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Honda Vezel User Manual 2014 Free Download (English)

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  • S.Perera  commented on  10/9/17 12:35am

    I bought a new vezel.But its setup/gps/FM all are japanese.what should i do?

  • patrick  commented on  9/20/17 11:30am

    Hi, my 2015 Vezel had a Smart Entry System logo lighted up.
    May I know how to solve this issue?

    I had change new car remote battery and my mechanic had reset the car, it show again after 30 mins.

    Thank you for all help.

  • Vishwa  commented on  8/8/17 5:21pm


    First link warning appears when “On Battery has not been charged”

    (That’s what the manual says) I think it is not about the hybrid battery.

    Second link warning appears when your smart key battery is dead.

  • sumith  commented on  3/27/17 4:52pm

    Hi, Frends

    I have idea to buy new RS modle honda vezel. I do not know how this vehicale all about. some one please tell me this vehicle good or bad.

  • madushan  commented on  3/8/17 4:04pm

    any one know the place to repair vezel push start button?

  • Sapu  commented on  8/12/17 3:11pm

    Guys I have been using a Vezel from 2014 and had no problems. Make sure to change clutch oil every 5000Km, thats the key.

  • harshi  commented on  2/4/17 11:55am


    I have been using Honda Vezel for 2 years. It is manufactured in Sep 2014. I used drive the vehicle daily. Due to unavoidable circumstances I couldn’t use the vehicle for one month. I start the vehicle occasionally. My question Does the vezel required to run daily. Is there a minimum no of kms to do run in a month.
    Yesterday when I start the vehicle after one week I heard a “chuk” sound when changing the gear. Is that an indication of some problem with gear box. Thanks in advance

  • Sapu  commented on  8/12/17 3:12pm

    Is this a RU4, if thats the case nothing to worry.

  • kanishkapd  commented on  1/11/17 11:47pm

    Hi Vezel owners,
    Recently I was told by a mechanical engineer about the issue in Dual clutch transmission of vezels and fits. Apparently there have been incidents where the car could not be repaired at all. My vezel also has a slight delay in accelerating time to time.
    Anybody knows more details about this issue?


  • nadun  commented on  1/9/17 4:38pm

    hi frainds,

    i have idea take hoda vezel actually i dontknow how to this vehical some one pls tell me this vehcal good or bad and this vehical second hand market how pls advise me..

  • Dabayaweera  commented on  1/3/17 11:43pm

    I have 2014 vezzel and done only 34000km.
    Last two weeks I notice some time my dash board (right side corner where fule consumption indicatining) showingg some massage with restarting kind of symbol.rectangular box is sat to filling up.this time vehicle can not drive and once it completed, ready to drive massage will apear.

    Since letters are in Japanese I can understand

    Can some one help me here?

  • anuradha42144  commented on  12/28/16 11:31am

    What is the best engine oil for Vezel RU3 2015

  • Gtvezel  commented on  12/14/16 12:31am

    Hi peeps, Should I refill my tyers with nitrogen? Is it safe because we have to use a different method to recover a puncher so the tyre might catch fire?

    Is it wise to keep the regular air or pump nitrogen?

  • samith  commented on  11/28/16 5:18pm

    Can anyone tell me how to change the transmission oil in Honda Vezel?

  • Hardscape5  commented on  12/12/16 12:44pm

    The transmission oil for the RU3 (FWD) and RU4 (AWD) is ULTRA ATF-DW1. As I understand it, the RU3 requires 1.3 liters and the RU4 requires 1.6 liters. In my experience Stafford does a good job on these kind of things and they are not too expensive either.

  • Haresh  commented on  10/29/16 11:29am

    Hi Guys,
    I finally found English Owners manual for Honda Vezel. Unfortunately it is for USA and Canada models. But it is worth reading.

    Please note that I do not own it and any credit should be to who ever posted/owns it., but felt it is worth sharing with other Vezel Owners.

  • harshi  commented on  3/16/17 6:32pm

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know what is the life span of the battery.(not the hybrid battery).

    I have been using vezel for 2 years. will there be an indicator when the battery life span is over.

  • Haresh  commented on  10/21/16 11:35am

    Hi, Vezel Owners.
    One f my friends recently was on the way to Kandy and Nuwara-eliya in his vezel. During bumper to bumper traffic, climbing the Kadugannawa the vehicle stop completely and he has to move it to a side as he could not do any like shifting to neutral. Complete dead stop. After spending a few hours he managed to start and get back to Colombo cancelling his trip. Recently I too found that my vezel too did not start off normally after driving in heavy traffic. The Gear didn’t shit for the vehicle to move. But in two or three seconds it did start moving.
    I assume that this is an issue with the transmission where the oil is getting over heated. In my friends case some safety device may have got activated and he was only able to start until the oil temp. came down.
    Normally in vehicles with Automatic gears the transmission oil is cooled by a tank placed inside the bottom part of the radiator. So making sure that the coolant levels are maintained and may be shifting to neutral while in traffic may sort out this issue. Having to operate with high temp. oil in the transmission will always cause lots of trouble and shorten the life span of the transmission system. In the event the transmission need to be replace it may be very costly.
    I am not sure if the oil cooler within the Radiator can be replaced with a better/efficient cooler due to the space restriction. But I can recommend to get into neutral in heavy traffic and making sure the radiator fins are clean to get max. cooling.
    If anyone has similar experience please let others know.

  • Hardscape5  commented on  12/12/16 12:37pm


    I had a similar experience. I was going on a holiday to Ella after driving a bit aggressively for around 100km (around Ratnapura), the clutch started to slip. When I was accelerating the engine would rev but the car would not go. I let the car cool down for about a hour but even after that it had a very jerky and clunky gear engagement. After about another 30 minutes of slow driving it was back to normal. I cancelled the trip because I was not sure if the car could handle the hilly terrain without over heating the gearbox. No warning light or indicator came on either.

    It is curious though why Honda has not picked up that the dry clutch DCT overheats pretty quickly under certain driving conditions. I would have assumed as part of their rigorous product testing process this issue would have been highlighted.

  • prasadattygalle  commented on  8/2/17 10:36am

    Hi Everyone, What is the best place to do the vezel DCT repair? Has anyone done DCT / transmission repair for the vezel? where did you buy the parts? Appreciate any info regarding this.

  • shahid  commented on  9/23/16 9:49am

    hello guys hope all are well . i m facing issue since 6 days i brought new honda vezel 2015 .
    suddenly my vezel stops during driving show the an arrow down from its whole body up . i cant understand what does it mean.
    is it any problem with tyres or something else .it stops suddenly . and all trafic stops . it may cause any accident.plz help me to resolve this issue.

  • Haresh  commented on  10/21/16 10:50am

    Hi, Shahid.
    The only indicator with an arrow (upward arrow)appear when you try to shift into a gear without pressing the break pedal. Someone had posted a link to manual some time back for a 2014 model. But it will be useful.

  • Kalinda  commented on  11/8/16 11:55am

    Hi Shahid,

    It looks like your vezels CTBA system activated. This system breaks your car if it senses that its going to crash. This system misunderstands when a motor cycle or a threewheeler cuts in your way during driving. This works only when the vehicle is traveling less than 40km/h. It is there for security if you don’t like it it can be turned off by going in to the menu.

  • kanishkapd  commented on  11/8/16 11:00pm

    It is a security feature. Not of much use in my opinion. If I remember correct its called the City Brake Assist. You can disable it if you want.

  • anuradha42144  commented on  12/28/16 11:29am

    This happens due to an error in Gear selector

  • Rukshani  commented on  7/3/16 8:45am

    Hi can someone please help me. My hybrid battery stopped charging suddenly. I get an indicator in orange on the dashboard. Once also this happened due to a charging wire becoming lose. Can someone tell me where that is located. It’s a clip on I think.

  • vezelowner  commented on  8/3/16 8:27pm

    Contact Mr Mark of Smart Tech Engineers on 077 791 8220. He could be of help.

  • vezelowner  commented on  8/3/16 8:50pm

    #Rukshani, #lasantha

    If the error message on the dash is in orange, and appears while driving, it could mean that the 12v battery is not charging.

    According to the translated manual the problem could be with the sensor on the 12-volt battery.

    Better to get it checked by a Hybrid Battery specialist.

    Try Mr Mark of Smart Tech Engineers on 077 791 8220. His workshop is in Negombo. He once repaired the start switch of my vezel and did a good job.

  • lasantha  commented on  6/22/16 2:52pm

    my vezel is showing a warning sign with a picture of a baterry for few days. I checked the normal battery at browns and they said that battery is ok. does anybody know the reason for this. pl reply asap

  • kanishkapd  commented on  6/20/16 6:12pm

    Hi guys, being a new vezel owner I have couple of issues to sort out. There is a small button with red light just left to the econ mode switch. I havent seen this in other vezels I ve seen. It can be pressed but dont notice anything happening either. I was told by the previous owner that it was a microphone, which is bit unlikely I believe. Wish I could upload a pic. Looks like some modification done which was not there originally. Anyone can enlighten me on what this could be? Thanks

  • Roshan.M  commented on  6/12/16 7:25pm

    Hello ma gawa honda vezel z grade manufactured in september 2014 zeyanawa,mata kawruhari kiyanawatha vezel 1kata baveza karanna suzusuma coolant warge mokatha kiyala.

  • gayanlahiru  commented on  6/12/16 2:49pm

    Hi All, I m planning of purchasing a Honda Vezel 2016 Z Grade this August, does anyone have the user manual/Specification Guide of Vezel 2016 Z Grade?

    Also is this vehicle originally equipped with Bluetooth & Steering wheel mounted phone/hands-free controls and does it have USB ports for media playback? How is the sound quality? does it come with a branded sound system?
    I was not able to get much details on the same.

    Overall how is the resell situation in Sri Lanka and how would you recommend this car?

  • las12  commented on  5/18/16 2:25pm

    Im driving a Honda vezel hybrid would anyone know that during this rainy season what are the precautions we need to take when going through a flooded road, is it better to be on EV mode or on petrol mode, when in the water level below exhaust pipe.

  • Kalinda  commented on  11/8/16 12:00pm


    Just drive normally just try not to stall. going EV or petrol will make no difference. In floods below exhaust pipe there is no real risk other than damaging the O2 sensors like in any other modern car.

  • ruwanagri  commented on  4/22/16 11:49am

    Hi All, I have a honda vezel z grade manufactured in september 2014. When I drive sometimes the accelerator vibrates with a ERRRRR sound and a message indicates in Japanese language. Can someone tell me is this something related to VSA (Vehicla Stability Assistance) or city brake assistance or else any problem with the vehicle please??

  • Kaushala  commented on  5/13/16 12:16am

    #ruwanagri, Yes it’s related to the City Brake Active System … when a vehicle is very near in front of you and you suddenly tries to pickup the vehicle, then the Vezel itself prevents from Picking Up in order to save from a Collision… It is normal .. Don’t Worry.. It’s a safety option.

  • Haresh  commented on  8/9/16 12:31pm

    If you can still drive the vehicle, best is to go to SAaffords and get it done.

  • samz  commented on  4/20/16 3:59pm

    Hi does anybody have any idea about the prices of vezel tyres

  • Kaushala  commented on  5/13/16 12:26am

    #Samz, Vezel Z grade tyre size is 215/55 R17… So it varies on a Price range of 20000-30000 LKR ….

    Ex:- Dunlop Tires for Vezel in S.K. Munasinghe Motors have a Price of 28000/- for Japanese Dunlop & 23000/- for Thailand Dunlop…

  • udara Sandaruwan  commented on  4/16/16 8:22pm

    Anyone know what is this error ?

  • vezelowner  commented on  8/3/16 8:24pm

    I do not knw whether this will work. But better to check.

    Appears if there is a problem with starter system.


    Press and hold the POWER button for up to 15 seconds while pressing the brake pedal until the power system starts up.

    If the display appears again or the Power system does not start up have your vehicle checked by a Honda Service Agent.

  • Haresh  commented on  8/9/16 6:38pm

    It says Stating System Error.

  • utsc  commented on  4/7/16 8:51pm

    I have a 2015 Honda Vezel Z and I have 4,300KM and I am planning to do a First Service. The dealer I purchased is offering the so called 3 Free Service but ONLY the labour is free and I have to pay materials. Carepoint is quoting Rs 5,400 for 4L of so called ” Original Toyota oil”, Filter Rs 1,100, Brake Dust Remover Rs 300 and some other chemical charges. The labour is Free if NOT Carepoint is charging Rs 5,700 for Labour.

    How is the Toyota oil? I was told by my friend that I can buy Valvoline regular for 4L for Rs 3,500 and 4L Valvoline Synthetic for Rs 4,500 in the outside Market.

    Can I buy and take my own oil for service at Carepoint?

    After the free Labour Service I am planning to take my Vehicle to Stafford Motors or some outside dealers for who only charge Rs 7,500 including labour and materials

  • Upved  commented on  1/19/16 11:17am

    Hi All, I bought a Vezel Hybrid on December 2015. I have a question and hope someone can help me.

    My wife tried to open the door yesterday without the keys and the horn started to sound as an alarm.
    This never happened before even though I tried to open the door without the keys.

    I tried to do it again but it did not work.

    Can someone please explain how to activate this security system.


  • Kaushala  commented on  2/19/16 6:50am

    #Upved, the Alarm itself only activates when you trying to open the door when the Security system is activated. other than that, it wont activate. By the way it seems like the alarm wont activate again when you tried again. I think its not a big deal. – Thanks –

  • Kaushala  commented on  2/19/16 7:38am

    The security system is pre activated from Honda company. The system activates when you Lock the doors from your key. and if Honda smart entry system detects a Fake key, the vehicle will only allow you to open the doors from that fake key but it suddnely goes to immobilizer mode and you wont be able to start the vehicle without the Correct smart key. So the car thefts are impossible at all. dotn worry bro, It has been equipped with one of the better Security systems from honda.

  • vrmsali  commented on  1/7/16 1:19am

    Dear All,
    Very informative discussion and got lots and lots of help from it.
    I got my Vezel last month and love it so far. But just last week faced a problem.
    While I was driving within city, my fuel gage was showing almost half tank. While driving all of a sudden the amber (or orange light) came up showing low fuel and only 2 bars remained. Not taking any chances i got the fuel filled and it took only 23 ltrs to fill up.

    Now when I fill may tank to full the gage never reaches to max rather stays behind 2 or 3 notches.

    It is really bothering me and i was hoping if some one can guide me to get it fixed or reset it one way or the other.

    2nd question is:
    What does the “Factory Reset” option does. Is it recommended to “Run” the Factory Reset option as stated in the video:

    Pls advice.
    Cheers 🙂

  • Kaushala  commented on  2/19/16 7:16am


    Question 01 : Sorry hear that you have a problem with your Vezel. My Vezel is also a 2015/12 Vehicle but I dont have any such kind of problems. and yes you can run a Factory reset in order to see the problem solves. If not, you will have to take your vehicle to Stafford to check for any errors.

    Question 02 : Do you know that you can almost take the full control of the computer system of your Vezel by your Dashboards’ Multi Information Display? You can change almost every setting related to your Security system, can change your speedometre ambient lighting color etc. Though they are in Janapense, its hard to understand but yes you can do those. A factory Reset will change all the changes you have done with your settings in to Factory defaults. But i’d recommend you to run a Factory reset to see that if your Petrol metre gauge problem solves. I hope it might help you.

    – Thanks –

  • dnb  commented on  1/5/16 12:12am

    Hey Guys,

    My Honda Vezel Z grade (manufactured in August 2014) is bit jumpy when in low speed traffic Jams. I think, I feel this jumpiness due to gear shifts.

    Do you guys feel this jumpiness too with your Vezels? Is it normal to Vezels?

    Have you got overheated transmission (gear box) when you in traffic jams? one of my friends had overheated transmission when he was at Kandy in bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. He had to stop the engine for 20 minutes in a traffic jam. Is this normal thing?

    Please reply

    Anyways good place to share knowledge. Thanks to the person who hosts this… 🙂

  • Kaushala  commented on  2/19/16 7:34am

    #dnb, Yes. That jumpiness also occurs when the vehicle changes from battery power to engine and also when changing gears. Its a normal thing when in Traffics.

    I havent heard of this gearbox overheat problem. So I think that you might check your vehicle to see whether there is a problem with your Gearbox. – Thanks –

  • Revinda  commented on  12/13/15 8:35am

    Hello Guys ! Can anyone tell some details about the 1st Service? any recommended place?

  • Kaushala  commented on  2/19/16 7:42am

    #Revinda, I got my vezel Serviced for the 1st time at Stafford Motors when the Odometre reading was around 10000 km. You have to put SAE-0W20 Oil for your vehicle. Sysnthetic Oil will lasts upto 5000 km and Fully Synthetic Oil will allow you to run 10000 km. I recommend you to use Fully Synthetic Oil. It costs about 18 000/- for the Service @ Staffford Motors. – Thanks –

  • cosmos_a  commented on  12/7/15 1:21pm

    Hello all,

    My father has a Vezel which he bought just over a year ago. He currently cannot move the vehicle since the gear box is busted. He has later found out that this was a common issue and was the subject of a recall by Honda as well.

    The vendor who sold the car is refusing to take care of it since its outside the warranty period and Stafford Motors is only willing to do the repair if we can find a good gearbox.

    We’ve tried two gearboxes now. Both have failed. Does anyone know a reliable source to get a good gearbox/dual clutch combo in Sri Lanka? Hopefully with good references since we dont want to be played out.

  • dnb  commented on  1/5/16 12:02am

    Hey cosmos_a,

    What is the manufacturing Year and Month of you rvezel that needs a gearbox?

  • harshi  commented on  11/2/15 4:41pm

    Hi, A motor bike had hit my vehicle (Vezel) from the back. The dicci door is damaged near the number plate. what is the best way to repair. is that to replace the door? what is the best place to do it.

  • Kaushala  commented on  11/11/15 11:15pm

    @Harshi, Sad to hear that your Vezel had met with an accident. If you get your Vehicle to the Company; that means Stafford, there’s a higher possibility of Replacing your Damaged door with a new one and you will need to wait a Long time to get that done.

    So my Advice is to take your Vehicle to a Professionally well recognized Place like Mr. Paint to Repair & Paint your Door. By my experience, I can tell you that Mr. Paint’s Finishing is way more better than the Stafford’s …..

  • D D S Chandrasiri  commented on  6/19/15 10:37am

    I have prepared how to make settings of the vezel in easy steps (English). I am sure, it will be very usefull for all vezel users.

  • Kaushala  commented on  5/23/15 9:15am

    Hello Guys, Can anyone give some details about the 1st Service for Vezel that should be done in 5000 KMs. How much will it gonna cost? Do we need to stay in a queue or Waiting list? Please instruct me. Thanks.

  • sadeep sepala  commented on  5/24/15 12:25pm

    What type oil filter do they use @stafford for bezel?

  • vezelowner  commented on  6/2/15 12:10am

    Hi, sadeep sepala, I got the service of my Vezel done at Stafford. They have replaced the oil filter with a Honda branded Oil Filter.

  • vezelowner  commented on  6/2/15 12:07am

    Hi Kaushala, Re -service

    Honda Japan (website) and Stafford Motors recommended service is at every 5000km.

    Make a reservation about 2 weeks in advance. There is a waiting list.

    Given below are the approximate charges at Stafford:

    Engine Oil – Havoline Eco5 0W-20 Rs. 4,400/-
    Honda OEM Filter Rs. 2,100/-
    Wheel alignment – Rs. 2,200/-
    Full service Rs. 4,600/-
    plus some other minor charges..
    Total came to Rs. 13,600/-

  • Kaushala  commented on  6/23/15 11:52pm

    Thankx Vezelowner. Thats exactly what i wanted to know. ive got an appointment on 3rd of July at 2.30 pm for the first service of my Vezel & now its mileage is 6500 km. what are the effecs of going beyond recommended level without servicing ?

  • Kaushala  commented on  5/3/15 9:07am

    Hello Guys, Does anyone know how to Turn On the Cruise Control in Vezel? When i clicked the Button, a Green Indicator appears in the Dash but i cant figure out how to turn on it.. So if anyone know, please reply me.

  • Sadeep Sepala  commented on  5/7/15 9:54am

    Press [CURISE] button to turn on cruise control system green indicator will turn on with message “curise main”. Then while vehicle speed is between 30kmph and 100 kmph press [-/SET] button then solid green indicator with “cruise control” message will appear next to previous message and speed is set to current speed. Now you can take off your foot from accelerator pedal. Use [+] / [-] buttons to gradually adjust speed. You may press brake pedal at any time as required and use [+/RES] button to resume cruise control with previous set speed.

  • vezelowner  commented on  4/7/15 11:15pm

    Here is what a friend of mine told me. Can anybody help with an answer please !!!!!!

    I went to Kandy last week. Before leaving, I got a full tank of fuel and made the Trip B meter Zero. When I reached Kandy, the Dashboard reading was 18.2 Km/l.

    Before the return journey I made the Trip B meter zero, (without filling the tank again) and when I reached home the Dashboard reading was 19.2 Km/l.

    I never accelerated too much and the average speed was 45 km/h.

    After returning, just for curiosity, topped up fuel, and calculated the consumption by dividing the total number of Km driven for the day by the number of litres fuel pumped after the return journey. The result was 10.7 Km/l.

    How can that be?

  • Kaushala  commented on  4/22/15 3:38pm

    Dear Vezelowner,

    Same thing happened to me. One day, i went somewhere but i cant remember where, Filled my Fuel tank, Went & came back … The Dash reading was 19 km/l but when i checked that manually, the answer i got was 15 km/l. I also don’t know the logic behind this Calculation & still cant figure out why these values are varied. To get the exact result, i suggest you to fill your tank completely when arrived to your destination & compare dash value against Manual value. That should do better other than completing journey & testing.

    Note : Last week, i went to polonnaruwa, during the return journey, i completely filled my Fuel tank @ Habarana, made the Trip B to Zero & Came exactly 95 KMs & to manually Check fuel consumption, i filled my tank again. I was able to pump 500/- of fuel. then Calculated it manually by me. I was amazed with the Final result. it was 23.5 km/l. Guess what guys, it only took 500/- to Drive 95 KMs.

    So I also want to know why that the Dashboard Reading & Our Manual Calculation are Varied…….

  • Vezel Owner  commented on  3/22/15 11:11pm

    Hi Kaushala, Welcome to the Vezel clan !
    The Bluetooth Handsfree steering wheel controls are not available in Vezels in the market up to now. It is available in some of Honda Fit 2015 model. Some DVD players available locally has touch screen bluetooth function which is quite useful if you use the phone while driving.

    Early models of Vezel had two USB and one HDMI ports under the centre console, but to my knowledge late 2014 and early 2015 models do not have this feature.

    Recommended tire pressure is 31-32 psi. It is given in a sticker on the driver’s side door column. Better to check the tire pressure soon, as most of the time the exporters pump more air to the tires to compensate the pressure loss during the long sea journey.

  • Kaushala  commented on  3/23/15 3:21pm

    Dear Vezel Owner,
    Thanks mate. So far it’s a Great Vehicle. Got my Vehicle registered Today. I’m yet to release the Bank Gurantee. BTW a best vehicle for the price range. Okay, thanks for your great explanation. that rectified my issue.

    Couldn’t check my tyre pressure because i havent got my Number plate & well as the Revenue Licence. So i will be able to get those by the evening. Then i can check my Pressure in tires. i felt it bit bumpy during my journey to the home from Hambanthota port. That’s why i suspected that there should be a problem with the tyre pressure. I’ll check & update tomorrow. Thanks again for your Feedback.

  • Kaushala  commented on  3/21/15 11:36pm

    I cleared my Vezel yesterday. I have noticed that my Vehicle’s steering wheel doesn’t provide the keys for Calling functions. That means i can’t answer a call via sttering wheel & also it doesn’t have USB ports under the Gear knob. Does anyone know the reason for this? What is this version of Vezel? It said “Vezel Z Navi SP” In the other than those two, the vehicle is so far so good.

    I also want to know the recommended tyre air pressure for Vezel because i think that it may slightly higher than usual.

    -Thanks is Advance-

  • shehan  commented on  3/24/15 7:41pm

    First of all welcome to the vezel family :). You are missing those controllers and that jack because you have not bought the original company car stereo. Those controllers and the hdmi port + the use port under the center console comes only if you purchase the original japanese car stereo.

    But actually the Japaneese car stereo will be useless since you cannot change the language.

    The vezel sp navi means you get volume controllers and track change controllers on the steering wheel + lighting in the steering wheel buttons.

    By the way you can easily check the tyre pressure using the tyre repair kit which comes with the vehicle. I used that to check mine 🙂

    Cheers 😉

  • dharshana  commented on  2/26/15 12:01pm

    hi, any one refile the radiator system with water to top up, as i understood we can not use normal water to cooling system (radiator) since it recommended the pr-mix Honda Long-life Antifreeze/Coolant.
    any thoughts? how frequently we should check or change it? this is regarding honda Vezzel

  • Janaka  commented on  3/6/15 12:33pm

    According to Stafford Motors, there are two choices for refilling:
    1. If it is just a small drop in level, add some distilled water
    2. Flush and refill with Coolant sold by Stafford (I believe Toyota Coolant) which will cost you around 4000. [NOTE: that original Honda coolant and Toyota coolant should not be mixed].

  • Upul  commented on  2/24/15 10:05am

    Hi,Dear all,can anybody say how much fuel is left in the tank when fuel indicator turns to brown(or orange) to give the first reminder of the need of refilling?

  • BG  commented on  2/24/15 11:28pm

    Don’t look for any answers. It simply says it is enough to reach your nearest refilling source or you will have to seek other methods to reach there with a gallon in hand. 😉

    I recently drove my GP5 around 5-6km when the drivable distance from available fuel read as Zero in meter panel. I do not intend to do that stunt again in my life.

    BTW that last orange bricks disappear very quickly. So pls don’t take a chance.

  • VL  commented on  2/25/15 12:18pm

    Dear Upul and other Vezel owners too,

    I do not think you should do experiments with these type of high tech cars. As I was told by an experienced auto engineer, if the car runs out of petrol and stops you cannot re-start it by just pouring petrol into the tank, You need to reset the fuel system with the assistance of a technician using a scanner. Sometimes (depending on the model and how severe the situation is) you need to bleed the system as well.

    It is bad as that !

    The engine of Vezel uses GDI fuel injection method and has two fuel injection pumps. (like Diesel engines, this is the reason sometimes you can feel a slight vibration and trrrr.. sound from the engine). These pumps are very sensitive and the inner mechanisms could permanently damage if run out of fuel.

    So it would be wise NOT to wait till the last drop, to refuel.

    You should not experiment with even a gallon in hand it you love your vehicle.

  • BG  commented on  2/25/15 9:59pm

    Thanks VL…

  • farhan thowfeek  commented on  2/16/15 6:47pm

    hey,i drove my vezel in the highway to 160 km/h and got a rubber burning smell,when i reduced the speed it was all right,did anyone else face this problem? it has done about 3500km so far.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  2/16/15 8:18pm

    Are u sure that u were not keeping the foot on the brake while speeding? If not there might be a problem with brakes, get your brakes inspected :).

  • farhan thowfeek  commented on  2/17/15 8:44am

    I will inspect my breaks,thank you killer_cruise

  • Concerned Citizen  commented on  2/25/15 12:27pm

    Dear all, Driving at excessive speeds even on highway is illegal and dangerous to others who use the road as well.

    We should not tolerate these type if irresponsible and selfish behaviors.

    Dear Killer Cruise, We should avoid commenting on these type of posts.
    Posts of these type of irresponsible, dangerous and illegal behaviours should not be allowed to be posted on a responsible site like this and should be removed from the site by the administrator.

  • Sam  commented on  2/18/15 3:57pm

    I had same feeling at 160 km/h in my GP5.

  • Thivanka  commented on  2/4/15 11:24am

    Hey. On the start up of my vezel I can hear the engine sound. The EV mode doesn’t show. But after sometime it comes. How to fix this issue?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  2/4/15 7:46pm

    Hello thivanka, The engine starts up if the engine is too cold or if the battery isn’t charge enough to power the vehicle. Once the battery is ready and the engine is heated enough, it goes to ev mode.

  • Upul  commented on  2/21/15 6:18pm

    Hi,Killer cruise, When the engine runs on petrol,does it make a considerable sound with AC on?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  2/22/15 8:49am

    Yes it does. 🙂

  • Upul  commented on  2/22/15 9:40pm

    Does it have something to do with this noise filter issue?I also need to check with the stafford motors to make sure there’s nothing wrong with my vehicle. How it is to be done? Any contact number?

  • Vezel owner  commented on  2/23/15 9:14am

    This is a reply to Upul – (Feb 22, 9.40 pm post)

    Dear Upul,

    This ‘noise filter’ issue refers to ‘electrical noise’ generated by electrical signals emanating from the various electric and electronic equipments in the car.

    This has nothing to do with sounds that humans can hear.

    The importance of this issue is that this ‘electrical noise’ could interfere with the Engine Control Module (computer). When a filter is installed it will dissipate such electrical noise generated.

    However, you need not get alarmed unduly because there are no accidents or such recorded in SL or in Japan due to this issue. The worst scenario would be that a running engine could stop all of a sudden. But you can still restart and drive away.

    It would be wise to get the noise filter installed as recommended by the manufacturer, Honda Co., As I understand Honda Japan sends these filters periodically and you have to get your car registered at Stafford and wait till your turn comes up.

    It is indeed better to get your car checked by engineers at Stafford. You can try this phone number (011) 760 7410.

  • Upul  commented on  2/23/15 12:47pm

    Thanks a lot for your explanation,Vezel user

  • Upul  commented on  2/24/15 10:51am

    Is this sound more intense than that of the same coming out from a normal(non hybrid) auto?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/30/15 8:19pm

    Hello, Would like to know the following things from a person who has done his first service in 5000 km.

    Whats the oil you used (including the price)?
    What’s the oil filter you used and the price?
    Place which you serviced from and also the total cost for the service?

    I would also like to know whether the vezel tyres have nitrogen or normal air?

    Thank you for your time.

  • MRF  commented on  1/31/15 4:41pm

    Hi, I got my car serviced at Stafford, when the Odometer reading was at 4800+.

    Engine Oil – Havoline Eco5 0W-20 Rs. 4,311/-
    Filter (no idea of the brand) Rs. 2,100/-
    P/oil (no idea for what they have used penetrating oil???) Rs. 388/-
    Full service Rs. 4,600/-
    Total came to Rs. 11,400/-

    Got the wheel alignments done as well – Rs. 2,164/-

    Waiting time about 2 weeks.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  2/2/15 6:07pm

    Thanks I thought of doing the service at auto miraj. I’ll update the total cost once i do it 🙂

  • Vishu  commented on  2/3/15 8:54pm

    Dear MRF, Is above cost for a VEZEL or any other Honda Car, B’cus cost I heard for the Vezel is higher than this.

  • MRF  commented on  2/4/15 5:29pm

    Dear Vishu,

    This was for my Vezel !!

    When I made the reservation, I asked about the approximate cost. There was not much of a difference what they quoted and what they charged.

    The phone number is 7607410.

    If you want to get the wheel alignments done, please tell them at the time of job card is prepared.

    By the way, I forgot to tell them to rotate tires. So they have not done it. Tell them this too in advance if you wish to get the tires rotated.

    Tire rotation should be done at every 5000 km and details are given in the page 215 of the user’s manual hosted in this site.

  • Vishu  commented on  2/5/15 10:14am

    Dear MRF, Thanks for the details. When I jest check the pricing from Stafford hotline they said it is 18,000. That is why I confused. Thanks again for the info.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  2/25/15 5:59pm

    I also did the service today at stafford. Costed me 11,500 ;).

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/29/15 10:52pm

    Is there any Changes in the Price of Brand New Vezels after this Mini Budget which was presented today??? As i heard, the Price of Reconditioned Hybrids will Increase because of the Cancellation of “Import Depreciation Table”. This only applies when importing Used Hybrids. So I want to know that is there any Price changes of Vezel after the Budget? Hon. Finance Minister stated something about Hybrid Vehicles but it wasn’t clear enough for me to understand. So that’s why i need your Help.

    I’ asking this because i have ordered a Brand New Vezel a Couple of weeks ago. it costs me around 48 Lakhs & now it’s on the Way to SL. So how could this affect in my Case? A Quck reply is Expected. Also this is Very Urgent.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/30/15 5:37pm

    Dear Kaushala, Yes this will affect the prices of vezels not only vezels but other hybrids as well. Why don’t you check with your importer to confirm ?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/30/15 6:04pm

    Other-thing is the term “used hybrids include” all most all vehicles imported to SL, if there is at-least 5 km in the odometer it is referred as used.

    Here is my story,I company ordered my vehicle back in July 2014, it had 0 in the odometer, when i checked with customs they said if i am importing a 0 odometer vehicle the tax is very high. So in japan my vehicle was put on a belt and it ran until the odometer turned 5 km. Then i imported it to SL as a used vehicle (unregistered).

    Many SL sellers advertise saying 0 mileage but actually the odometer displays at-least 5 km on the odometer.

  • shani  commented on  1/30/15 6:13pm

    New Tax table calculated assuming exchange rate 1.13

  • Web Master - Indrajith  commented on  1/30/15 11:25pm

    Download Revision of Customs Duties and Excise 2015 PDF (Official Document)

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/31/15 7:58am

    I check with some car sales, the new price for the Vezel at this yen rate is around 55 to 57 Lakhs. When the yen rate increases again the vehicle will exceed 65 lakhs for sure ;).

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/31/15 12:58pm

    Yes. My importer is Wasana Traders. I contacted them & they said A Vezel would be priced around 57 Lakhs. So …. i cnt figure out what to do. i’m completely frustrated. i cannot afford another 8 Lakhs to clear the vehicle. Mr. Sampath said that they are going to meet Minister Ravi to discuss about the people who already ordered Vehicles seeking an exception for those who Opened LCs on or before 29th January. A procedure like this was taken by the Previous government for those who Already ordred. Let’s see what will happen.

  • Pj  commented on  2/2/15 7:19pm

    Just checked with Indra Traders, Peliyagoda and confirmed no price change for already ordered vehicles.

  • Vishu  commented on  2/3/15 8:40pm

    No argument this is frustrating for those who opened the LC already. Some initiations has been taken by group (personnel importers who opened the LC already ) to pressure the government for a tax relief. Seems they are doing some good job. Find the facebook group –
    They are going to have meeting at Maharagama tomorrow 4th Feb.
    Try this…

  • shani  commented on  1/28/15 7:29pm

    Hi All,

    Any update from latest recall on ignition coils. When I asked from Stafford giving chassis number after few weeks they have said ignition coils are already replaced but noise filter has to be replaced. They will call me back when they received the noise filer. This was communicated over the phone. when I asked for proof they said it is confidential and it is communicated through chat.

    Is there any other way we could check. I am very confused.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/29/15 8:19am

    Did you try checking your chasis number on the recall website ?

    Go to the above link and check. You have to translate it though.

    By the way mine was listed as recalled on that page , so I called stafford to check. Fortunately mine is not on the recalled list (according to them) and now the website also says my vehicle has not been recalled.

  • shani  commented on  1/30/15 3:13pm

    Yes. Earlier when I check it said that it is required to change ignition coils. Now when I check it says “Customers tail car chassis number entered not been the subject of recall improvement measures , or you have already repair is complete . We apologize for very worry .

    Thank you both about the Honda product , patronage Honda sales company both future”.

  • shani  commented on  1/30/15 3:22pm

    Same here. But Stafford said noise filters needs to be replaced and they will let me know when it arrives. I am experiencing “hmmmmm” sound when I break. is it because of some issue in noise filter

  • Sad  commented on  1/30/15 5:23pm

    Shani, This “noise filter” thing is about electrical noise which may be interfering with Engine control computer, nothing to do with human audible sound.
    This hmmmm humming sound is from electric motor and its normal as I see. Please see “Vishu” s post on Jan 26th for more details.

  • Upul  commented on  2/22/15 9:50pm

    Hi,Killer cruise, If your vehicle was on the recall list on the honda official website earlier,how could it happen that it is not on the list now? They must have previously done some mistake in the web page.

  • Vishu  commented on  1/29/15 10:00am

    I am little unsure about this registration process. I also called to check whether my vehicle needs any update and they asked me to mail the Chassis no and will give a feed back within a week. But no reply, so I visit them and they said no upgrades needed if vehicle functioning smoothly but noise filter to be replaced and will be informed once they receive the stocks. So I asked them I am not properly registered in a system and how they supposed to inform me. Their reply was that the mail I send to them is enough and will contact me base on the info in my mail.

    Is anyone contacted by the Stafford as they says for any replacements??. ( at least for so called ignition coil replacement ). Is this process really working?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/30/15 10:58am

    Dear vishnu, Is your vehicle listed on the website recalled list? Does it show that you only have to add the noise filter?

  • Vishu  commented on  2/3/15 8:48pm

    I tried the website today, and it says “Customers tail car chassis number entered not been the subject of recall improvement measures, or you have already repair is complete”.
    That means my vehicle does not need any replacements ?????
    But Stafford says For VEZEL’s, noise filters to be replaced and will call once they receive the stocks.
    Do not know what to believe ??

  • Ranfer  commented on  2/4/15 5:07pm

    Dear Vishu, My guess is that only one noise filter can be installed at each location (close to the two fuse boxes, as shown in the image in the recall site).

    Installing a noise filter will not do any harm to your vehicle.

    When you get the call from Stafford take your vehicle to their workshop. They will inspect it and tell you whether noise filter is installed or not. If it is not installed, get them install one.

    Better to keep the option open.

  • shani  commented on  1/30/15 3:19pm

    Honda tracks vehicle though chassis number.
    In my case when I checked in the site earlier 2 months back it said that it is part of latest recall. Same as you when I check with stafford they said no upgrades needed. when I ask for proof they said it is confidential. Now when I check in the honda site it says

    “Customers tail car chassis number entered not been the subject of recall improvement measures , or you have already repair is complete . We apologize for very worry .

    Thank you both about the Honda product , patronage Honda sales company both future”

    I am very confused now

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/30/15 9:43pm

    Dear shanu, You can confirm this if you give your chasis number to stafford motors.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/30/15 10:15pm

    Oh sorry i didn’t notice the part where you mentioned that you called stafford. I guess we can confirm it ourselves meaning if there is no problem with the vehicle up to now, then what is there to worry ?

  • Ranfer  commented on  1/31/15 3:29pm

    Hi all,

    After reading all these posts, I once again visited the Honda recall site and carefully went through all the linked pages (of course with the translator).

    If you visit the recall site at the location given below, you too can see all the details relating to the last recall – 3457.

    For the benefit of those who are not comfortable with internet location hunting, important areas appearing in this recall site is translated and given below:

    This is what I found:

    Row No. 1
    Recall notification number 3457 / Recall start date October 23, 2014

    Row No. 2
    Failure of the site (part name)
    1) the prime mover (ignition coil)
    2) Electrical equipment (power supply circuit)

    Row No. 3
    (Technical details which I will not reproduce here)

    Row No. 4
    The contents of the improvement measures
    1) I replace the ignition coil and countermeasures products.
    2) I’ll add a noise filter to the power supply circuit.

    (Mind the language, this was how the Japanese text was translated by the Google translator)

    What is given in the Row No. 4 is clear. As most of us already know, there are TWO improvements should according to this recall. But don’t forget, that this recall is NOT only for Vezel but applies to FIT and N-WGN as well.

    Now, observe the way the improvement measures are indicated here
    …… 1) and 2) !!

    Then towards the bottom of the long list the following details relating to Vezel are given:

    – DAA-RU3
    – DAA-RU4

    Aka name:
    – VEZEL

    Range and production period of the target vehicle chassis number:

    – RU3-1000045 ~ RU3-1056696
    – December 5, 2013 – October 17, 2014

    – RU4-1000028 ~ RU4-1017306
    – December 5, 2013 – October 17, 2014

    – Hybrid vehicles 2)

    Now if you look at the Remarks under Vezel, it indicates only 2).

    This same reference 2) given under Row No. 2, [Failure of the site (part name)] and Row No. 4 , [The contents of the improvement measures] implies that only the installation of noise filter is needed for Vezels on recall (those with the chassis numbers given in the list).

    In comparison, for Honda Fit GP 5 and GP 6, both 1) and 2) are given.
    I am of the view that it is only for Honda Fit GP 5 and GP 6, both; plug top coil replacements and installation of noise filter is required.

    For Fit GK versions and N-WGN, only the plug top coil replacement is required.

    But as for the Vezels, only the installation of noise filter is required. 🙂

    So, what Stafford is telling could be the correct position.

    By the way, according to the information appearing in the internet, there had been no accidents or any malfunctions in the car had been reported. Therefore, we will better not get panicked or confused about this recall. We will have to wait till the Stafford receives the noise filters from Japan to get it installed.

    Good luck !!!!

  • BG  commented on  1/27/15 10:52pm

    About this pulling power issue. why don’t you guys switch off the Econ or shift to S mode?

    As I read in Civic Hybrid manual the Econ off button is for this purpose.

    BTW I drive a GP5.

  • Vishu  commented on  1/26/15 3:55pm

    Guys, I am little curious that the Vezel gives a small humming sound when breaks or slow down.
    (some turbo vehicle gives a similar sound) Is that normal ?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/26/15 8:37pm

    Is it only when braking? Or does the sound come when accelerating as well? I have not heard that sound in mine though.

  • Vishu  commented on  1/27/15 7:56pm

    Mostly that sound gives when slow down(breaks) but some times accelerating as well. Same sound gave old Fuso buses (but not that loud) Any idea ??

  • Sad  commented on  1/28/15 12:18pm

    There are two devices in Vezel Hybrid that makes humming sound.

    1. Electric Motor which powers the vehicle. This humming sound is noticeable when it turns faster (high RPM). This happens when battery is charged heavily (vehicle is decelerating from high speed to low speed) and vehicle is accelerating (mostly while in EV).

    2. There is a device called “Vehicle approaching reporting device”. This is a safety feature. Its purpose is to make sound to alert pedestrians about approaching vehicle. When Vehicle is driven in EV mode it is very quite and pedestrians may not hear the vehicle coming behind them. To avoid that this device emits this humming sound. This gets activated only at low speeds (below 30km) and while in EV mode. You can turn OFF this device by the push button switch just below the ECO ON button (Middle button with indicator LED and car and horn like symbol with OFF letters). When indicator is lighting this device is OFF and makes no sound.

    From your comments I can say you are most probably hearing the motors noise. I do not think this humming sound is connected to recalls up to now.

  • Vishu  commented on  1/29/15 9:31am

    Hi Sad, Yep it happens exactly the way you described. Seems not a problem. Thanks for your advice.

  • Sad  commented on  1/27/15 7:56am

    Vishu, This humming sound is from the motor which is acting as generator at the time of deceleration (with or without brakes). I too hear this humming and its normal as I see it.

  • susil  commented on  1/21/15 5:58pm

    I am planning to buy Vezel X Grade. What is the difference between Z and X Grades.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/21/15 9:59pm

    Dear Susil, Refer to this Link & you’ll be able to find what you are looking for. I think It’s better if you can go for a Vezel Z because it’s the fully loaded version of vezel & When when you thought of selling the vehicle. Most of the buyers are looking for the Z version of Vezel. Now it’s the good time to buy the Vehicle because now you can Import a 2015 Vezel directly from Japan via auction. i also ordered a 2015 Z Vehicle 2 weeks ago. So Good luck with your purchase.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/21/15 10:20pm

    Also Visit this link, Choose Vezel X & Z then Compare both.

  • dush_z  commented on  1/21/15 5:22pm

    Hi All, just some info i got from stafford, i called to check if we need to do an upgrade if the vehicle is manufactured in Nov 2014 and when the first service be done and about the pulling issue when going on a hill. As far as they told, we dont need to do an upgrade or a checkup (well a checkup they said if i really wanted to can do it for around 7k or something) as long as its not in the recalled range. The first service should be done at 5000 km, and regarding the vehicle pulling issue on hills, he said that its about how to drive the vehicle, people complain when going on big hills in “D”, but then half way realize that car is not pulling and switch to “L” but that is too late, then engine has heated up by then. So ideally before going into the hill, must change the gear to “L” and then go, and change gears if needed manually, i haven’t tried this myself but just some info for all who are interested. Maybe someone have experience and more info on this?

  • Pj  commented on  1/22/15 12:40am

    Hi dush, what is this pulling issue?, i have never came across such an issue so far.

  • Sad  commented on  1/22/15 10:48am

    Could you please tell more about symptoms about this hill pulling issue?

  • dush_z  commented on  1/23/15 11:49am

    Hi Guys, actually i myself have not gone on any steep hills yet, but have heard some comments from various people regarding the vehicle not being able to go up hill fully loaded (perhaps with 4 to 5 adults + bags and such to add to weight), i have not gone into the basis of these people who claimed this. But then just to clear my doubts i called stafford and checked, the guy i spoke to says people complain about this since they don’t know how to drive the vehicle in the best manner. He said if your going up a steep hill, its always better to change to “L” gear and go and not on “D”, people complain when they try to go on “D” and then half way through they realize the vehicle is not pulling enough or have a hard time going up hill. so this is what was recommend to use “L” but perhaps you guys can also check up on this.

  • Vezel Owner  commented on  1/23/15 10:08pm

    Hi, Since your model was Nov 14, it could be post recall model. So your Vezel may not need any upgrades. But for pre Nov 14 vehicles, I feel it would be better to get the upgrade done.

  • Vezel Owner  commented on  1/23/15 10:43pm

    The L position is for downhill, to prevent the vehicle gathering excessive speed and not for uphill, as I understand.

    Correct me if I am wrong ! If you drive uphill in L, naturally the speed will be restricted to around 30-40 km/h by the transmission system. But the RPM of the engine could go up. That could be the pulling issue you have experienced.

    My view is that it is not wise to drive uphill in L position.
    Can somebody with experience on this matter enlighten us please !

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/26/15 9:45am

    Dear dush_z,

    Yesterday I went to Kandy and i didn’t face any problem when going up the hill. In normal automatics you have to change the transmission to L, but in vezel they have the cvt transmission, meaning they will automatically change it to low gears depending on how steep it is.

    The L gear as mentioned by vezel owner is used when u are coming down a steep hill, it makes sure that engine brake is mostly used rather than the brakes, to prevent wearing of brake pads. Yesterday I used it when coming down the hill near kadugannawa area, the speed of the vehicle didn’t go beyond 40km/h. You can really feel the difference when you use L as it requires less use of brakes (more engine braking).

    The problem with using L is that it never shuts of the engine and use the battery because of engine braking , so keep in mind if u are switching to L it means u are using up your fuel.

    Yesterday I drove with eco mode on, 4 adult passengers and A/c On (never switched it off). Still it gave me an average of 19km/L for the whole trip.

    Cheers 😉

  • dush_z  commented on  1/26/15 12:00pm

    Hi Killer_Cruise,

    Thats great news, thanks for sharing your experience, now i know. The information i gave above was given to me by the service guy in stafford, at least thats the information i gathered from what he told me :). Thats a good average, mine still gives around 13.5, but i think thats mainly cous the distances i travel are on very short bursts, perhaps at a go around 10 km max for now and daily usage on average is about 10-15 km max. Perhaps when i go on longer distances it would give a better average, and also the driving style also plays a significant role in this as well.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/26/15 2:23pm

    I got the worst average as 14 km/l as far I remember (city driving). Outstation worst average, yesterday’s trip xD. Anyway I got 14 km/l when the odometer was less than 500 km and then it started to improve. I am sure your one will improve as well.

    Good luck 😉

  • dush_z  commented on  1/26/15 7:54pm

    Thanks killer_cruise, yeah still its slightly below 500 if i remember correctly :). Lets hope it improves.

  • Sad  commented on  1/27/15 8:13am

    Dear Killer_cruise,

    As per my understanding you don’t have to switch to L while climbing in any kind of automatic transmission. Any AT will shift to lower gears when needed, that’s why they are called automatic. Rarely you may need to shift in to lower gears manually when you need faster response than the automatic would do.

    Also Vezel Hybrid does not have CVT transmission. Its equipped with transmission called 7 speed Dual clutch Drive (Honda Sport Hybrid i-DCD). This is an improved version or regular transmission with two clutches for Odd numbered gears and for even numbered gears. You can see how it operates from this video

    One other thing to note is when engine braking is in use, it does not consume fuel (even though engine is running). Engine is trued not by burning fuel but by wheels.

    Anyway I am glad to hear about your experience and fuel consumption. Please keep posted.

  • shenals  commented on  1/27/15 10:07am

    Dear Killer Cruize, information you have given is very valuable.

    My one has fallen into the recalled lot and it gives around 12km/l now. I drive mostly (95%) in the city and average about 25km per day. total milage is around 600km. I am not 100% satisfied with the fuel efficiency but other than that the car is great. my average speed is around 50kmph and not more than 80kmph. What advice can you give to improve the fuel efficiency? Thanks everyone!

  • Vishu  commented on  1/27/15 8:21pm

    Dear Shenals, What is your chassis no. How did you find whether your vehicle is in the recalled list. I too need to check that as I suspect this fuel consumption issue and the wired sound it gives has something to with recalls. How to check that ?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/28/15 8:10am

    Dear shenal and vishnu,

    If your vehicles are in the recalled list , please visit stafford and upgrade your vehicles. They will be doing the upgrades for free. The chasis number can be found near the driving seat of the vehicle. If you are unable to find it please let us know.

    By the way stafford said that recall checking site is inaccurate , you can provide the chassis number to stafford and confirm whether your vehicle is listed under the recalled list.

  • shenals  commented on  1/28/15 9:18am

    Here is a link. Its in Japanese but you can guess what to do. (Its available at the bottom of this page and “Ranfer” has given a good explanation)

    and some information is available here too:

    I do not have the sound issue. I advice you to go and get advice from stafford motors. It will clear you mind. Do let us know the outcome if you go there. Cheers!!

  • shenals  commented on  1/29/15 8:34am

    Thanks Killer Cruize for your advice. I will be definitely contact them. Need to keep this thread alive. very valuable information is shared here. Thanks again!!!

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/27/15 11:52am

    Dear sad, Yes automatics will shift to lower gears but what I meant was conventional autos, they will shift gears even when you are climbing hills, meaning it will try to shift to higher gears which will slow your climbing rate. This is my experience with normal autos,my friend has a van which is equipped with a conventional automatic, last year we went to nuwara eliye in his van. It was not even fully loaded but the van found it hard to climb the hills and it was very difficult to overtake other vehicles. But switching it to low did the trick, the vehicle started to get more torque.

    Cvt in other hand doesn’t have a gear ratio as you may know it uses a pulley. So when climbing hills since it can adapt to various types of ratios(infinite number of gear ratios) , so it will always provide you with the best ratio to power up your vehicle when climbing up a hill unlike normal autos which has only a limited number of gear ratios.

    For example : scenario where you climbing up a hill on a normal auto and you want to overtake the vehicle in front, when you press the accelerator it has to down shift to give you better torque but in cvt since there are no gear ratios , it can instantly give you power to overtake (as a turbo) because it just needs to extend or minimise it’s pulley diameter.

    Vezel hybrid is equipped with cvt (all most all hybrids are cvt because it gives great fuel economy), the 7 speed dual clutch as you mentioned is provided by honda to make their vehicle fun to drive. As I mentioned before cvts doesn’t have a gear ratio , so it might get boring since you are not feeling the gear change , this is a disadvantage of cvt and also its a bit noisy compared to normal autos.
    So honda came up with 7 speed dual clutch transmission for their cvt vehicles to make you feel as if cvt has gear ratios, meaning you can select the gear you want (like in manuals) but actually its only a gimmick done by honda to maintain their fun to drive moto. Search the interent you will find more info about 7 speed dual clutch gimmick from honda.

    I actually cannot agree on that statement, when you shift to L, the multi information display turns blue. This means that the vehicle is using more fuel.

    Cheers 😉

  • Sadeep Sepala  commented on  1/27/15 3:04pm

    Dear Killer_cruise,

    1. I agree with you about the manual shifting to L in hill overtaking scenario. That’s why I said “Rarely you may need to shift in to lower gears manually when you need faster response than the automatic would do.”

    2. Only non hybrid Vezels (RU1 and RU2) are CVT. On those Vezels, honda do that gimmick of mimicking 7- speed transmission. This is very simple thing as transmission controller predefine only 7 diameters for driving pulley restricting continuous variation. These non hybrids I have not seen in Sri Lanka.

    But Vezel Hybrid (RU3) model is not CVT but a Duel clutch Auto transmission(even according to link you posted). Even the shift lever is different. It is not a gimmick and its totally different from CVT gear box. Please see the you tube video I posted showing how it works. Duel clutch transmission is not new technology, its being used in sports cars for many many years. It gives you even quicker response than CVT as it can pre-engage the next gear before you actually switch to it. What Honda has done is, modified it for Hybrid motor drive. This is one of the main components in Earth dreams technology series.
    This i-DCD can be more efficient than conventional Autos and CVT. This is mainly because it does not have the so called Torque converter which couples engine and the transmission. i-DCD uses pair of dry clutches similar to manual transmissions eliminating power loss at the torque converter.

    3. Don’t get confused engine braking and running on “L”. If you step on accelerator paddle while in ‘L’, definitely you will use more fuel than earlier since vehicle drives only in low gears. But if you take out the foot from acc pedal, engine is cutoff of fuel and it is allowed to turn by the wheels (clutch is not disengaged). You may see this from muti-information display’s instantaneous fuel economy bar graph.

  • Vezel Owner  commented on  1/27/15 10:17pm

    Dear killer_cruise,

    1. Regarding CVT and 7 speed DTC,
    The Wikipedia site ( you have mentioned, indicate that only the models RU1 and RU2 have CVT. I have copied the following from this wikipedia page.

    Model Types
    DAA-RU3 7-speed automatic (Dual clutch Transmission)
    DAA-RU4 7-speed automatic (Dual clutch Transmission)

    But, in Honda Fit /Jazz models, Seven speed CVT is available (please see
    1.3 S – five-speed manual/seven-speed CVT,
    1.5 S – five-speed manual/seven-speed CVT(2005)

    So it cannot be a gimmick !

    2. Regarding the multi information display turning Blue, this evening when descending the Nai Kanda at Katunayake, where there is a sharp incline, I shifted to L and released the accelerator pedal. The display remained Green. But when I stepped on, the colour changed to Blue, but the speed did not increase and remained at 40 !!!

    Amazing safety feature. Although I have driven several vehicles with Auto Gears, I have never experimented this before. 🙂

    I could not check the power flow meter. Next time I will check the power flow in a similar scenario and post the results.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/28/15 8:12am

    Dear sadeep and vezel owner ,

    Thanks for pointing it out, I have actually got it confused with non hybrid version of vezel.

    I should try shifting to L again and see whether the multi information display turns green if I don’t accelerate.
    Cheers 🙂

  • Vishu  commented on  1/20/15 12:48pm

    All, Just start using a Vezel from last week (still done around 100km). I am little worried about the fuel consumption. It never exceeds 13.8 Km/l. I am driving around 50 and this most in the city limit. Econ ON and AC is at 25C. I saw some posts here with proof of 16 km/l fuel economy, Any suggestions/ comments on improving fuel economy. Cab this be a problem with the vehicle or related systems ?

  • dush_z  commented on  1/21/15 5:13pm

    Hi Vishu, i also experience the same, mine does around 13.5 on average but this is the first time i reset everything and started to check. I heard from somewhere that we need to run the engine at least about 1000 km and that’s when the performance will become much better, that means better fuel consumption and all. Still around 450 Km done so lets see if it will improve, but i run it around 50-60 speed and AC i do not keep it at 25 all the time.

  • Vishu  commented on  1/22/15 10:32am

    Hi dush, Yes I also have done 150km. so will see, but most of the guys comments here seems done average 16km/l or above. (do not know whether they pass the 1000km ) but little frustrating that having a hybrid still doing below 15. Thinking of contacting Staford also but still couldn’t. Keep posting if you find any update/suggestions for this.

  • dush_z  commented on  1/23/15 12:08pm

    Hi Vishu, im not sure about this, im averaging around 13.5 km/l, and i think the main reason for this is during weekdays i dont travel much, roughly a total abt 20 km per day and they are short distances at a given time as i live close to work place. That could be the main reason for the low number. Perhaps the higher numbers like 16 km/l shown in thread they are doing pretty long distances i believe.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/26/15 1:53pm

    Usually I travel around 50 km per day and average around 16-19 km/l.
    The best I have got is 20km/l and it was a very short trip around 9 km.

    Here is my configuration :
    Eco mode on.
    Petrol 95 octane.
    A/c – 25
    Speed – usually maintains a speed of 50- 60 if there is no traffic.
    Resets a trip every time before I start a new journey.

    Cheers 😉

  • Sad  commented on  1/27/15 9:10am

    Hi Guys, Just ran through 1st fuel tank. Tank full to fuel warning light up. Avg fuel consumption 19.6 km/L (for 678.6 km). (eco on, octane 95, AC 26C Auto -sync, Tire pressure 33/32 PSI, weekdays single passenger 78km up/down trip with light traffic, speed 50-60 km/h, week ends ~10km, speed around 30-40 km/h)

    Best economy so far on Jan 9th – 78Km up/down trip for 27.5km/L

    On week ends I travel only about 10km in about 1~2 km sprints, Fuel economy is very low for such cases and worst economy for me was 12.4 km/L on such day.

    I keep Trip A for day to day records and Trip B for average per fuel filling. Will keep you posted about he economy on next tank which I filled with octane 90 petrol.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/27/15 10:23am

    Wow. Good to hear it did 27 km/L so far I managed to do 25 km/l Outstation (Gampaha to katharagama, normal road not highway). I have to check my tyre pressure because I haven’t done it.

  • Pj  commented on  1/19/15 9:58pm

    Guys, after bought vezel, for the first time wanted to check tire pressure. couldn’t believe it was 47 psi (324 kpa). In the manual recommended values were 220/210 kpa. (32/31 psi)

    So reduced the pressure to the recommendations and feel like need more power to speedup the vehicle.

    Any experience you guys like to share?

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/19/15 10:32pm

    Bro, i don’t know the exact answer for your question but how is the vehicle so far? I have also bought a 2015 Honda Vezel Z & is on the way to SL now.

  • Pj  commented on  1/20/15 8:18pm

    Thx Kaushala, Good luck on your new purchase. no second thoughts, Vezel is a good vehicle. superb interior, much comfortable, even the vehicle pick up also very good. when you need power, it will give you as much as you want. daily driving 40 km up and down in between 50-60 speed with the rate of 19.8km/L.

    Bit confused with the CTBA feature as its alarming in an unexpected situations. in Sri Lanka we used to drive bit closer without having much distance in between.

  • Vishu  commented on  1/20/15 9:12pm

    PJ, are you traveling in city limits or away. I am confused with my fuel economy. It just did maximum 13.8 km/l. (Still I have done around 150 though ). Econ ON and AC is 25C. Driving around 50-55 speed. Any tips to improve the fuel economy. Could it be a problem with the system ??

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/21/15 8:49am

    Dear Vishu, i think in your case, it’s abnormal. this vehicle should do anything over 16 km/l theoretically when Econ ON & AC is set to around 25c’.

    “You have to set a trip meter to 0 (trip A or trip B) before you start a journey if you want to get the real fuel consumption rate for that particular journey, orelse it will be showing the overall fuel consumption rate of all the journeys you have gone.

    I have attached a picture which shows the average fuel consumption rate for my trip meter B. Whenever I start a new journey I set my trip B to 0. ”
    – Killer_Cruise –

    Hope this Helps yah. Give it a Try & Tell us what happened. This must surely increase your km/l.

  • Pj  commented on  1/22/15 12:38am

    Vishu, 13.8km/l is not acceptable and 150km might not enough to get a real idea through the system. but if you can manually calculate, it would give you exactly the same what you are consuming.

    Do a full tank resetting the trip. And go through some kilometers and refill the tank getting the refilled amount which equals to the usage and the trip meter.

    Figures i have shared is from Gampaha – Colombo. mostly in the traffic time.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/21/15 8:42am

    Ah .Awesome PJ. Thanks a lot.

  • Vezel Owner  commented on  1/23/15 9:19pm

    Pj, you can disable the CTBA. A simple process. But once you disable it the Yellow CTBA message comes on the dash.

  • dush_z  commented on  1/21/15 5:17pm

    Hi PJ, my car also had the tire pressure at 48 psi on mine when it came, i noticed the ride was more bumpier and could tell from the sound the tires were too hard so checked the pressure and was surprised. So after asking around, found that 30 PSI would be ideal, so changed to 30 psi all 4 tires. Not sure what the recommended is though, but now the ride is smoother and i dont feel much diff on the power, perhaps as i have not accelerated it much.

  • Pj  commented on  1/22/15 7:27pm

    Hi dush, thx for the info. in the user manual it says front 32 and rear 31. Even after reducing to recommendations, fuel consumption is same. so no power change but only was in my mind.

  • Vezel Owner  commented on  1/23/15 9:26pm

    I was told that the tire pressure + or -10% of the recommended value is bad for the shocks.

  • Ranfer  commented on  1/23/15 10:17pm

    Even my Vezel had tire pressure 40+ when landed. Perhaps the exporter pump more air to compensate the pressure loss during the long sea journey.
    Discovered only after a couple of weeks when I checked the pressure while refuelling.
    Since I travel alone most of the time, I got it reduced to 31, the recommended pressure. After reducing the pressure I felt the drive was smooth and more comfortable. I have never felt any difference in pulling power.

  • dush_z  commented on  1/15/15 11:14pm

    Hi. I drive a vezel z manufactured in nov 2014. Recently I had experiance (happened 3 tmes) where a warning indication was shown with some jap letters and a symbol of a car and a arrow pointing to back or under area of the car. There was a weird sound thay came when I try to press accelerator(acceleration was disabled) and it occured when taking a small turn and also when braking at one point. This occurs for few seconds and then things became normal. The sound didnt seem normal, probably cous i pressed the accelerator. Any idea to what this could be? Any similat experiances?

  • Pj  commented on  1/16/15 11:03am

    It is a safety action and you can ignore as long as you are driving safely. Vezel is equipped with a safety break system called CTBA – City Break Activate System.

    Please refer the below information extracted from the manual.

  • dush_z  commented on  1/16/15 7:18pm

    Hi PJ, Thanks a lot for the reply, thats the exact symbol i get. Now i know why it happens. Thanks again

  • Vishu  commented on  1/15/15 10:34pm

    Just bought a Honda Vezel Z grade. Once the vehicle is locked, a red flashing light indicate in the dash board. Is that normal ? (something relates to security system ?? )

  • Sad  commented on  1/16/15 11:44am

    Yes, that’s security system light.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/16/15 12:56pm

    Yes. it’s the Security System Indicator LED. In most Occassions that Flashing Red Led is indiacating that your Security system is working Well & is activated.

  • Harsha  commented on  1/13/15 1:41am

    Dear killer_cruze, Is there any way we can change the dashboard time?? I use to drive from hokandara to nugegoda daily. Light traffic it give me around 20. But when the traffic get intense, the milage goes for a toss.

  • Sad  commented on  1/13/15 1:11pm

    see this video which shows how to set time and other settings

  • Harsha  commented on  1/13/15 6:30pm

    Thanks bro. Really appreciate. Any chance to change the language??

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/14/15 11:20pm

    I think it’s impossible to change the Language because the Vezel was designed to Japanese Domestic Market. So they don’t need English. But better ask From Stafford or anyone who knows about this issue. I also want to know that.

  • Pj  commented on  1/15/15 4:33pm

    Hi all, Hope this will further helpful.!

    Vezel Hybrid Clock / Vehicle Configuration (Translated chapter from the manual)

  • Vishu  commented on  1/15/15 11:25pm

    Pj, This is great, do you have the translation of other items of the multi information display part. There are six or seven main items in the multi information but cannot understand what those information and what is the use of. If you can provide any info on that it will be really helpful.

  • Pj  commented on  1/16/15 11:08am

    Vishu, doing the translation then and there whenever the car displays any screen which couldn’t understand. Will share once completed.

  • Vezel or not  commented on  1/7/15 11:10am

    I am thinking of buying a vezel. Please advice me which model to choose

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/11/15 12:44pm

    Then Go for a Vezel Z Grade. Z is the Fully Loaded Model with all the Functions in it. I you are importing Directly From Japan, you can order a 2015 Vezel. But as far as i know, the 2015 Vezel costs about 3 Lakhs than 2014. so the 2015 Vezel price should be around 50 Lakhs. Good Luck with your Purchase.

  • Upul  commented on  1/6/15 9:27pm

    Dear vezel users, As far as I know honda vezel is equipped with Reactive pedal force technology.If this is to be adjusted, how much should this value be?Thanks

  • Vezel Owner  commented on  1/5/15 2:00pm

    Hi, all, I went through the Honda Vezel User Manual 2014 Free Download (English) in this site. I have a serious concern whether this is the correct manual. the pictures and descriptions are different from what is in the car.
    Can somebody please tell me whether it is OK to go by this manual?

    If this is not the correct manual I think it is best to remove it by the site administrator.

  • Sad  commented on  1/6/15 4:22pm

    As per my understanding that manual is for Honda vezel (non-hybrid) version not for the Vezel Hybrid version commonly found in Sri Lanka.

  • Pj  commented on  1/9/15 12:25am

    Yes, you are correct. The manual available here is for the non-hybrid version. Unfortunately the hybrid version manual is available only in Japanese and any one need it, can download it from the following location.

  • Vass  commented on  1/3/15 11:15pm

    Dear Killer cruise, Pls tell me how to check the fuel efficiency of honda vezel. Do I have to set trip meters to zero before starting off.When I bought the vehicle ODO meter recorded only 10 km and when I used it for one or two days,it records 10km/l on meter.What can it mean?I don’t think this is right because a hybrid vehicle can’t have such lower values of FE.Anyway,I think I must have gone wrong somewhere in determining this.Pls help me sort out this issue.Thanks in advance.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/5/15 9:01am

    Dear Vass,

    You have to set a trip meter to 0 (trip A or trip B) before you start a journey if you want to get the real fuel consumption rate for that particular journey, orelse it will be showing the overall fuel consumption rate of all the journeys you have gone.

    I have attached a picture which shows the average fuel consumption rate for my trip meter B. Whenever I start a new journey I set my trip B to 0.


    In the picture you can see I have done 99 km (trip B) and the fuel consumption rate for it is 16.8 KM/L .

    Post back the results 😉

    Cheers 🙂

  • Vass  commented on  1/5/15 10:45pm

    Dear Killer cruise, Thanks a lot for your advice.I will be immensely thankful to you if you could tell me hoe to set a trip meter to zero.Thanks once again for your experienced advice.

  • Upul  commented on  1/6/15 7:20am

    Dear Vass, To set trip meter to zero,first select the trip meter (A or B) using the RESET/SEL button on the steering wheel. Once selected,press and hold the select and reset knob as per the user manual(This is seen as plastic shaft coming out from the meter) until the trip meter gets to zero.Now you are ready to start off.With the zero on trip meter,you’ll see the duration of the journey also becomes zero.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/6/15 1:48pm

    First select a trip meter to make it 0. -You can do it by pushing the small the knob which sticks out of the multi information dispay (as in all vehicles)

    To reset you can just simply press and hold the knob which sticks out or press and hold the sel reset button in the malfunctioning steering wheel.

    Hope this helps 😉

  • Sad  commented on  1/6/15 4:30pm

    When you see display as above picture on Killer Cruise’s post, Press and hold SEL/RESET button till it get zeroed. short press on SEL/RESET button would toggle between Trip A, Trip B and Odometer (Odo meter want be set to zero :)).

  • shenals  commented on  1/6/15 2:15pm

    Dear Killer Cruise, I have set this to zero (by pressing the button for 2-3 seconds). But my fuel efficiency doesn’t go beyond 12 km/l. I do only short journeys around 10km. My total mileage is around 300 km so far. I’m a bit worried about this. do you think there is something wrong in the system. Hope somebody can help me on this.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/7/15 1:53pm

    Dear shenals, Is your eco mode On? What is the temperature the A/C is set to? Whats your average speed?

  • shenals  commented on  1/13/15 5:40pm

    Thanks for the reply. Eco mode is always on. Average speed is 60kmph, I don’t speed more than 80kmph. My AC is set to 26. Tnx

  • Vass  commented on  1/6/15 9:15pm

    Dear killer cruise, I did as you instructed and got the following result.I’ve done 37.9km today(made only short journeys) as per the trip meter A and fuel efficiency was 14.2km/l.But I’m not sure about this value as it was 14.8km/l about 100metres before I stopped the vehicle at home.why this difference within less than 100m?with this result,I felt inclined to think that this efficiency is the instantaneous value in a particular moment.Pls correct me if I’m wrong.I got this result in an average traffic condition. Thanks

  • Vass  commented on  1/1/15 11:19pm

    Dear all vezel users.

    I’ve bought a vezel and have a load of issues to be sorted out.As you all know.there’s smart key on vezel coming originally from honda.Once the doors have been locked using this smart key,they can be reopened using the door handle buttons on front doors.This is a big issue when the vehicle is left alone as any outsider can come and open the doors without the smart key.How can this be sorted out?pls help

  • Upul  commented on  1/2/15 12:06am

    Dear Vass, This is not a fault with your vehicle. It’s the technology.In most of modern vehicles,they are using this technology to ensure safety of the vehicle.First fold the side mirrors using the button on the driver’s door and then use the smart key to lock the vehicle.After that,check whether doors can be opened with the door handle lock button.You’ll find it cannot be done.Is it alright? Check and tell me.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/2/15 12:52pm

    Dear vass, Once you lock the vehicle using the smart key it cannot be again unlocked without the smart key or the hidden key found inside the smart key.
    Try for yourself:
    Lock the vehicle using the smart key lock button or the door handle lock button.
    Keep the smart key inside the house.
    Touch the vezel’s door handle and it will not unlock. (If the vehicle doesn’t detect the smart key it won’t unlock)

    Hope this helps.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/2/15 6:16pm

    Dear Vass, I’m also planning to buy a Honda Vezel. So How is the Vehicle so far? About Performance & Comfort?

  • Shenal  commented on  1/4/15 9:42am

    Dear Vass, once the door is locked with the smart key, it cannot be opened. But if you keep the key in your hand while trying to open it, or if the key is very near the door handle, you can open it without pressing the unlock button. It’s the technology.

  • MRF  commented on  1/5/15 1:54pm

    The smart key is active about 10 feet around the vehicle. If you want to recheck whether the doors are locked, use the rear door handle. Since it is non-metallic the door lock will not get activated. The other alternative is you will see a blinking light on the dash board meter. If the red light is blinking that means all the doors are locked.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/1/15 11:04pm

    Can anybody tell me the Overall Condition of the Honda Vezel.
    1. Performance
    2. Comfortability
    3. Options

    Some people are saying that this vehicle is very good relatively to the price & some are saying that this is Very Very Bad. I’m so Confused now & can’t configure who i should Believe.

    That’s why i asked this from you because you are the Users of Vezel. So, Owners of Vezel, Please Help me to Rectify this Issue.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/2/15 6:14pm

    Oh please guys. This is Urgent. Mr. Killer_Cruise. Help me. how is the Performance & the Comfortability of the Vehicle?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/2/15 9:15pm

    Dear kaushala, Ok here is my opinion about the factors you have provided.

    1.Performance : very good (good pick up, very responsive when climbing hills, gives u instant power when you need to overtake,etc)

    1. Comfortability : it’s one of the best cabins to be. Has a very luxury look if you get the teak interior (jazz brown interior), very quiet inside the cabin, seats are damn comfortable too since they are half leather etc. Some say it’s very uncomfortable on bad roads but I got to say that it is fake.
    2. Options : you will find options that are available in luxury cars. (Talking about the z grade). Options such as brake hold, automatic braking systems, separate temperature controls for front passenger and driver, seat heaters etc.
      Other options such as : automatic wipers, automatic lights, auto adjusting head lamps, full automatic power shutters, cruise control, etc.

    There you go that’s what I got to say about the vehicle.
    If you are still confused why don’t you take a test drive on a vezel and find it out for yourself ?

    Regards 😉

  • Kaushala W  commented on  1/3/15 7:34am

    Okay. Thanks Bro. I have already Ordered a Vezel via a friend of mine in a Car Sale. Thanks Everyone who helped me regarding this & Especially Mr. Killer_Cruise.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/3/15 7:40pm

    Not a problem. Congratz on your purchase. You will never regret it.

  • D D S Chandrasiri  commented on  12/31/14 1:31pm

    Where is the place of idlling stop ON/OFF switch? Although it has indicated in the manual, it cannot be findout

  • killer_cruise  commented on  1/1/15 12:59pm

    It’s a feature available in honda hrv but it’s not there in the vezel. So some features in the manual are not found in the vezel.

  • viraj  commented on  12/31/14 5:08am

    Hi, You might be correct. I have the same impression. Thee manual downloaded from this site is quite different.But there are common features to all Honda models. We can get an idea what some of those symbols indicate. I brought brand new vezel. Have u got the Japanese manual with the car. Unfortunately, there was no such book came with my car.

  • Malika  commented on  12/29/14 6:39pm

    Hi All, What does it mean registering vehicle at Stafford Motors. And how should i do it? Please advise.

  • ifthikar Mohamed  commented on  12/29/14 11:46am

    Hi all, Concerned about the updates about the Honda Vezel

  • Pj  commented on  12/28/14 10:16am

    Could some one comment about the Vezel engine performance specially driving through hill country with fully loaded.

  • Kumara  commented on  12/31/14 7:18am

    Well, I went to Gampola about two weeks back on a Saturday morning with 4 people on board. There was quite heavy traffic from Kadugannawa to Peradeniya. On my way up it had done 14.4 and improved to 16.8 on the return trip. Could have improved further if I had driven more carefully.

  • MRF  commented on  12/28/14 12:31am

    Be careful when referring to the translated manual posted on this site.
    The images and features are different from the Japanese language version came with the vehicle. the Shift lever and multi information display in particular is quite different. The language too is kind of freaky.
    Better to be careful anyway !!

  • viraj  commented on  12/31/14 5:10am

    Hi, You might be correct. I have the same impression. Thee manual downloaded from this site is quite different.But there are common features to all Honda models. We can get an idea what some of those symbols indicate. I brought brand new vezel. Have u got the Japanese manual with the car. Unfortunately, there was no such book came with my car.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/31/14 11:49am

    I got the Japaneese manual with the vehicle. There are some differences with the translated manual and the Japaneese manual but not a huge difference. As I have said before I am not the one translated it.
    Still you can refer the English manual provided to get an idea about certain things.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/31/14 11:53am

    I forgot to mention. The multi information display and the shift lever in the English manual are pictures of the honda hrv 2015(global version of vezel) which will be released in the coming year.
    The icons displayed in the multi information display have th exact icons as in a vezel except they appear in different places rather than in the English manual.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  12/27/14 10:35pm

    Can anyone Suggest me a good DVD Player to Fix into my Honda Vezel? Kenwood or Pioneer is Better. Please help me.

  • viraj  commented on  12/25/14 6:12am

    Hi, I bought a brand new honda vezel orange package (Z grade 2014 November model).Can any body help me to find the user manual (English) of this particular model. The user manual show in this web site seems to be bit differ to my car.Is there a specific manual for vezel orange package?. Further, would any body help me to fund out how to turn on the fog lamps, where is the switch for this?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/26/14 7:24am

    There is no such thing called orange package, it’s just that the interior colur changes that’s all. These Sri Lankan car sale buggers make up these things to sell them for a higher price.
    The fog lamp switch is placed with the head lamp switch. There is a small
    Knob in the place where you turn on the head lamps or day time running lights.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  12/26/14 10:13am

    i think the Switch for the Fog Lamps is next to the Switch of the Main Lights. Just Check & you’ll find the switch to Fog Lamps. Anyway, how is the Vehicle? I’m also planning to Buy a Honda Vezel Z (Orange Package).

  • dharshana  commented on  12/24/14 3:28pm

    Hi, can any body know the division of staford to contact for get the recall information? do we need to register for it? if yes, whom should contact and what number we should call?

  • D D S Chandrasiri  commented on  12/26/14 8:35am

    Call 0117607410 (Stafford Motors-Hibride Section) and ask Mr. Gayan or Mr. Lakshan. They will help you

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/30/14 6:19am

    Hello, Have they started registering vehicles for the last RECALL? Last time I called they said that they are still waiting to be contacted by honda japan.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  12/23/14 2:06pm

    What is Honda Vezel Z SP & Z Navi means? are they same or is there any difference between those?

    I’m planning to buy a Vezel Z Grade Orange Pack. What are the Pros & Cons of this Vehicle.. It’s looks good to me but i don’t know about this vehicle very much. as Vezel users, i expect some instructions about this vehicle. i would be thankful to everyone if you guide me on this matter. Thanks in advance.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  12/24/14 10:13am

    Please help me. A quick response from all of you is expected.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/24/14 1:37pm

    There is no major difference it’s the trim which gives the difference ie:- z grade, x grade ,etc. The navigation package provides gps and multi functioning (as far as I know). How ever am said that Japanese setups are useless in SL as u cannot translate the language and the frequency is limited.

    Pro of the vehicle :
    High ground clearance
    Good fuel economy
    Good performance (hill climbing , pickup, overtaking,etc)
    Awesome cabin (very quite and comfortable)
    Good cargo space (lots of space because of magic seats option)

    Cons of the vehicle:
    Maintenance cost is high (tyres,services, parts,etc)
    No dual climate control
    No sun roof (as in global version)
    Rear visibility is a bit limited (reverse camera is a must)

    That’s what’s my view on the vehicle 😉 good luck with ur purchase.

  • Kaushala W  commented on  12/26/14 10:16am

    Thanks bro …. That solved my isuue perfectly. Thanks again. I’m planning to use a Kenwood or Pioneer DVD Player. Can you suggest me a good model to buy? Cons are not much considerabale. Anyway Pros are looking very good. Thanks for your instructions bro.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/30/14 6:17am

    Hello, I have a pioneer Avhx 5650bt in my vehicle. It’s a descent setup,good sound quality, many features ( mirror link, app radio support, mixtrax ,etc).
    There is also the Avhx 8650bt, which has a better display than the 5650 bt.
    There is also some other minor changes between 5650bt and 8650bt but I don’t see any big difference except for the price. (Check in google and compare it for yourself)

    I really dont no about kenwood but I have seen their setups. From my point of view pioneer setups have a much more pleasant appearance than kenwood setups, but as i said before I don’t know about the sound quality in kenwood.

    Good luck and always glad to help.

  • D D S Chandrasiri  commented on  12/26/14 8:42am

    Buy a honda vezel having a Chassis No. RU3-1057000 onwards or month of production November 2014 or latest. Then you have not bothered with the second recall

  • Upul  commented on  1/9/15 5:49am

    Dear Chandrasiri, According to the last recall vehicles having chassis Nos.up to RU-1056696 are affected. I guess that almost all the vehicles in sri lanka are subject to this recall. Check with this web page for more details.

  • Upul  commented on  12/21/14 3:17am

    Does anyone have the English user manual for vezel 2014?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/22/14 6:27pm

    Here you go : //

    Am not the one who translated it.

  • MRF  commented on  12/28/14 12:25am

    Are you sure that this is the English version of Vezel user manual?
    I have compared this with the Japanese language manual(book) came with the car. This PDF version is quite different. See the gear lever images and the multi information display …
    This could be of a different model like RU1 or RU2, and definitely not of the RU3 commonly available in Sri Lanka.
    Be careful when referring to the translation.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/31/14 11:55am

    Nothing to worry. The multi information display and the shift lever in the English manual are pictures of the honda hrv 2015. Other than that all the icons are same.

  • darshana  commented on  12/17/14 11:51am

    i’m planning to buy honda vezel from indra traders. Are they importing brand new vehicles ?? where i can make my deal with trusted and responsible party. appreciate about your views.

  • MRF  commented on  12/18/14 5:07pm

    As far as I am aware of Vezel comes only brand new. But it may be possible that cars used in Japan for a few months are imported.
    The meter reading at the time of export is generally around 10km. Considering the distance form H’tota port to Kottawa is 210km if the odometer reading is around 250km,, then the vehicle is a brand new one for sure. Most of the big importers use car carriers to transport cars from the port to Colombo. So some cars could have odometer reading around 15km too.
    My vehicle had 11 km on the meter at H’tota.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/19/14 9:02am

    I don’t recommend drivers to drive the vehicle from hambanthota to what ever the car sale. Since the vehicle is brand new , it is recommended that at least the first 500 km to be done under 50 kmph, but when drivers bring the vehicle from hambanthota, they exceed 100 kmph as well.

  • Pj  commented on  12/20/14 10:34pm

    Indra is using car carries, just bought today from them with just 15 km.

  • jk  commented on  1/2/15 1:01am

    I have personally seen drivers racing on highway with brand new cars. Never allow brand new cars to be driven by unknown party for such a long distance. Making a trip to Hambantota and enjoying your first ride from there may be a better option.

    I have my doubts about car carriers as well having seen personally how the cars are loaded in to carriers by inexperienced hands at the port. In Sri Lanka professionalism is lacking in almost all the industries (just anybody can be hired from street save money for these kinds of tasks). Therefore driving your own car (which has been paid with your hard earned money) will be a better if that option is available to you.

  • Ranj  commented on  12/16/14 11:29pm

    Dear All

    I was interested about vezel, however when i checked it with few users, the feedback i got was, vehicle is not that comfortable as it having high vibration when travel in un-smooth roads , Any user having any idea about this area ??

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/19/14 9:05am

    This is fake, I drive my vezel ever day on the kandy road where they are still making constructions near kadawatha, kirilewela, etc. But I have not felt uncomfortable.

  • Sam  commented on  1/3/15 12:06pm

    Usually, tires come with higher air pressure than needed. Recommended pressure is 30-32. But it was above 40 when I checked.

  • Upul  commented on  12/14/14 10:42pm

    Dear killer cruise,have you ever used the tire repair kit? Can you explain how it is to be used when someone get a flat tire. Thanks.

  • Upul  commented on  12/11/14 11:19pm

    Can anyone tell what’s the most fuel efficient hybrid vehicle that has been ever produced?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/13/14 9:19pm

    Toyota aqua is the highest one in SL. Outlander phev can do 60Km/L using electric but short distance as far as I know 😉

  • Upul  commented on  12/11/14 11:16pm

    Dear killer cruise,Pls attach your picture of proof on fuel consumption for the benefit of all viewers.Thanks

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/13/14 9:42pm

    In the below link I have posted my yesterday’s fuel consumption rate (didn’t drive today). (city driving)

    I will update this thread with the readings I get tomorrow 🙂

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/14/14 10:36pm

    Today’s rate (less traffic compared to friday)

  • dharshana  commented on  12/11/14 3:48pm

    do they provide the coils free of charge??? i ave doubt on this.

  • MRF  commented on  12/15/14 10:22pm

    Since this is a recall by the Honda Company, the replacements should be free of charge, both parts and labour. According to the Honda Japan recall site, only in some models the plug-top coils have to be replaced. In most cases only the installation of Noise Filters is required. Better get your vehicles registered at Stafford Motors if you want to get the parts replaced/installed.

  • nuwan2d  commented on  1/25/15 9:08pm

    Staford says that no need of replacing coil for Vezels. I doubt that and waiting to ask from higher management about that. coz jpn sites says to replace both noise filter and the coil.

  • dharshana  commented on  12/11/14 3:45pm

    any one know the next step for the latest recall. should we do any thing ?? it is a big issue for current vehicals

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/12/14 7:14am

    It is not a big issue. There is no news of people reporting that their vezel broke down in Sri Lanka (not sure in Japan). Also according to Stafford motors they are still waiting to be contacted by Honda Japan, they also said most probably they will do the changing of coils for free. Don’t be scarred to take your ride out because of this re-call 😉

  • Upul  commented on  12/9/14 9:42pm

    Dear Killer cruise, Are these ranges by your personal experience or standard values?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/10/14 9:40am

    This was my personal experience. This was in eco mode I don’t know about the fuel consumption in other modes , ill try them and tell. If you want proof about my fuel consumption rates I’ll attach pictures if you are willing to see 😉

  • MRF  commented on  12/15/14 10:13pm

    I too have done above 15 km/L in Colombo. You need to learn to drive in such a way to get the maximum fuel efficiency. It is not driving in slow, but intelligent driving.

  • Upul  commented on  12/6/14 9:47am

    Hi, Dear vezel users,I’m planning to buy a honda vezel z. what’s the maximum and minimum fuel efficiency range as experienced by you?

  • killer cruise  commented on  12/7/14 10:03am

    City :
    Max – 19 km/L
    Min – 14 km / L

    Outstation :
    Max : 25 km/L
    Min : 17 km/L

  • niro  commented on  12/10/14 11:03am

    Dear Killer cruise, Are you getting 14 km / L in heavy traffic at Colombo city?
    Because, I have Honda Vezel Z model, it does only max 12 KM/L at heavy traffic at Colombo city. Please comment your valued experience.

  • niro  commented on  12/10/14 12:03pm

    Dear Killer cruise, Are you getting 14 km / L in heavy traffic at Colombo city?
    Because, I have Honda Vezel Z model, it does only max 12 KM/L at heavy traffic at Colombo city. Please comment your valued experience.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/12/14 7:29am

    Yes niro, that was in heavy traffic (Was waiting around 2-3 mins in one place without moving :(). That was the least rate i ever got in my vezel.
    I am not sure why you are getting 12KM/L. Is your eco mode turned on ?
    Also keep the A/C to 25 C or higher if possible (The cooler you put, the engine will have to kick in to cool the cabin resulting the idle mode to be turned off). Post back your results 😉

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/14/14 10:39pm

    Other thing is I suggest you to reset one of the trip meters before you start travelling. This will display your current fuel consumption rate for the present trip or else it will display the overall result for all the trips you have gone.

  • niro  commented on  12/18/14 4:47pm

    Dear Killer cruise, Please note, I always set AC to 25 C or higher with ECO mode on. I have reset trip meter to “0” always before start my journey.Still i am getting 12 KM/L as max within city limits. My odometer reading was 6500+ KMs and I am not driving aggressively. Do i need to check it with Agents ? Please advice.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/19/14 10:47am

    Whats is your vehicle’s manufacture date ? I was told by one of the car sale
    fellas that if the manufacture date is before July 2014, there is a software update which helps to increase fuel consumption rate. This software update could be done through stafford motors it seems ( better to call and check).

    By the way have u done ur first service since your vehicle is passed 5000 km? (Don’t know whether it will affect the rate though)

    Good luck 😉

  • D D S Chandrasiri  commented on  12/26/14 9:33am

    To get a maximum fuel efficiency, intelligent driving is required. After getting a reasonal speed, release the accelarator pedel for deceleration and battery charging. after changing to EV mode dont do sudden acceleration because it will change from EV to Engine. To keep the EV mode as much as possible, do smooth acceleration.

  • Kaushala  commented on  3/21/15 11:47pm

    Cleared my Vezel yesterday, came to kegalle from Port via Ratnapura & my Fuel consumption was 21 km/l as stated is my Info display. i have Set the Odometer to 0 after i fueled of 4500/- & came 125 km from the filling station. i refueled again @ kegalle and it took only 6 liters to complete a journey of 125 km. So far so good Vehicle. Enjoy…

  • farhan  commented on  12/2/14 9:46pm

    im planning to buy a Vezal-Z. I would like to know how much successful in Sril Lanka is the Tyre Repair KIT? did anyone face a flat tire and was it a success?

  • D D S Chandrasiri  commented on  12/1/14 2:09pm

    As per my checks, the second recall (Plug top coil exchange) is affected only upto the vehicles chassis no: RU3-1054811. Therefore, If you purchase a vezel now, please take a vehicle having a chassis no. RU3-1054812 or above for avoiding unnecessary burden for second recall

  • buddhi  commented on  12/2/14 12:15am

    How can we guess for what reason they would recall next time.

  • Rohan  commented on  11/30/14 7:41pm

    please tell me How to start the honda vezel?i just brought today

  • Kaushala  commented on  3/21/15 11:40pm

    Dear Rohan, you would have known how to start Vezel by now. But Just hit the brake & Press the engine start button. Thats all. Once the vehicle is ready to go, it will display “Ready” in your Info display.

  • Jay  commented on  11/30/14 1:04pm

    I purchased a June 2014 model some time ago. And my Chassis number is on the list. Do you know if Stafford motors would dot he repair for free?

  • Chãmara Anurãhd  commented on  11/25/14 8:08am

    The latest recall on 24th October 2014, on Vezel and FIT GP5 (Plug top coils exchange and noise filter mounting treatment) sounds scary. I read some of the Japanese reviews and they say the engine can be stopped randomly. Did anyone encounter such an issue?

  • Vezel  commented on  12/5/14 10:39pm


  • killer_cruise  commented on  11/24/14 12:05pm

    Could some one tell where is the air intake of the honda vezel situated?
    Thank you.

  • Upul  commented on  12/16/14 10:10pm, Check this video to locate the air intake.

  • Dilantha  commented on  11/20/14 4:31pm

    Did anyone experience difficulties about this ignition coil issue as they said yet ??

  • killer_cruise  commented on  11/24/14 12:03pm

    Nope, not yet. I think its just that there might be a possibility that the problem might occur so better to get it fixed.

  • D D S Chandrasiri  commented on  11/17/14 12:47pm

    yesterday I drove from Kottawa to Kurundugaha in Southern Expressway at a speed 80-100kmph. But, never change it from petrol to EV mode during the whole trip. It was worked only with the petrol engine. Finally, the fuel consumption was around 16-17km/L. Why it did not work with EV mode on the highway? why didn’t charge the battery when the engine is on during the trip(the battery level was 3bars out of 6bars during the trip)?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  11/19/14 9:14pm

    At high speeds (more than 60 kmph) , the hybrid system only uses engine power. For more info check this video.
    Honda Earth Dreams Technology:–2LxxaFto

  • charithaekanayake  commented on  11/23/14 10:03pm

    That’s normal. During high way speeds electric motor rpm peak out. So only engine continue on accelerating.

  • niro  commented on  11/26/14 5:37pm

    Dear Chandrasiri, what is your Honda Vezel Colombo city limit fuel consumption ?

  • D D S Chandrasiri  commented on  12/1/14 1:55pm

    It is varying with the traffic jam from 12-21km/L.

  • Duminda  commented on  11/13/14 10:40am

    Hi Japan honda says to service in 1 month or 1000 km.

  • MRF  commented on  11/28/14 2:46pm

    I doubt. Unlike Indian cars, Japanese cars are seasoned before releasing to market.
    Better to check with Stafford. Although they may not importing this car yet. But they know the technical matters.
    It should be 5000km or 6months

  • D D S Chandrasiri  commented on  11/4/14 12:08pm

    I have a honda vezel Z. still the meter is 350km. what is the meter reading for first service? How can i get the service/maintanence details of the vezel? Where is the best place for services/maintanece?

  • Nuwan  commented on  11/6/14 12:52pm

    I recommend you should run until at least 5000km since the oil and the filter both are genuine Japanese.If you are a new hybrid user please go through old posts and you’ll get to know about maintenance and services.I believe there is nothing new for Vezel than a normal hybrid.

  • D D S Chandrasiri  commented on  11/17/14 12:20pm

    Thank you Mr. Nuwan

  • shani  commented on  11/2/14 6:39pm

    Is there any update from Stafford about what should be done.

  • Nuwan  commented on  11/3/14 3:20pm

    According to Stafford still they are not contacted by Japan. Price of a one plug top coil is around Rs.15000 and you need Rs.60000 for all four units. Still no clue of noise filter.we have to wait at least another one month.Most of the time the repair will be done free of charge as of now they do the software update. But there might exists long queue.

  • shani  commented on  11/4/14 10:07pm

    Thank you for the update. Is it safe drive the vehicle in high way. Is there anyway to find out the vehicle has the issue or not.

  • Harsha  commented on  10/30/14 3:12am

    Mine is not in the list. Guess I was lucky. Thanks for the info.

  • buddhi  commented on  10/30/14 11:59pm


  • Craig  commented on  11/4/14 5:28pm

    how do I check that, please let me know.

  • D D S Chandrasiri  commented on  10/27/14 2:55pm

    As per the Honda Japan, the solution is “Plug top coil exchange and noise filter mounting treatment”. Today I tried to call Stafford Motors and ask them whether they can do this or not with the help of Honda Japan. As a Honda agent in Sri Lanka, they do something for honda customers. But, at least they didn’t answer to my call. If somebody knows that how to solve this problem, pl inform through here.

  • Nuwan  commented on  10/27/14 3:34pm

    I contacted Stafford and they didn’t even know the last recall as yet.But promised me they will look in to this matter immediately and probably announce the treatment procedure within week.

  • retroconduct  commented on  12/29/14 1:24pm

    Any updates after?

  • Nuwan  commented on  10/27/14 10:30am

    And the question is how fix the power supply circuit. They say a noise filter should be installed.

  • Nuwan  commented on  10/27/14 10:27am

    Thanks a lot ranfer. luckily or unluckily My one is also in the list.

  • Ranfer  commented on  10/25/14 11:14am

    So sorry to post in this brand new tab as the first post.

    But this is very important to Vezel owners……!!!!!!

    Guys, there had been another recall on the 24th.
    This time it is replacement of ignition coil – all four of them.

    How to check whether your car is affected, please do the following:

    Visit this site:
    It is in Japanese. Translate it.
    [For those who do not know how to translate:
    Right click your mouse and select Translate to English from the pop-up menu.
    Do this for all Jap language pages. The translation is fairly accurate and understandable]
    This is the Honda official recall information page.

    Bookmark this page as you may need in future too.

    Select the link (October 2014) Fit, N-WGN, N-WGN CUSTOM, recall of VEZEL.
    This page will give all the Tech data.

    To see if your vehicle is within the range (my guess is all the Vezels in SL at present is) – go to:
    Give the Chassis number in the twin cages: (Car station ….) as [RU3] [10xxxxx]
    Click on the RED button. Trnaslate.
    See the Contents column in the Table appearing.
    (it there is no table appearing then your car is not subject to recall)

    OK Guys, that’s all I know for the time being !

    An Auto Engineer known to me is of the view it is a matter of a few minutes to replace the ignition coils.
    However, the following open questions remain:
    How to get these ignition coils ?
    After replacing the coils do we have to scan or reset software applications ?

    Please share your views.

  • Upul  commented on  12/29/14 10:43am

    Dear Ranfer, I bought a vezel Z very recently and before buying,going by your advice,I checked the chasis no. to make sure if it’s on the recall list.but fortunately it was not.And I made a special point to buy a vezel manufactured after July 2014.I hope it will have no so called issues.

  • jk  commented on  1/2/15 1:10am

    You still have to check. The latest recall was on 24 October. So skipping July would not help.

  • ramitha  commented on  1/22/15 8:41pm

    Any update on latest recall?

  • Ranfer  commented on  1/27/15 9:06am

    Get your car registered at Stafford. They will brief you on what needs to be replaced.

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