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  • schandrakumara  commented on  8/30/17 6:14am

    Hi everyone,
    Im using Toyota Esquire. Cannot on ev mode most of the time. some times a massage displays with “exceeded speed limit” even at 40kmh. Most of the times the displayed massage when try to on ev mode is ” ev mode currently not available” Can this be an issue with the vehicle’s computer program?
    Please advise.

  • Isuruk  commented on  6/14/17 1:28am

    hi guys.,

    please let me know what is the correct tire pressure for prius 3rd gen 15″

  • tharinds  commented on  5/22/16 2:23pm

    Please tell me what the the best engine oil is to use on my Hybrid Axio 2015! Some say 0W~20. Only done 4000km, bought brand new. At what mileage is an oil change due? Why do Toyota Lanka and others say 5000km?

  • Prasanna  commented on  4/30/16 11:26am

    Hi All
    I’m Prasanna and I’m new to this forum. Still i’m browsing through the previous comments. If i fail to find a similar issue there, i hope you all will guide me. Thanks

  • Nirosh_S  commented on  12/16/15 10:37pm

    Hi all, I own a Toyota Axio Hybrid NKE165 (Face lift). Done only 2000 kms. It gives a rattling noice when shifts to engine mode and it continues throughout the run until it shof5s to battery mode.. Disappears in battery mode. I got the system checked from several places but all said its normal. Cant be normal if you can hear it in the cabin.
    Please advice.

  • ishantha  commented on  2/20/15 12:51pm

    hi guys, anybody know how to enable auto door locking in Aqua when the speed exceeds 20 kmph ?
    tried the user manual settings in page 68-69 but no luck 🙁
    power switch to “ON” mode, shift the gear to “N” and press door lock button.
    please share if anyone success

  • KOSALA  commented on  2/23/15 1:09pm

    That above mentioned function apply for Prius 3G also.

  • ishantha  commented on  2/24/15 9:09am

    so still no one have solution for the auto door locking in toyota 🙁

  • Herath  commented on  2/16/15 8:54am

    Hi Friends, Can any one help me. I am using Aqua 2012 (S). it performs 18 km per liter in Colombo. Normally I travel from Kirillawala to Colombo (takes around 1 1/2 Hrs). Please explain me whether this mileage is satisfactory. Or if not can you recommend a place to fix this issue.

  • Kamal Bandara  commented on  3/17/15 3:57pm

    With the Colombo traffic conditions these are normal figures. keep the ECO mode on all the times. I don’t think there is a issue there with you’r car.

  • ramlee  commented on  2/9/15 12:05pm

    hi guys, i have a toyota voxy, and i am in need of a spare wheel, do u guys know where i could purchase it ? and also i need to buy the patch kit gum ? Really appreciate your help.

  • kavindu  commented on  1/25/15 7:11pm

    Hi guys, I’m new to this forum. So here is the problem, i recently bought a AQUA s grade bt there is no multifunction buttons in the steering wheel. Is there any way i can check the ECO score and other details. Only the speed and ODO meter is visible.

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  1/25/15 8:02pm

    Welcome to the forum Kavindu!. There should be a “display” button on the dashboard itself (to the left of the steering column, just above the clock adjuster). Can you locate it?

  • Chando  commented on  1/6/15 10:06pm

    Axio G grade 2014 – Can anyone tell what the blinking red indicator light in the left side of the dashboard, near the windscreen is?

  • vedha  commented on  1/2/15 8:52pm

    hello friends, I have a Aqua 2014 S grade just ran 889 km i have filled 2 times full tank and ran only in Colombo, I am wondering whether the i uses the system correct, how can i know it runs in battery or fuel, help me understand, the battery bars remain around 3-4 can reach me 0773148734, your feed back is highly appreciated, thanks

  • Kamal Bandara  commented on  3/17/15 3:52pm

    When the car runs on electric motor there will be a small white EV indicator coming up on the dash board indicators. During full traffic the avg will go down as 14-17kmpl and it is normal.Battery bars will be going down and up as you stay still – move – apply brakes – recharge. Its better to keep the Eco Mode on all the times to give full fuel efficiency… If you want to know the correct efficiency use the full tank to full tank method.

  • Chando  commented on  12/26/14 10:11pm

    Went to Kataragama in new axio hybrid 2014. It did about 26 km/l and costed only Rs. 3900/- on fuel. Did not try to change my driving habits much, but tried to cruise & glide a little. Fully satisfied with performance.

  • Kamal Bandara  commented on  3/17/15 3:38pm

    Welcome to the Hybrid Forum.Its nice to have hybrid in a home. Despite many ” Hot headed ” criticisms about Hybrids people who know the value will use Hybrids.

  • Mohamed Riyaz  commented on  12/11/14 11:44pm

    Hi. I was using a honda civil es 1 car. I only use Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil. I recently bought an aqua. I would like to knw whether is it ok to go with mobile 1 fully synthetic or a mineral (real Toyota oil).

  • Kamal Bandara  commented on  3/17/15 3:32pm

    My recommendations – Since Toyota recommend there own oil ( But I dought they own a oil well or refinery to produce them) use 0W20 and full minaral will be around 8000/- and can run up to 10,000Kms. and semi synthetic can run up to 6000Kms. Honda recommend Mobil as I know but brands like Castrol , Valvoline and Toyota is better. So try to use Toyota oil for Aqua.

  • cnwarna  commented on  12/11/14 4:38pm

    i am planing to buy a Toyota aqua used car so i want to know the condition of engine,hybrid unit and battery so i there any solution.

  • kamal  commented on  12/12/14 7:56pm

    All Aqua comes from Japan as JDM are used cars. And 80% aqua comes to SL are accident repaired cars. Before buying mine I have checked about 30 Aqua in colombo and more than 20 they were repaired. So need to be careful on buying on from sellers. Before buying one ask the seller that you need to get a Toyota report for car. cost will be around 7000 but its worth than crying later. if seller like the its good sign and if they don’t like to get a report then do not buy that car. and when go to Toyota there are 3 places Rathmalana , Maharagama , Wattala. If seller says he like to go to Rathmalana insist you need to go to Maharagama because he might have a inside guy there and try to manipulate the results. and the Toyota report will say about battery and other conditions.

  • A.M.Jayasekara  commented on  12/11/14 2:05pm

    Kindly let me know how to use the tyre repair kit coming with Aqua. There is no spare tyre.

  • A.M.Jayasekara  commented on  11/21/14 1:19pm

    When do we need to use “B”gear in Aqua?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/10/14 3:49pm

    B gear is used for engine braking when u are descending a hill. It will makesure that your brakes will not get worn off for braking excessively when descending a hill.

  • kamal  commented on  12/10/14 6:05pm

    First you need to know the the meaning of Gears in AQUA. P- Parking it means the gear system is locked statues and will not move even the car is parked in up or down hill and its safe to use this even in traffic. R- reverse gear , N – neutral the gears are totally disengaged and all 4 wheels are cut off from engine or gearbox where this can be used in a small slope or if you need to push the vehicle small distance. Not recommend to use in up or down hill. if you use this in traffic hybrid battery will be used to run the AC , pump and ect when the battery is drained you will get a “warning” signal.D – is for driving mode , B – is similar to engine brakes used while coming downhill or using 2-3 gears when we decline a steep we have more contrall on the speed.In Aqua this will generate the electricity and charge the hybrid battery.

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  1/25/15 10:55pm

    Hi Jayasekara, Shifting to the “B” (Engine Braking) would do two things:

    1. Activate the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) without fuel so that the engine will operate like an air pump thereby effectively slowing down the vehicle.

    2. Charge the Hybrid battery through regenerative braking at the MAXIMUM charge rate thereby slowing down the vehicle even further (due to the increase in the internal resistance of the MG (Motor/ Generator).

    Due to the above two reasons, using the “B” position is only beneficial when driving down a hill when you need to slow down the vehicle without needing to use the braking system much.


  • A.M.Jayasekara  commented on  11/20/14 3:07pm

    I purchased an Aqua car few days before the 2015 Budget. I like the colour, which is Grey. I am not running the vehicle very much. May be only a few km in a week. I am afraid that I will have a problem with the Hybrid Battery if I do not run the car very often.

    How many hours we should run it say, within a week to maintain the battery at a good level.

    Also I do not know how to use the tyre repair kit when the tyre gets deflated. There is no spare tyre in my car. Can I get the method demonstrated by some one.

    Kindly enlighten me on the above two matters.

  • jana  commented on  11/18/14 11:53pm

    I have toyota aqua 2012 model S grade. How can i fix cruise control in sri lanka. But i need professional guys. Does anyone know?.

  • kamal  commented on  12/10/14 6:19pm

    This a good question if you need a cruise control you may need to change the spiral inside the steering column. this has the electrical connection to horn,air bags ect. most of the shops use a Chines spirals which i believe low in quality. We will not know when this failed until air bags does not deploy in a accident. So its better to find a Japan recondition spiral from those spare part shop and get the cruise control from those people who fix them.this is much safer. try Petco lanka but i can not guarantee about their work also check Sampath stickers in Kurunagala also.

  • Jeyanthan  commented on  11/16/14 5:34pm

    Toyota axio g grad 2014 how much friends.

  • shane  commented on  11/15/14 7:22pm

    I want to know what’s the fuel economy on city traffic and outstation of toyota aqua ?

  • kamal  commented on  12/10/14 6:25pm

    On practical scenarios – Colombo heavy traffic it could goes to 14kmpl -17kmpl and with average traffic its about 22kmpl and outstations it goes from 26kmpl to 32kmpl. But they depend on the driver.
    Seen many Aqua owner s drive them like race cars and later complain they are not giving good economy and car is a shit. this is their fault.
    So first understand the concept of hybrid car and start driving.

  • Srgdr  commented on  11/11/14 6:57am

    Hi friends, I need to know the place where I can buy a new body kit for my Toyota Aqua 2013 , if someone knows please give me the cost also. Thank you

  • kamal  commented on  12/10/14 6:27pm

    Cost can be very from 80000 – 200000. DUMINDA INTERNATIONAL do bodykits for Aqua but remember they are not equal to factory made bodykits from Japan.

  • Srgdr  commented on  11/11/14 6:55am

    Hi friends, I need to the where I can buy a new body kit for my 2013 Toyota Aqua, if possible please give me the cost also thank you.

  • Kamal Bandara  commented on  3/17/15 3:23pm

    I saw in a forum in FB a original body kit is there for sell which will cost around 1.25 and Duminda international also do these and its cost around 50-60K I believe. Try with them.. BUT some of the road conditions out side Colombo will not suite with a body kit….

  • Nadiesh  commented on  11/7/14 7:53am

    Anyone tell me, I bought Toyota Prius C from Toyota Lanka Pvt Ltd as brand new. Thing is, hybrid battery does not charge fully.That means, battery have totally 6 bars. But charging only 04 bars. 02 bars free space.Is this normal? milage hust only 400 KM. Pls help. If can pls call me 0773322469

  • Srgdr  commented on  11/10/14 6:41pm

    Hi, nadiesh. This is a normal phenomenon, if you want to fill 6 bars of the batter you need go fast and without balancing the electric motor and engine, accelerate the vehicle and go but u will get low mileage with this method, I got full battery once I was returning from kandy to Colombo, so I think your vehicle is working perfectly,

  • Kamal  commented on  11/15/14 8:36am

    AQUA model has 8 bars and max you will get in Colombo is 7 bars I have seen you will get it around 8 bars if your travelling is in “B” gear in a steep hill example Kadugannawa hill or N’eliya to Gampola. So this is normal. But if you still have this issue in your head please post the issue with some pictures.

  • kalum  commented on  11/23/14 9:43pm

    this is very normal do not worry

  • Prabuddha  commented on  11/29/14 2:50pm

    I have an Aqua (same as prius c). When I come downhill from kandy it charges fully.

  • Trishan  commented on  11/4/14 2:07pm

    I am looking for a abs pump for Toyota nhw20.

  • Bahu  commented on  10/28/14 10:11pm

    2013 Prius tax cost according to new budget 2015 please….!

  • Bahu  commented on  10/28/14 10:04pm

    Hi, anyone knows new tax values for Toyota axio hybrid 2013 and 2014.., thanx

  • Tachyon  commented on  10/25/14 2:35pm

    Guys please check the following link to find out for OBD II scanner for Toyota Hybrid vehicles.

  • Web Master - Indrajith  commented on  10/24/14 4:44pm

    Dear All, We have updated this forum. This modification is implemented to extend for a better service to every one of you. When your discuss anything about hybrid or electric vehicles, please use the relevant vehicle Category in future.

    Thank you, Indrajith Kumara (Web-Master) 0777-113318

  • kasun  commented on  10/24/14 12:44pm

    VIN(VEHICAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER) and chassi number are both same?

  • kanishka  commented on  10/20/14 4:10pm

    how can I identify Toyota aqua g-grade

  • thkandy  commented on  10/20/14 11:44am

    Hello, I have just bought an Aqua-G grade (2013/March) with a millage of 13000km. I checked the engine oil and it looks still as original oil. One of my friends told me that I don’t need change engine oil since it should have been changed at 10000km service and I can drive another 2000km without any problem. However, I am thinking to do a full service and to change the oil immediately since the history is not known.

    Do I need to change oil immediately? How often oil is changed in hybrid vehicles? In every 5000km? On what else I should pay attention during the first service? Is wheel balancing essential? Do I need to check the hybrid battery? Could you please suggest me a good place around Kandy to get my car served? Thanks for your valuable comments.

  • neel darshana  commented on  10/20/14 8:56pm

    i’m sure u will satisfy about my idea,contact me via this number 0710350365

  • shehan36  commented on  10/21/14 9:36am

    it is better to change the oil and do the full service because history is a mystery haha. Oil grade for hybrid is 0W20 and you can change in every 6months or 7500km or so.
    On your first service you better remove all wheels inspect them, check the undercarriage and a full report service. Wheel balancing and alignment you should check in every 6 months. Battery at every service interval do a Scan so the electric system and charging rates can be read

  • Ramlee  commented on  10/15/14 8:45pm

    I have bought a Toyota VOXY Hybrid, are there any upgrades to be done ?

  • Asitha  commented on  10/13/14 8:40pm

    Hi, I have a complete setup of my Toyota-Aqua-2014, with Audio, Video, TV and navigation. But navigation SD came with Japanese maps and the language. Can you please anybody tell me where to convert this to English?

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  10/25/14 6:25pm

    Hi Asitha,
    I’m afraid the only available option for you would be to replace the stock audio system with an aftermarket unit such as Kenwood, Pioneer, etc (If properly installed, this would NOT affect negatively on the rest of the vehicle electronics).

  • Kamal Mettananda  commented on  10/6/14 9:43pm

    Hi, I do have a navigation system NSZT-W62G (without SD Card) and it only supports Japanese. SD Card will cost around 10,000/=. This system is an original from Toyota and has following features
    1. AM/FM
    2. SD Card
    3. CD/DVD
    4. TV (not working in Sri Lanka)
    5. BT (bluetooth)

    Radio, Steering Wheel functions, Reserve camera display, AC Temperature are working fine.

    Could you please advice whether it will be worth buying the SD Card? Or will it be worth trying to buy a new display which has English support?


  • Shehan Mendis  commented on  10/9/14 3:57pm

    AM/FM supports till only 99mhz frequency right? This is a original setup but has limited options. You can buy a new setup with 01 year warranty at Petco lanka starting from 22500/- (same as other places)
    The setup will be in english and have the mentioned options. If you are going to buy the SD card from where are you gonna get it?

    Its worth buying an english setup from Petco or Gilbert . Anyways prices definitely starts from 22500/- everywhere.

    Its yours to choose.

  • Weerrakoon  commented on  10/3/14 6:51pm

    can anyone please share a link to get a owners manual of TOYOTA AXIO hybrid or please mail it to me.

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  10/25/14 6:51pm

    HI Weerrakoon,
    I’m afraid it’s not available as yet.

  • Malinda  commented on  10/2/14 12:55pm

    I’m going to buy a Prius C from Toyota Lanka for 4.5 mil. with a 4 year warranty, is it worth the money? i’m also considering the honda fit gp5

  • kalum Nishantha  commented on  10/3/14 10:59pm

    Dear Mr Malinda, my advice is go to toyota prius C, Why?
    What are the advantages you can get if you purchased Toyota Prius C .
    1. Availability of Spare parts for toyota C is good in Sri Lanka comparing with Honda GP1.
    2. Periodical maintenance cost is low comparing with Honda GP1..
    3. 4 Years authorized dealer warranty
    4. Toyota Lanka 100% responsible for availability of spare parts.
    5. Ability to repair complicated faults in way side garages.
    6. Real brand new and accident free vehicle.
    7. Genuine mileage.
    8. Export quality vehicle (especially designed & manufactured for general countries including Sri Lanka).
    9. Fuel consumption is low copmparing with GP1.

    Kalum Nishantha
    Service & Training Engineer & Consultant
    Hybrid Vehicle Engineers – Piliyandala,
    Automobile & Management Training Institute.
    Former Senior Instructor-Technical & proceses at Toyota Lanka.

  • Shehan Mendis  commented on  10/9/14 4:02pm

    Mr. Kalum is correct. Prius C does more on fuel compared to GP5 and YOU have a 04warranty which is very safe.

    One issue is car is bit small compared to GP5.

    GP5 has a Honda’s new technology and it supposed to be unsuccessful. Reason it being DUAL Clutch Drive System.

    Go for Prius C if you want to play safe

  • Manjula  commented on  10/1/14 11:03pm

    Can anyone tell me which is best? Aqua or the Fit? Which one is the most economic in terms of fuel ?

  • kalum Nishantha  commented on  10/3/14 11:03pm

    Dar Mr. Manjula, Please see the answer I given for Mr malinda’ question, It is same for your question.

  • Chamika  commented on  9/30/14 7:17am

    My aqua 2014 has original eclipse AVN Z03i Japan display. Can we install navi system for that player ? And any method of English translation?

  • kalum Nishantha  commented on  10/3/14 11:09pm

    There is no way to change the language to English, Pls contact navigation system providers in Sri Lanka to check any possibilities to add navigation system (Ex. SALA)

  • zakky  commented on  9/29/14 9:41pm

    Hi; I am planing to buy TOYOTA AQUA. but, there are several versions 2012 and 2013. I would like to know how to identify the differences between 2012 and 2013 versions. please be kind to reply me.
    thank you in advance;

  • kalum Nishantha  commented on  10/3/14 11:21pm

    Dear Mr Shakeel, Its quietly difficult to find from outside appearance & options, Some peoples are changing outside & inside features of the vehicle. Better to check it in auction report given from japan and 2nd option is give Model code & frame Number to Toyota Lanka then they can tell you real manufacturing year of the vehicle through the EPC system.

    Kalum Nishantha

  • zakky  commented on  10/7/14 12:38pm

    thank you.

  • Deric  commented on  9/28/14 9:01pm

    Please let me knlw what is the recommended tire pressure for toyota Aqua?
    Size 175 / 65R15
    Is it 30 psi or more?

  • kalum Nishantha  commented on  10/3/14 11:32pm

    front 33 psi, rear 30 psi

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  10/25/14 6:48pm

    Hi Deric,
    The maximum safe tyre pressure is mentioned on the sidewall of each tyre. You can increase the pressure up to a couple of PSI below this figure and you will get the maximum fuel economy figures due to the low rolling resistance this would create. Doing so would also maximum the life of your tyres. The downside to increasing the pressure would be the discomfort you might experience when driving on rough road conditions. Bottom line is that there is no “correct” tyre pressure as long as you keep it below the maximum figure mentioned on the sidewall. My suggestion to you is to start with 35psi and adjust it based on your comfort level. Here are a few articles which might be useful to you.


  • Car Player NSCP-W62  commented on  9/28/14 7:09pm

    My cd player NSCP-W62, working well & small kid dome something. Now it gives a screen with keypad. Only reverse camera is functioned & do not have access to Radio/MP3 /Etc. Can any one help me to solve this problem?

  • kalum Nishantha  commented on  10/3/14 11:40pm

    I think you have to re- install software for W62, (MAP CD), contact Toyota Lanka or San Lanka or Petco Lanka.

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  10/25/14 6:50pm

    If it’s the factory navi unit, you can get it unlocked at Toyota Lanka (You could call them and inquire). If it doesn’t work out, you could try Petco Lanka.

  • shane  commented on  9/21/14 8:24am

    Can anyone tell me what is the difference between Aqua g and g touring package. Other-than following differences
    1. 195/50R16 tires and 16x6J aluminum wheels (with center ornamentation)
    2. Large rear roof spoiler
    3. Smoked headlamp trim
    4. Dedicated suspension

    Thanks in advance.

  • Deshan  commented on  9/17/14 4:20pm

    can i know about Toyota HYBRID 2014 market up to day

  • imesha  commented on  9/16/14 3:26pm

    No do spay audio sounds in my toyota 2013 prius s. why is that

  • kalum Nishantha  commented on  10/3/14 11:46pm

    Sorry, I can’t understand the problem with your audio, tell me more details about your problem, then I will help you.

  • Chanidu  commented on  9/10/14 9:52pm

    I brought 2013 aqua after few days when the car is totally switch off some noise is coming from the speakers its not stop its coming but engine is stopped and car is located how can I fixed this.

  • kalum Nishantha  commented on  10/3/14 11:51pm

    Is the noise come from audio speaker or outside speaker? There is a outside speaker in some aqua, comes with VPN system.

    Kalum Nishantha
    Service & Training Engineer & Consultant
    Hybrid Vehicle Engineers

  • Tachyon  commented on  9/9/14 10:41pm

    Guys please check the following link to find out for OBD II scanner for Toyota Hybrid vehicles.

  • Chinthaka  commented on  11/8/14 10:37pm

    is any one used this? any comment on this device,,,

  • Sanjeeva  commented on  9/9/14 9:08am

    I bought a Aqua and it’s having Audio system model NSCP-W62 .But all showing in Japanese. Any possibility to find out English catalog or the way of converting this to English?

  • kalum Nishantha  commented on  10/3/14 11:56pm

    Sorry, no way to convert the language to English,

    Kalum Nishantha
    Service & Training Engineer & Consultant
    Hybrid Vehicle Engineers – Piliyandala,
    Automobile & Management Training Institute.
    Former Senior Instructor-Technical & proceses at Toyota Lanka
    0770 367 467 / 0710 367 467

  • Herath  commented on  9/8/14 8:51pm

    Hi, How can I reset my milage meter in toyota aqua

  • Shehan Mendis  commented on  9/11/14 11:59am

    Hi, you cannot reset the total mileage but you can reset trip A and B mileage

  • kalum Nishantha  commented on  10/3/14 11:59pm

    There is a place in kohuwala, near anderson road, (I DONT RECOMMEND TO CHANGE IT)

    Kalum Nishantha

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  10/25/14 6:55pm

    HI Herath,
    I would not recommend it either. Setting aside ethical reasons, if not done right, it could mess up the Instrument cluster (Meter panel).

  • Dinith  commented on  9/8/14 11:38am

    Dear all, please tell me the charges of Toyota lanka for the scan and other details of damages.

  • Ashani  commented on  9/8/14 8:47pm

    Rs. 6800/= from toyota lanka.

  • afkar  commented on  9/5/14 5:35pm

    I imported a toyota aqua 2012 from japan….and I use it very rarely.
    one day the problem occurred I heard a rattle noise on the engine and i taught there wasn’t fuel and i pumped petrol day’s later and it didn’t start (during the 2 days of no fuel my son has tried to start many time) plz do give me a solution whether to charge or replace auxiliary battery or any other solutions. thank you

  • Shehan Mendis  commented on  9/11/14 12:02pm

    Its better you can check the vehicle from a reputed place. Most probable it will be noise from the injection. Try to calling Hybrid Motors – 0112696246. If you want you can refer my name since i had similar problem with Prius

  • Kalum Nishantha  commented on  10/4/14 12:15am

    Usually that rattling noise come from damper plate located between engine & transmission, Its come due to unbalance of engine & motor power, Solution is ,re-set hybrid system to factory settings. To set factory settings properly, we have to do some little jobs on the system. Pls contact me if necessary.

    Kalum Nishantha
    Service & Training Engineer & Consultant
    Hybrid Vehicle Engineers – Piliyandala,
    Automobile & Management Training Institute.
    Former Senior Instructor-Technical & proceses at Toyota Lanka

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  10/25/14 7:04pm

    HI Afkar,
    After making sure that there is plenty of fuel, you can try jump starting the vehicle using the jump terminal in the engine bay fuse-box (under the red plastic cap with a plus sign). If that doesn’t work, you can reset the engine control system by disconnecting the negative terminal on the 12v Aux battery (located under the rear seat), leave it for 5 minutes and then reconnecting it. Your audio system might not work afterwards, but you can sort that out with Toyota Lanka, Petco Lanka, etc. since starting the vehicle takes precedence in your situation.

  • Ranatunge  commented on  9/2/14 10:50am

    Hi, I am Ranatunge. I bought a axio hybrid car without Schoop head light can i fix it within Sri Lanka. if answer is yes. please let me know the place.

  • Megha  commented on  8/30/14 7:26pm

    Hello, I’m going to buy an Aqua. Could anyone please tell me whether there’s a significant difference between 2013 and 2014 versions which justify the additional payment?

  • Gayan  commented on  8/28/14 12:03pm

    I have a Toyota Aqua. Pls let me know from where can i get a spare wheel for the Aqua in SL… (Which fitting for the tire compartment as well.)

  • shafraz  commented on  8/26/14 12:19pm

    Hi, I am at the moment considering to buy a Axio Hybrid “X” grade (brand new) as appose to a Toyota Prius “S” Grade (Unregistered 2013).
    Do you think its a good option?

  • Mohamad Mufaris  commented on  8/25/14 10:38pm

    How to change a language? in Toyota aqua 2014

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  10/25/14 7:05pm

    I’m afraid it’s not possible.

  • Dayasena Kaduruwana  commented on  8/21/14 9:58pm

    Dear friends, I am working in uk at the moment. Herein UK there is a Yaris Hybrid(Hatchback) and it is about £ 17000 brand new. Is it similar to the Aqua in Sri Lanka. If I import this the Aqua parts would be ok for that And what woul be the total tax for it? Please let me know.
    Thank you very much.
    Dayasena @ UK.. Manchester

  • nalinjawa  commented on  8/26/14 2:21pm

    International model for Aqua is called Prius C. Usually Toyota Vitz is called Yaris in Europe. So Yaris Hybrid must be a hybrid version of Vitz

  • piumal  commented on  8/17/14 6:36pm

    I bought a Toyota Aqua 2012 car..It’s Personally Imported car.. The previous owner of this car who is imported is lost the JAAI certificate and Auction Grade report. how can i get that documents

  • psw  commented on  8/16/14 10:57am

    what should be the tire pressure for Axio Hybrid?

  • Nalinkgb  commented on  8/13/14 1:51pm

    Does anyone knows what is the best HYBRID TECHNOLOGY having so far? TOYOTA or HONDA?

  • Nadeera  commented on  9/7/14 10:57pm


  • kelum  commented on  8/8/14 11:22pm

    Hi, I have Toyota Prius 2007. Problem accumulator low pressure. Any idea for that ?

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  10/25/14 7:07pm

    HI Kelum,
    There is a high probability that you will have to replace the ABS pump in your Prius (You need to get the ABS system re calibrated afterwards).

  •  commented on  8/5/14 12:07am

    2012-2014 Toyota Prius C Aqua NHP10 Black LED Rear Brake Lamp Tail Lights JDM – US $298.99

    Toyota LED Rear Lights
    Aqua LED Lights at Ebay

  • Saman  commented on  7/22/14 6:46am

    Any one who is having an Axio Hybrid…owner manual/maintenance manual/ or any other readings. pl share. my email is


  • mario  commented on  9/8/14 10:05am

    Hi pls send me too the Axio hybrid. owner’s manual/maintenance or other readings.

  • Saman  commented on  7/22/14 6:43am

    HI, When is the next seminar ?

  • denuka  commented on  7/21/14 11:45am

    toyota aqua maintenance schedule please

  • Dinith  commented on  9/8/14 11:20am

    I wanted to know without push start option aqua 2013 G grade available or not?

  • Ashan De Silva  commented on  7/15/14 2:17pm

    Is it alright if i use 92 octane on toyota aqua ?

  • kamal  commented on  7/17/14 5:28pm

    For the last 2 months im using 92 and 95 in my Aqua. I’m not seeing any issue at the moment.

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  10/25/14 7:09pm

    Hi Ashan,
    Using either 92 or 95 would not make a difference in your engine.

  • chami  commented on  7/9/14 3:40am

    Hi, I am buying a aqua used one tomorrow for 32. ;its 2012 with push start S grade and without multi functions. It has run 13000km and colour dark gray. It does not have a spare tyre. Can anyone advice me how to and what to check when buying please.

  • kamal  commented on  7/13/14 6:37pm

    The only way you can get full inspection is from Toyota. Main things you have to worry is if it has been in a major accident and repaired in SL or Japan. Check for the service records,and scratch marks under body. I say 32 is a reasonable price.
    Drive happy on a Aqua.

  • Thilan de Silva  commented on  9/10/14 12:36pm

    Aquas going at and below Rs.3.6M in Colombo are surely accident vehicles bought from Damaged vehicles auctions in Japan. So be careful!!!

    Also don’t get cheated by absence or altered auction sheets, which are now common with Car Sales!

  • nimal  commented on  6/28/14 6:47pm

    Can any one help me to change the language in aqua 2013 audio.

  • Hybrid Srilanka  commented on  6/29/14 3:43pm

    Watch this video tutorial to help you get started.


  • sudantha  commented on  7/4/14 6:06am

    what is the name of set up ?

  • wije  commented on  6/22/14 9:31pm

    Hi i”m going to import toyota prius. it will reach here in august if i import it on july i have to pay 2 laks more because of manufacturing date 2013/07. then i want to know that will the government increase tax on hybrid

  • Pinsiri Bandara  commented on  7/28/14 9:25am

    Taxes (Receipts Provided) –
    Rs.1,210,000/- If the Vehicle is above 1 year old
    Rs.1,340,000/- If the Vehicle is below 1 year old

  • Pinsiri Bandara  commented on  6/15/14 7:57am

    Dear All, This link has Toyota Prius-C owners 2012/2013 user manuals for free download.

  • Thisila Herath  commented on  6/14/14 4:34pm

    Can anyone help me to find Aqua 2012 user manual and suggest me a place around Thalawathugoda for services.tks.

  • kamal  commented on  6/18/14 8:06pm

    From Pinsiri Bandara –

    Thalawathugoda – Go to “Care Point” in Nugegoda road. Also in 174 near Kallalgoda there is a service station they also good for wash and other stuff. and there are 1 new places near there but not sure. and near ITN road turn also not sure.
    For full service I say go to some reputed place as Toyota/Hybrid tech.
    Or i know a place near Dematagoda area where has the capability and equipment to do the services and scanning,

  • Pinsiri Bandara  commented on  6/13/14 12:14pm

    Hi I am Pinsiri from Kandy.. I have bought a Toyota AQUA DAA-NHP10 ‘S’ grade can we fixed a push start button?

  • Ranjan  commented on  6/18/14 1:59pm

    Yes, Check the HitAd for a accessory fixer.

  • kamal  commented on  6/18/14 7:51pm

    Better check with TOYOTA I guess all the wiring and sockets are there already in any AQUA if its not come with a push start. I also like to know this.

  • udaya wickramasinghe  commented on  6/12/14 7:11pm

    hi to all,

    Does anyone knows where to fix fog lamps to my Prius 2013. i think i must change the panel as well. I am in the possession of the latest model next to the 2014 release. and am in the requirement of the kit to equip the fog lamps to the posterior section of body of the vehicle. please promptly reply with the required information in contorted format.
    pls call me via the given number +94777900586

  • than thilan  commented on  6/11/14 4:07pm

    I bought an Aqua 2012 and got it checked at Toyota Lanka Rathmalana on 10.06.2014. The seller showed me the auction sheet with markings for a deep scratch on the diver side front dooer. But “great” Toyota Lanka report did not reveal the repair and my opinion is they are just playing for the sellers.
    If you too do this, close relationship between car sellers T/lanka staff will not be missed by tou.

    DO NOT TRUST TOYOTA LANKA. – My personal opinion is that.

  • kamal  commented on  6/18/14 7:41pm

    DId you notice the scratch in the driver side front door?
    Better inform this to Toyota Lanka Wattala. They take these problems very
    seriously. I also noticed many sellers prefer to go to Toyota Lanka Rathmalana rather than Maharagama or Wattala.

  • Janaka Amarasinghe  commented on  6/10/14 9:00am

    Hi all, I have a Toyota aqua made 2012 and brought with 4km. Now it is nearly 18000+. Recently i figured out my fuel economy is nearly 16.5 Km/L driving on Colombo and Negambo road which was earlier around 22Km/L and I have changed the air filter as well, but no improvement. I’m using Cepetco 95 octane fuel from the beginning as many said it is best to use 95 octane fuel for better fuel economy. Please help me in rectifying this issue.

  • Ranjan  commented on  6/18/14 1:51pm

    I am driving an Aqua. My fuel economy is 14 – 16 Km/L. I have serialized some of the reasons as follows… engine stop & start frequently, driving short distances, engine on with AC on while stop, when stop in traffic not changing “D” to “P”, heavy use of AC and aggressive acceleration. But as I heard from few aqua owners 16 – 17 Km/L is the maximum we can get in city areas (Colombo).

  • kamal  commented on  6/21/14 7:12am

    Ranjan, Its the driving style.. im usualiy run around 50Kmph in Colombo with 22Km/L but one of my friend run like 60-75 Kmph and gets 18 Km/L. yes and all above is correct i have seen them by experience.

  • kamal  commented on  6/18/14 7:17pm

    Janaka, did you use the ECO mode all the time ? and what’s your average speed ? and also i notice if we drive in a heavy-heavy traffic and do lot of braking it will decrease the mileage. Few areas you can increase the mileage is ,correct tire pressure, drive between 45-60 Kmph for best mileage and do a scan to see if the system is showing any errors.

  • Praveen  commented on  7/15/14 8:54am

    Kamla, What is the preferred tire pressure for Prius 2012?

  • Indrajith Kumara  commented on  6/4/14 12:48pm

    Free Seminars Pertaining to Automobile

    There will be three seminars pertaining to Automobile free of charge at the Prince of Wales’ College Auditorium during the Cambrian Motor Show 2014 which will be worked off on 7th and 8th June 2014 at the college premises. The Seminars will be held as follows.

    Lecture by

    Mr. Deeptha Appuhamy – [BSc (Eng) Mech. SL, Hybrid vehicles IMI UK, EFI Engines IMI UK] on 7th June from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Sponsored By: M.M.Organisation.

    Mr. Nuwan S. Madananayke, Hybrid Specialist (Sirasa Auto vision Presenter) and Mr. Lal Alawatte Consultant and Auto Engineer, will deliver a lecture on technical aspects of the vehicle and its operations on on 7th June from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

    Mr. Charitha Ekanayake, Hybrid Specialist (Auto Engineer Worked at Honda Sri Lanka) will deliver a Question and Answer Session about Honda Hybrid cars on on 8th June from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

    Interested are requested to call Indrajith on 0777-113318 for more details.

  • Niroshan Fonseka  commented on  5/27/14 2:31pm

    Did anyone have any idea about the AGM std , 12V battery ?

  • K_B  commented on  3/25/14 5:00pm

    Hi, I’m looking for a AQUA L grade since i’m not much interested on additional options except the fuel consumption ( since the technology of L and G is same ) i feel depending on my requirements i don’t want any additional options such as push start,multifunctional staring wheel ect… can some one give me a price for a AQUA L grade these days please ? It will be half cash and half lease.

  • K_B  commented on  6/3/14 9:47pm

    i have bought a new L grade white with 3 year warranty and has run 14K and i have run for a month now and its a nice machine. it gives me around 21KmL in heavy traffic and around 28-31KmL in outstation and handling, stability and comfort is great. i was able to cut the weekly fuel cost 1/2. Did a resent trip about 300Kms and i have spend a only about 1800 worth of petrol.
    But any one willing to buy before buying do a Toyota checkup else u will be fooled and give a accident repaired car by dealers. Toyota guys showed me a such G LED one for 4.1mil with a bend chassis. Poor fellow was cheated by the dealers.

  • priyantha  commented on  3/1/14 12:07pm

    Anyone knows where I can find a Toyota AXIO HYBRID user manual and emergency guide in English? Pl help me
    I have a Toyota COROLLA AXIO 2013 car.

  • R T V Ravindra  commented on  3/12/14 9:19pm

    me too

  • Kithsiri  commented on  2/19/14 1:27pm

    Hi I have Aqua 2012 model and normally how often should we do the service. is it for every 4000km or 5000km or anything above that

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  4/23/14 9:22pm

    Hi Kithsiri, As a matter of fact, you can do the engine oil change (along with the filter) every 7,000km since the engine doesn’t run all the time. If you refer the Prius C (same as the AQUA which is marketed in Japan), the maintenance schedule indicates that the oil change needs to be performed every 5,000 MILES, which would amount to around 8,000km. In my experience, 7,000km would be the safe range in the Sri Lankan context. Please make sure that you change the engine oil filter along with the oil since the oil filter would contain a bit of the old oil if it’s not replaced.

    Also note that if your aqua has only done less than 20,000km, it’s a good idea to do it at around 4,000km until the break-in period is over.


  • charith  commented on  1/26/14 7:51pm

    Hey guys,I imported a 2013 aqua from japan. Suddenly the multi function buttons which are related to the tv, navi set stopped working(audio, manu bettons). But ac, trip, disp buttons are working. And the tv, navi system doesn’t even show the fuel efficiency graphs now. And it even does not show the vehicle batery info on tv. But dvd, sd , radio are working properly. And the reverse guidelines are also not functioning now although the camera is working.

    Is this a issue with the fuse? Or wiring failure?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Chamila  commented on  1/31/14 12:44pm

    Check with Kaveen 0773781255, he will give you the fix or the correct solution for this.

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  4/23/14 9:05pm

    Hi Charith, The issue with the multifunction controls would indicate an issue with what is called a “spiral cable”. This unit connects the multifunction controls + horn + airbag assembly and cruise control stud to the relevant on-board electronics. Since the “spiral cable” houses a delicate ribbon like set of wires, it has a tendency to get damaged easily (due to alignment corrections etc.)

    If the grid lines on the reverse camera display used to turn with the steering wheel at the beginning, the steering angle sensor mounted behind the spiral cable might also be damaged.

    Please note that both these units can be tested before blindly replacing them.

    You can contact me on 0773781255 if you have any questions.

    Cheers! Kaveen.

  • charith  commented on  12/29/13 5:39pm


    Anyone know how much it will cost to fix a fog lamp kit to aqua?

    And is there any place doing that. Additionally are there any softwares available to change the language of the tv, dvd system and multifunction display of aqua?

  • Gamunu  commented on  12/15/13 7:32pm

    Pls let me know if any one is having a owner’s manual for Aqua 2012 and how to get it

  • Aqua Manual  commented on  12/27/13 12:24pm

    The Toyota Aqua Quick Reference Guide Manual.

    Go to the below link and the document having the quick reference guide for the Prius C 2012 will open. Its not exactly for the Aqua, its the US version of it. But its very similar and can apply to the Aqua. Its a good guide for us beginners with the Toyota Aqua.

  • Gamunu  commented on  1/11/14 10:11pm

    Thanks for the link for quick ref

  • Alavi Mukthar  commented on  12/2/13 3:31pm

    Can anyone help me to find a Air Condition Inverter for my Toyota vehicle Model Prius x20 (2nd Generation Car)

  • Sumudu  commented on  10/7/13 6:35am

    How about toyota aqua hybrid Vehicle ? I hope to buy this Vehicle.
    Can you please tell me what is your idea?

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  4/23/14 9:26pm

    Hi sumundu, Can I know what time of questions you have about the AQUA?

  • Nalaka  commented on  9/18/13 7:46am

    Anyone knows where I can find a Toyota aqua user manual and emergency guide in English?
    I have a Toyota aqua 2013 car.

  • Chamila  commented on  11/22/13 12:41pm

    goto‎ and select the model as Prius C , year 2013

    Hope yhis helps

  • Nalinaksha Wickremesinghe  commented on  12/8/13 3:39pm

    Nalaka i have a PDF of the manual for the aqua 2013. can send it to u if u give me your e-mail address. my e-mail is

  • kushan  commented on  4/25/14 11:02pm

    an you please send me a 2013 aqua manual to

  • Ameena  commented on  9/17/13 3:10pm

    Hi, I am looking for a 2012 Prius 3 scoop Touring.
    Please inbox me your best offers to


  • kalharah  commented on  9/12/13 11:18am

    I recently imported a Toyota Aqua (June/2013 make). It has 2 buttons EV & ECO below the hand brake lever. What are the functions & how to use them?

  • Chamila  commented on  11/22/13 12:42pm

    just search on youtube, you’ll find many videos explaining the feature and how to use effectivily.

  • Nipun  commented on  9/10/13 2:44pm

    What we need is 0W-20 range engine oil in Sri Lanka, where can we get them ??

  • Lasantha Fernando  commented on  10/30/13 5:39pm

    please send photos and best price and km.

  • Rajitha  commented on  9/8/13 9:19pm

    Can somebody please tell me how to start the Prius 3rd gen engine start for exhaust gas test? Further, is there a method to drive the vehicle only by the engine in case of electrical system failure ?

  • Reza  commented on  8/28/13 3:14pm

    Anyone knows where I can find a Toyota aqua user manual and emergency guide in English?
    You can register here for the manual for the Prius C, but there is some variances.

  • Brian Perera  commented on  9/7/13 7:04pm

    I also tried looking for 1, but ended up using the Prius C version.

  • Damien  commented on  12/18/13 8:17pm

    In Toyota web site, Aqua means Prius C. some of countries Japan exporting Prius C as Aqua.

  • Harsha  commented on  8/23/13 12:20pm

    I want to buy Toyota hybrid car.

  • Nayana  commented on  8/21/13 8:09pm

    I am going to buy a toyota aqua car, does it have a second market? please tell me.

  • Gayashi  commented on  7/6/13 9:24am

    where can i buy a reconditioned compressor for a toyota HYbrid 2008 – 2nd Generation ?

  • Chandima  commented on  7/1/13 6:06pm

    I am going to buy a toyota aqua. Any one who is using the car , please comment

  • Thenura Kariyapperuma  commented on  5/25/13 7:50am

    I am going to buy toyota prius 2011 car I dont know much about hybrid cars Please send me details.

  • Rupasiri  commented on  5/22/13 12:10pm

    Hi, I have a toyota PRIUS 2011 3rd GEN. I need to convert my car to PHV. This converting system are available in US,, Australia, etc. It is available in Sri Lanka? .If please let me know.

  • Chamila  commented on  5/17/13 10:49am

    Hi All,
    Anybody knows, what is the frequency used by Toyota Japan FOB transmitter (Smart Key) ? is it 315Mhz or 433Mhz ?


  • Ruba  commented on  5/11/13 10:31am


    Anyone has experience with Toyota aqua?

  • Reza  commented on  8/13/13 2:22pm

    It easily does 22km/l in the city, no problem at all.
    If eco mode is of the car pick-up is GREAT!! and the electric steering is very responsive. The suspension is not as great as the prius liftback, but because of that the handleing is very responsive.

  • Brian Perera  commented on  9/7/13 7:16pm

    Yup Reza is right my Aqua does about ~22 km/l in city. We drove to Girithale and my car did about ~27 km/l on Eco mode.

  • Nuwan Gunapala  commented on  4/17/13 12:02am

    Hi guys can anybody tel me where can I done service for toyota aqua car in sri lanka and let me know what will be the cost. thanks

  • Brian Perera  commented on  9/7/13 7:17pm

    I did the 1st service with a car check-up at Toyota wattala. Cost me about 12k.

  • Luxman Siriwardena  commented on  4/8/13 7:09am

    I want to buy a Toyota Prius 2012, 3rd gen ideally with sunroof low mileage. Pl email offers to

  • Sanjeewa  commented on  5/1/13 5:30pm

    Last week I have cleared a Toyota Prius 3 rd generation. 2011. only 17,000kms. But this does not have sunroof. I can give you a very best price.

  • Thushara  commented on  6/11/13 6:28pm

    I am looking for a TOYOTA prius car, what option does it have & what is the colour & price. 0777308112

  • Indunil  commented on  6/15/13 2:55am

    send me photos and all details plus quatation, I’m looking for a hybrid prius, I will pay cash, no leasing.

  • Geethal Sajeewa Koswatta  commented on  5/2/13 2:18pm

    Please contact me
    Toprank Co. Ltd    Geethal
    E-mail Mobile 080-4155-6927

    2-21-1 higashifunabashi,funabashi-shi Chiba 273-0002 Japa

  • Roshan  commented on  3/25/13 8:53pm

    I have Toyota prius NHW20 2007, It’s ODU meter & fuel consumption indicate from miles, How I can see Km ? possible ? or not ?

  • Asanka  commented on  5/29/13 12:34pm

    Not possible. in vane you have taken UK car

  • lahiru  commented on  3/22/13 9:43am

    hey guys im plannig to buy unregistered 2011 toyota hybrid prius, anyone know about how much is the prices..?

  • Pasan  commented on  2/21/13 3:42pm

    hey guys I want to buy a hybrid. I like aqua. what is the brand-new price in srilanka?
    its fuel consumption?
    is it good for that price?

  • Charitha Ekanayake  commented on  2/5/13 1:21pm

    Guys, I have Bought down a original Toyota Scaner in kandy. for any concern call me at 0718682744

  • Rajitha  commented on  1/25/13 7:04pm

    Hi All,

    I am planning to buy a 2nd Gen prius used or recondition. I have following questions please advise me.

    I saw some ads price around 3.5Mn Mileage 50000+
    Is it worth to go for this one. What are the things i need to check. will i have to replace or change any part.

    around 4Mn, Mileage around 15000.
    What are the things i need aware?

    And what is the cost for full service at toyota lanka

  • wijaya  commented on  2/2/13 4:02pm

    Lady teacher used TOYOTA Hybrid Prius 2008 NHW20 for sale. if you interest let me know.

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  2/21/13 10:52pm

    Hi Ranjitha,
    My professional opinion would be that you get the vehicle fully inspected by a professional before you make your purchase (either used or recon). I have personally inspected a few used hybrids which were in far better condition than some of the recon hybrids. Moreover, you might be able to see a maintenance record on a locally used hybrid. Also note that the mileage doesn’t mean much as long as the previous owner has taken proper care of his/ her vehicle.

    You can do the oil change and other scheduled maintenance services at any service station these days. However, if you wish to do it at Toyota Lanka, you can find their contact details on this blog.

    Good luck with your purchase 🙂

  • hybridsrilanka (@hybridsrilanka)  commented on  1/17/13 10:08pm

    Toyota Hybrid car body parts available for reasonable price at

    Hybrid Lanka Auto Parts (pvt) Ltd
    No. 475-C1, High-level Road, Wijerama, Nugegoda.

    Phone: 0112804030 / 0777726701

  • Chanaka  commented on  12/20/12 1:06pm

    What is recommended fuel type of Toyota Prius 2010 ZVW30 ?

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  12/21/12 10:34pm

    Hi Chanka, 90 would suffice. Considering the cost difference, you would not receive any financial benefit by pumping 95 (or 93 for that matter) into your Prius. With that said, 95 happens to be more refined (cleaner) than 90, but you rarely get fuel system issues on this account. Cheers!

  • Buddhika Jayawardena  commented on  12/5/12 12:32am

    Check with Toyota Lanka Rathmalana they have started free inspection until 31/12/2012.

  • A G Wicky Wignesan  commented on  12/3/12 6:15pm

    Hi I own a Prius 3rd Generation (ZVW30) and i feel she is not doing much on Petrol. The indication is that she is doing arroung 15km/l which i feel is very low for this car of 2010 model. Can someone suggest a good person to tuneup the car and see weather the fuel efficiency will improve. lease contact me on my Mobile 0777313464 please.

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  12/5/12 10:05am

    Hi there,
    In most cases, bad fuel economy in the ZVW30 is due to clogged injectors and a dirty air flow sensor (the spark plugs can be used for more than 100,000/- KM so these rarely become an issue). It can also be due to a clogged fuel filter, under inflated tires or a bad 12v Aux battery. Please contact me on 0773781255 if you wish to discuss this in detail.

  • Rupasiri  commented on  5/22/13 12:32pm

    I also have 3rd Generation (ZVW30). my vehicle fuel efficiency long time average is 22km/l.. If I come from Kandy to Colombo FE rate is around 35km/l.. FE is mainly depend on your driving style and some tips are to be learned. in the super Highway around 26km/l. EF variation is very very high and cannot compere with any other normal cars. Select trusted fuel stations and many fuel stations have accuracy fuel measuring problems.

  • Ruwan Perera  commented on  9/1/12 7:01pm

    If any one needs Prius 3rd Generation (ZVW30)Service Shop Manual (The Toyota Original Service Manual they use for Diagnosis and Repairing ZVW30), Can contact me and 10 CDs are available 2000/- each.

    This is a great thing to have specially for out station Prius users before going to Toyota you can go to a Mechanic with a DTC reader and can check what is the problem and how it should be corrected as Toyota can charge you unnecessarily high amount for minor repairs that can be fixed by Mechanics after referring to the Manual.

    This is actually happen to me as Toyota asked me Rs.125,000 for an ABS pump but a recon was Rs.50,000 and replace cost was Rs.500 by my local mechanic who did it by referring the Service manual. Three months passed still i am fine.

    My email is Mobile- 0773837968

  • ruwan  commented on  1/6/13 1:07am

    Some one called me and asked for a Prius 3G workshop manual…. that time CD were over…. Now can provide CDs …Please call me if that is you on 0773837968,0718324293. Each is Rs.4000/- This is the complete Service Workshop manual not the one MM Organization having(Usual owner’s manual) … Toyota Lanka Techs use this to repair your 3g Prius.

  • Wimal  commented on  8/30/12 1:00pm

    Does anyone know where I can Fix a inboard navigation system to ZVW30. And it should be able to use Srilanka maps.

    thanks in advance

  • hybridsrilanka (@hybridsrilanka)  commented on  8/31/12 3:39pm

    1) Bara Stereos

    Office : 182, Galle Road, Dehiwala.
    Tel : +94 112724428
    Email :
    Web :

    2) Chamara Motors & Sticker Center WD Car Audio.

    30/1B, Kandy Road, Kirillawala, Kadawatha.

    Telephone : 11 3111444/ 0777 958394/ 0773 206115
    Email :
    Web :

    3) Advance Car Audio (PVT) LTD.

    No. 7,Waidya Road,

    Tel : 0773139000,0773990900,0777797777
    Email :
    Web :

    4) Petco Lanka

    Head Office.
    469E, Galle Road, Colombo 03.

    Tel : 2508336 /2815300 Hotline : 0777760000
    Email :
    Web :

  • Nuwan  commented on  8/22/12 12:03pm

    What is the price of NHW20 batery ?

  • Wijeweera W P  commented on  7/20/12 12:08am

    Mr James, (about w40) I can send you the details . send me your mail address “” – Eastern Innovation

  • Kalum Nishantha  commented on  7/18/12 10:42am


    Contact Mr. Mangala for Toyota Alphard Hybrid – 0777603378


  • James  commented on  7/12/12 6:14pm

    Any one or party imported the Prius alpha 7 seats zvw40 in Sri Lanka?
    I am much interested to get this car.

    Where, How, can I get?

  • Kalum Nishantha  commented on  7/9/12 12:55pm

    Dear Mr Chamila

    You can purchase genuine key from any branches of Toyota Lanka (call Wasantha for prices 0777939044) and for programing using toyota original GTS scanner.

    Contact Toyota Lanka – 0777939025 -Supun (wattala ), Autoworld -0773096024 -Dammika (Kurunegala), Kundasala Auto Service 0773359404 -Chethiya (Kandy)

    Kalum Nishantha
    Former Toyota Senior Technical Instructor

  • Indrajith  commented on  6/19/12 10:43pm

    Dear all,

    Where can I get a service for my Toyota Prius NHW20 at Matara area?


  • Kalum Nishantha  commented on  7/9/12 1:18pm

    Dear Mr Indrajith

    For your prius car services, contact Samarasinghe Motors in matara (near Railway Station) 0718686832 -Nisala. thay can help you for your car servicing and also thay can get technical support from Toyota Lanka officialy.

    If you need any information, call me 0770 367 467 / 0710 367 467.

    Kalum Nishantha
    Former Toyota Senior Technical Instructor

  • Kalum Nishantha  commented on  5/22/12 6:33pm


    If you want to get to know anything about your Toyota Hybrid Vehicles, Please feel free to contact me.


    Former Toyota Senior Technical Instructor

  • Chamila  commented on  7/7/12 1:07pm

    Hi Kalum,
    Do you know where to get a smart key and get it programmed for my Prius 3Gen ZVW30, It came with a single Smart Key with a Silver logo. YOM 2011.

    Kind Regards,

  • ziya  commented on  2/12/14 2:27pm

    Thank you Mr Kelum your advice highly appreciated.

  • Hansaka  commented on  4/9/12 9:48pm

    Does any body know about the Prius Alpha ??

  • Dileepa  commented on  4/23/12 12:20pm

    Dear Hansaka

    That Prius Alpha comes two models.

    * 5 passenger (5 seats)
    * 7 passenger (7 seats)

    7 seat comes G Touring Sky Package and non sky package (sunroof and solar panel)


    This model is combination of NHW20 and ZVW30

    Its come from 2,6 mil to 4.8 mil jpy.

  • Suhith Lalaka  commented on  4/5/12 11:52am


    I can supply any part of Toyota/ Honda Hybrid spare parts which are directly imported from Japan. Probably my parts are the cheapest comparing to others (Pls.Check my prices with others)here are some of my Hybrid part prices.

    Tail Light Set – W 20 – Rs.60,000/=
    Head Light Set – W 20 – Rs.100,000/=
    Buffer Set – W 20 – Rs. 110,000/=
    Head Light Set – W 30 – Rs.65,000/=

    If anybody interested please contact me on 0773 763 732 – Lalaka

  • Anura  commented on  10/23/14 9:55pm

    Your mobile number is not working. Ple give a correct number

  • Amil  commented on  3/18/12 6:42am

    Chandana, U can contact Toyota Lanka. It may cost about 35,000 to a new key. U also can find some places via Hit-Ad to get it around 28,000-30,000.


  • CHANDANA  commented on  3/16/12 1:46pm

    How get an extra Toyota prius key in sri lanka ?


  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  4/26/12 11:48pm

    Hi Chandana,
    The most economical option for you would be to get a used key programmed for your vehicle. I will try to assist you in this regard. Is your Prius an NHW20 (Gen2) or an ZVW30 (Gen3)?. If it’s an NHW20, does your existing key have a silver logo on the back?

  • Chamila  commented on  7/7/12 1:05pm

    HI Kaveen,
    Could you please help me in getting a smart key and get it programmed for my Prius 3Gen ZVW30, It came with a single Smart Key with a Silver logo. YOM 2011.

    Kind Regards,

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  7/8/12 2:24pm

    Hi Chamila,
    I apologize for not being able to revert to you on this sooner. The total cost involved in creating a duplicate ZVW30 smart key would come to Rs.32,500/= (cost of the key + programming).

    Please call me on 0773781255 if you wish to contact me in this regard.
    Many thanks.

  • Amil  commented on  3/7/12 1:08pm

    Sanjeewa, thanks for the help. Must I contact a Toyota dealer to do so? Or can be done it myself ?


  • Amil  commented on  2/29/12 9:08pm

    Does anyone knows how to turn on the daytime running lights (DRL) of NHW 20?


  • Sanjeewa  commented on  3/5/12 3:17pm

    Daytime running lights should on all the time while your vehicle ignition switch is on, that means as soon you start your car DRL will work till you switch off ignition…

    normally there is no additional switch for No/Off DRL as you wish.
    If your DRL not working when your car ignition on, please check fuse for DRL power line.


  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  10/21/11 9:58am

    Hey guys, if you are worried about the recent Prius recall escapade, please read the article at

    Also read

    to verify the ABS related story). Please note that the “sticky” accelerator pedal issue had been resolved a long time ago, and almost all the Gen2 Prii which have been imported to Sri Lanka comes with the shortened Pedal (Please contact me on 0773781255 if you are unsure of this).

    As for the ABS related recall, as Toyota has stated, it is indeed a voluntary recall and you should only opt for the software upgrade if you feel uncomfortable with how the brake pedal feels when it is depressed. Also note that if you didn’t experience any “discomfort” with the ABS braking system in the past, you don’t have to worry about it now 🙂

  • Maxwell  commented on  10/7/11 11:23am

    please contact M.M.Ognisation on 0778527879 and give your cars chassis Number to get a quotation for the battery. Life time of battery would be around 6 to 8 years.

    You can aslo send an email to MMO by :

  • Sisila  commented on  9/21/11 10:43pm

    what is the price of hybrid battery we can get in Sri Lanka..? from where..?..battery life time..?

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  4/27/12 12:04am

    Hi Sisila,
    As a person who has checked the Hybrid battery of numerous Prius (NHW20 and ZVW30) vehicles as part of a scheduled maintenance service, I can confidently state that you would not have a problem with your HV battery thought the life of your Prius (All the cells appear to be in perfect health). With that said however, there have been numerous cases where the 12v auxiliary battery has failed. This would indefinitely create starting issues. If you face this problem at some point, please be informed that the Prius (both NHW20 and ZVW30) use what is called a Deep Cycle battery (It is a type of lead acid battery with thicker plates).

    If you replace this battery with a regular 12v 35A lead acid battery, you would experience a reduction in fuel economy. Moreover, the battery would probably last for about 6 months due to extensive charging cycles which the Prius imposes on the battery. Since a new Deep Cycle battery would cost around 20k, you could opt for a complete rejuvenation of your battery instead (Please note that this process would not work if some of the cells are damaged). Please contact me on 0773781255 if you wish to learn more on this.
    Hope this helps.

  • Toyota Lanka  commented on  9/9/11 4:33pm

    Toyota Lanka Customer Care

    Hotline 011 2939313
    Email –

    For Service Appointments @ Rathmalana – 0112 638775 / 2638787/ 2638740

    Service Engineer Mr. Jagath Rohitha – 0777-939052
    Technical Engineer Mr. Mahesh Abesinghe – 0777-939811

    For Spare Parts

    Nuwan Fernando – 0777-939881
    Jagath Gamage – 0777-939818

    Toyota Lanka at Rathmalana

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