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How do hybrids cars work?

Instead of relying solely on a gasoline internal combustion engine, hybrids use both a gas engine and electric motors. The energy used by the electric motors are stores in rechargeable batteries. The ability to partially use electricity as a fuel means that you burn less gasoline. The computer system on a hybrid makes the decisions about which energy source to use at different times, based on maximizing efficiency while providing the same level of safety and comfort as conventional cars.

How do hybrids work?

Sri Lanka allows electric cars, hybrids duty free

The hybrid car is a technology that has been around in form since cars were introduced in the 19th century, as most vehicles use a combination of energy sources for power. All cars, for example, have a battery that starts the car and can power the car’s accessories, including headlights. In the late 1990s, a hybrid car with more power began to be considered a viable and popular alternative to conventional gasoline-only vehicles, and several models broke out onto the market and became popular sellers.

In short, a hybrid car is a vehicle that utilizes two types of technologies for energy. This could be a bus that uses electrical power through overhead lines and diesel power to run an engine, for example. However, the term “hybrid car” usually refers to an automobile that has both a conventional gas engine and a bank of batteries, and shares the demand for power between these two sources.

Hybrid cars work in a variety of ways. The most basic hybrid car is powered by a gas engine, but also keeps a charge in a bank of batteries. Many hybrid cars also use regenerated energy captured through braking to charge their batteries. The car will switch between gasoline and battery power as it sees fit. For example, when there is minimal demand on the engine, the car will stop using gas altogether and switch to battery power. Some drivers say it is a little unnerving to hear their car turn off until they hit the gas pedal again.

Some companies have gone further with hybrid car technology by building cars that can be plugged in at night to charge batteries that can power the vehicle for up to 150 miles (241 km) before needing to switch over to the gas engine. For most short trips, this is perfectly suitable, and it’s a great way to mix cleaner electrically powered cars with their longer range gas guzzling cousins. Many companies are beginning to build hybrid cars that use alternative energy sources, such as hydrogen hybrid cars, in the hopes of encouraging consumers to switch over to more sustainable energy sources. Of course, energy conscious consumers could always bicycle or take a bus, but purchasing a hybrid car is a great place to start.

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