason that does not work when outside temperature is below 27, usually at night times. To have comfortable climate at night time I have to set the temperature to 23 or 25 degrees. Still looking for explanation for this 🙂

  • muditha  commented on  11/7/14 3:50pm

    Dear Buddhi, what i meant was, by the time i got my vehicle checked Stafford had not aware of the 3457 recall though it was 27/ 11/2014.

  • Sura  commented on  12/15/14 10:28pm

    Is there anyone had the 3457 recall upgraded?

  • buddhi  commented on  11/6/14 11:16pm

    It is so quite here….

  • buddhi  commented on  11/6/14 11:19pm

    Anyway we are topping among all the forums with number of comments !

  • muditha  commented on  11/6/14 12:23pm

    Dear bhagya Is u r vehicle recalled ?{3457}

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/6/14 3:23pm

    Yes Muditha, I’ve imported it recently. All the other upgrades have been done in Japan. But the last one (3457) is pending

  • muditha  commented on  11/7/14 3:39pm

    Dear Bhagya, First of all thank u very much for replying my message ,Is it dangerous to drive long distance without being upgraded ? what do u think?

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/10/14 8:45am

    I’m not sure about it Muditha. Is anyone having an idea or opinion regarding this matter. Please share..!

  • muditha  commented on  11/6/14 12:18pm

    Dear buddhi
    it is 3457

  • muditha  commented on  11/6/14 11:37am

    Dear Yasith DDB and Buddhi

    Thank u very much for the answers u all have given

  • buddhi  commented on  11/5/14 12:07am

    Guys, Until we get the hardware upgrade available in Sri Lanka/Stafford, shall we educate ourselves on technicalities of the upgrade.

    I mean…..
    what is actually happening, why the necessity, what is being replaced, how it is currently manged by the vehicle, etc.

  • muditha  commented on  11/6/14 11:46am

    if u r good self can do it [on be half of others who do not know much about it or do not want to know anything about it until something really happens,] i am sure it will be much appreciated.because we have been waiting so long to get our dream vehicle, ultimately when we have it, IT IS RECALLED, is this our fate? sorry i was too emotional and worried

  • buddhi  commented on  11/6/14 11:10pm

    Muditha, I know how you are feeling. I also went crazy when i first heard this. The thoughts were endless. Now it is in the system. Just hold your nerves.

    Below you have said “although Stafford said it is o.k.”

    What they were referring here?

  • muditha  commented on  11/4/14 7:20pm

    Dear yasith, DDB,and Buddi
    please be kind enough to answer my following questions
    1. Although meter panel of my gp5 says 26km per liter when i checked it with the fuel tank it was 18. Is it normal ? what is the actual fuel consumption of gp5 as far as u know ?

    2. My gp5 is recalled according to Honda recall on 24/ 10 /14,please let me know if i can get it done from stfford but i still have not faced anything wrong with my gp5 {meter reading 2500}

  • buddhi  commented on  11/4/14 11:18pm

    Question 1
    I also faced similar situation this week.
    It was my first full tank.
    Drove for around 130km. Refilled.
    Meter milage was 33 Km/l.
    But actual was around 24 Km/l.
    I guess this is as result of averaging.

    Question 2
    All of us are waiting for an answer for this question!

  • lakals83  commented on  11/6/14 11:23am


  • DDB  commented on  11/5/14 11:34am

    muditha, In my opinion is that’s normal. I drive my car mostly in heavy traffic and fuel economy get averaged to 17-18 KM/L for each full tank.

    I use following software to track expenses and fuel economy of the car and using it for about 2 years (With my previous car).


  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  11/5/14 12:20pm

    Dear Muditha,

    Thank you for asking. Sorry i couldnt reply to your earlier question about the recall. But i think that you understood that your car is under the latest recall though Stafford said every thing was done. According to my knowladge, Stafford is still not doing the latest recall.

    About the fuel consumption, it depends on your driving style, the traffic and the distance you drive. It gives better fuel economy as you drive in EV mode as long as possible. For me, It gives 26 – 28 km/l by manual calculation as same as the meter reading. For individual trips that i drive daily that is about 30 km, gives => 30 km/l by the meter. i didn’t notice much of the difference between the meter reading and manual calculation in average.

    Thank You

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/4/14 10:32am

    Hi All, Can someone please let me know how to check whether the security system of GP5 is working fine.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/4/14 2:00pm

    I experienced following.

    While you are in the car lock the doors. U can ask somebody to take the S-Key away.
    If you try to open the doors from inside the beeper will go off. But not from outside. This is more like a child lock.

    This is my only experience.

  • Bhagya  commented on  11/4/14 4:58pm

    Thanks Buddhi, and please let me know how to deactivate the beeper once it go off. If anyone has difference experience, please share.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/4/14 11:45pm

    You can set it off from the S-Key.

    Since we don’t have the English manual for GP5 yet I refer 2014 Civic Hybrid manual for general knowledge. Link given here with.

  • DDB  commented on  11/3/14 3:05pm

    Hello GP5 users, Does anyone here unusual “tiki tiki” noise from the engine when it is running? I’m not sure whether it is something to worry or not.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/4/14 11:50pm

    Hard to relate your expression to a real sound. Anyways, I don’t like the engine (combustion) sound at all.

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  11/5/14 12:23pm

    Dear DDB, It is difficult to comment about that noise without actually hearing it. But i have a sense that there may be something unusual.

  • Niroshan  commented on  11/5/14 2:07pm

    reduce the number reading level into min 20 C on the climate control unit and see whether u still find the same issue or not.

  • buddhi  commented on  11/5/14 10:25pm

    To be any assist to u….. Let’s us have some insight.

    When do you hear this noice?
    When your idling, speeding?

    Give us some more infor. Somebody will be able to help you.

  • DDB  commented on  11/9/14 10:51pm

    Thanks everybody for your response on my question. I had to take few days off since I had to find a “Baby On Board” sticker 🙂

    Niroshan, I’ll try reducing temperature and will let you all know the results. I think there is a catch because I do not here the “tik tik” noise all the time with same intense. There may be relationship with A/C unit.

    buddhi, I barely notice this noise when the engine running in idle speed, If the engine is running when you accelerate (abt 2000rpm) you could easily identify the noise if there is any

  • muditha  commented on  11/1/14 12:40pm

    what do u mean buy a recall, can we settle the problem in srilanka

  • Yasith Mayabandara  commented on  11/2/14 2:06pm

    Dear Muditha,

    When a vehicle manufacturer identified some problem in a vehicle model that has already released to the market, they call those vehicles back for an upgrade / repair to fix the problem. This is called a recall.

    For GP5, there are 5 recalls up to now and you can see more details by visitng

    The upgrades are done by Stafford Motors except the latest one. Hope they will do it in near future.

    Thank You

  • muditha  commented on