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  • SanjeewaM  commented on  1/3/17 3:43pm


    Im interesting on buying used insight 2010. I would like to hear your experience & where are the areas that i can focus when i am buying it.

    Battery , ABS etc..

  • Malan  commented on  7/27/16 10:49am

    Can i know how to check hybrid battery works or not?

  • Anuk  commented on  5/22/16 9:08pm

    I have the same prob as rana – i use a insight 2010 model ABS light keeps coming on – when scanned the fault shown as was ABS motor stuck- any suggestion to solve this ???

  • Nalin  commented on  2/18/15 12:47pm

    Both side edges of front tires of my insight has gone, driven only 21000km, there is no wheel alignment issue, im using falken 175/65 15R tires, can anyone pls tell me what is the possible tire size to be used to overcome this issue.

  • rana  commented on  1/30/15 10:35pm

    What is the economical way to solve ABS problem in Honda Insight?

  • Anuk  commented on  5/22/16 9:10pm

    have you found a solution for this ? i have the same issue

  • Hirantha  commented on  1/17/15 12:10pm

    Dear friends, I’m planning to buy a second hand Honda Insight (2011). So pls can some body tell me honestly about the fuel consumption in traffic and free road.

  • S.Vimalraj  commented on  12/31/14 1:45pm

    HI, Pl let me know best and commanded Engine oil for the honda insight ? Mobil / Toyota / or etc..

  • Lakmal  commented on  1/2/15 11:48am

    I take my Insight to Stafford for the services and they use MOTUL 0W 30 costs 2650 per 1l. It runs 10,000 Kms without any issue, The colour of the oil is still not very much blakish even I check the oil after run 10,000 Kms. It is fully synthetic.

  • Nis  commented on  12/6/14 4:53pm

    Agree with you Lakmal. Comparing with Prius, not worth paying additional 500,000 for a prius just only for the second hand market.. can ride a lot for that 500,000 with Insight. Since Honda has stopped manufacturing, worry is about future parts prices and services.

  • Nis  commented on  11/4/14 7:18pm

    There is only a negative feedback on Insight ZE2 cars. Please advice is it a faulty car for personal usage? I am not worried about 2nd hand market value, concern is if there any issue for my usage, How the fuel efficient is?

  • Lakmal  commented on  11/27/14 12:54pm

    I am using a Insight ZE2 2012 new face lift model. I would say it is a great car. It is not a faulty car and the Honda IMA technology is quite matured since the first honda insight was released in around 2002. I am also a person who do not worry about the second hand market. But I am really happy with the car. Fuel efficiency is 15 – 17 kmpl in colombo heavy traffic and 21 – 25 in free ways and highways. I am daily using my insight from kottawa to Kollupitiya via Borella and does 20.5kmpl in the morning and does around 17-19 kmpl in the evening.

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