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  • supunran  commented on  2/25/17 10:12am

    I’m having some vibration noise under the car, when the engine starts. Earlier some guy told me it was the sound of the silencer heat insulator which was loosen.Anyone experienced this ?

    And also when I’m getting off/on the car, when engine is off, there is a noise “dig” like something under is touching. Is this a general sound?

    And also when the car is in a hot weather, the side mirror is not working. I heard this is a common issue for AQUA and Axio. Anyone who has got rod of it?

  • Peiris  commented on  10/13/16 12:45pm

    Hi all, brand new to this forum, and I am just about to buy a Aqua. Can anyone direct me to get an English User manual?

  • isuruc  commented on  9/15/16 12:14pm

    Hi guys, I own a Toyota Aqua 2013 version (DAA-NHP10) and I recently had my first service at Sterling Aftercare center. The guy at the service center told me that there is a special tool (wrench) comes with the car which must be used when removing the wheels and the tool is unique for each vehicle. And he told me that the tool is missing. Apparently, I had no idea about such tool and then I called the place where I bought the car, the guy at the car sale told me that the tool was inside the cubby hole. But I couldn’t find it afterwards. So the tool is missing. And the service guy told me that we cannot use standard tools to remove wheels because the wheels have special kind of nuts and bolts that only the special tool can remove.

    I have two questions,
    1. Is there any special unique tool comes with each car to use when removing wheels?
    2. Can we have made a new tool after getting the measurements of the nuts in wheels?

  • sanjeewa268  commented on  5/24/16 11:22am

    I have Aqua and experienced an engine startup problem.This happened two times for me. When I switch ON, engine didn’t startup and only engine check bulb is appearing. After few minutes, problem get resolved and came to normal conditions. The same time car dicky get locked. I have done the full scan and unable to find the issue.
    Appreciate your help….
    0773 749075

  • wasantha  commented on  4/17/16 8:59pm

    Hi, i bought aqua 2014 done only 28500km. There is vibration sound when EV change to ICE. Its during accelerating. After few second it over every time its happen. Pls advise

  • Ishamhussein  commented on  2/12/16 12:40am

    Hi I have purchased Aqua 2013 car on December which was done 38000 KM and I have got the inspection report from Toyota Lanka and car was in very good condition expect there is a repair on rear and front bumper. And Toyota Lanka has been recommended saying that I have to change the ATF and do a full service with engine tune up. Now I have done 41000 km and I checked with Toyota Lanka for the price for their recommendation. Actually it was above 55000/- which is very expensive my friends recommend not to do a engine tune up as it does better fuel consumption and no sound. But is that really nessosery to change the ATF on 41000? Is it ok if I change the ATF and do the service from a reliable place which will cost around 20000/-? They said they use the genuine Toyota engine oil, for ATF they charge 10000/- is that the normal price for changing ATF? And please advice me what is the recommended ATF for Aqua.


  • sajith  commented on  1/12/16 7:05pm

    I cannot find a usb port in my aqua. Can anybody tell where is it? I have 2014 december s grade.

  • Thilak  commented on  1/6/16 12:36pm

    Hi, Can u pls let me know, after how many km run need to change the auto gear oil for aqua?


  • sajith  commented on  1/8/16 6:16pm

    Auto gear oil usually needs to change at 60000km. But we do not know if the speedometer was changed when we bought the car. Therefore it is good to change it at 35000-40000km.

  • Thilak  commented on  1/13/16 2:01pm

    Dear Sajith

    Thank you for the feedback.

  • cnwarna  commented on  1/4/16 10:07am

    I m having aqua, in my car after run 1 hour engine get raise abnormally, it mean when i accelerate high and release the accelerator engine get raise high it is big sound (engine raise sound),but initially this problem not getting. with that fuel consumption also get low. and also at that time i cant switch with EV mode buy pressing in the EV button, if any one can give me a suggestion it will be great.

  • sajith  commented on  1/8/16 6:23pm

    Usually when the petrol engine gets start it will be a somewhat loud raising with a small jerk you feel. You cant turn on ev mode when there is 2-3 bars in battery indicater. You can run in ev mode when there are more than four bars in battery indicater.

  • sandunm  commented on  7/25/15 9:01pm

    i buy aqua vehicle.i want select sutable place for servicing and repair.

  • sajith  commented on  1/8/16 6:30pm

    There is a palce in marawila mr. Deeptha appuhamy. I did my service recently. They do full service with interior cleaning, engine cleaning, change of engine oil, change of oil filter,Scanning for low price of 8500. Does not include wheel balancing.

  • Rasika  commented on  2/6/15 7:56am

    Last week I change my tyre pressure as front 31 and rear 30. I change in to nytrogon too. Any view on this?

  • sajith  commented on  1/8/16 6:33pm

    I usually keep 33 for all four tyres and nitrogen. No harm i think.

  • Lucky  commented on  2/3/15 2:22pm

    hi i bought a Auqa almost a month ago. it has a dvd player with 100 GB hard disk. i want to delete it and put new songs. how do i access the hard disk. there is a USB port in the player. serial no of the player is NHZD-W62G.

  • Rasika  commented on  2/3/15 10:21am

    When I purchase door stickers from hkw..power cable unplugged (as I think) and my DVD setup was loaded and locked. Now its asking password. I have SD card with me. pls anybody can help or guide this problem !!

  • Sajith Jayakody  commented on  1/26/15 7:08pm

    Guys i’m new to hybrids. i’m planning to buy myself a new one. the thing is i’m stuck between Honda fit GP5 and Toyota aqua. if some one can help me out with their reviews it would be highly appreciated.

  • cnwarna  commented on  1/30/15 8:57am

    If you are thinking about just only appearance and comparability go for GP5 but don’t expect good fuel consumption and other things about aqua in one word it is a marvelous car. Appearance vise bit lower than GP5.

  • cnwarna  commented on  1/12/15 4:53pm

    I bough a brand new (0 millage ) aqua so i have two questions, Is it ok if i do the First service in 5000 km ? and I am using oct 92 petrol is it ok ? or should i use oct 95?

  • sajith  commented on  1/8/16 6:40pm

    In toyota hybrids, it runs by engine for some time and from battery for sometime. That means when you reach 5000km in total, the engine has not run all 5000km. Usually petrol vehicles needs to be serviced in 5000km. But if you missed the service at 5000km, its ok for a while. I serviced my aqua at 6500 km in my first service. It runs better.

  • supunran  commented on  2/25/17 12:28pm

    95 is preferred….

  • d.illamperuma  commented on  12/31/14 1:30pm

    It, s good vehicle.

  • vajira  commented on  12/31/14 10:43am

    Hi, I bought a 2013 Aqua from a Japanese auction. The TV (model no: NSCP-W62) monitor shows an error code E000012. does anybody know how to fix this? is there any possibility that i can use this original TV? or do i have to replace this with a new one?

  • kamal  commented on  12/31/14 6:12pm

    It means your DVD has send without a licence Micro SD card. Contact your car dealer and ask him to send the card. Or you may need to crack the software but not sure how long it will last for.

  • vajira  commented on  1/2/15 3:07pm

    The dealer told me that this cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced.But i found a guy through internet called “Keerthi”. He has inserted a new Micro SD card and now the system in up and running.
    if anyone needs to contact him his phone no. is 0723786877

  • Prabhath  commented on  12/30/14 1:44pm

    Anybody know weather Aqua has Hill Assist function?

  • kamal  commented on  12/31/14 6:08pm

    Yes.It has. But if the hill’s angel is very steep then it might have bit of difficulty. In a 60 degree angle hill it was having bit of problems in holding but once I start accelerate it start moving without a issue.

  • Rohana  commented on  12/30/14 11:32am

    Can you tell me the places where fuse boxes are installed. I have a Aqua and suddenly ACC (for dvd power) and side mirror operation has been stopped. I believe one fuse has blown. Can you help me please.

  • kamal  commented on  12/31/14 6:10pm

    There are 3 fuse boxes. 2 on engine bay and 1 in passenger side under the dash board.

  • Thilak Fernando  commented on  12/25/14 12:58pm

    Happy X Mas to All ! I bought a Aqua car two weeks ago.
    The symbol right side to the seat belt indication in the dash board is lighting on and off. It’s also like a another belt indication. Pls help me to solve this issue.

  • kamal  commented on  12/29/14 3:12pm

    Can you give bit more details on this indicator please ?

  • Thilak Fernando  commented on  12/31/14 8:22pm

    Yes I am trying to up load a picture. But picture is not much clear.
    Any way it’s just right side to the seat belt indication, It’s like a different belt indication.

  • mahesh  commented on  12/21/14 3:47pm

    I have Toyota aqua s gread car my problem is unfortunately removed the battery wire without giving suppy power for sound system. Now it has been Lock asking password. Please some one Tell me how can I fix this problem. I show to Toyota lanka and company said it will take 1.5 month to try to fix it please. Some one tell me if I have options to fix this problem thank you

  • kamal  commented on  12/22/14 8:29am

    Is this bought from a dealer or from Toyota Lanka ? If this is from a dealer and check to see if the sound system is not changed and same setup from Japan. If this setup came from Japan then Mr. the dealer has FUC#$ you by not giving the correct details. Japan setups comes with a chip (micro SD card) which need to activate the car setup without this setup or sound system will be locked. Sometimes the setup comes without this from Japan or card is stolen in harber. So what the dealer does is get a sounds guy and unlock this setup for few thousand rupees. that is cheaper than fixing a new setup. The problem is if we reset the power by disconnecting the 12V battery then the setup settings will reset and get locked again. here the dealer has cheated on you by not telling the truth about the stereo. So contact the dealer and give him some mouthful about this situation.Ask him to fix this issue.
    The whole idea of these forums is the let people know the truth about this hybrid phobia and get the best vehicle from a dealer. So before buying its good to know the truth about these issues.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/22/14 6:33pm

    Do you mean that your car stereo is locked by a password? If yes, where did you fix the car stereo from? What’s the brand and model?

  • kamal  commented on  1/6/15 7:11pm

    Some users in the Japan put these passwords. And there are local guys crack it but the issue is once the power is reset for the setup it will lock again.

  • Dineth  commented on  12/20/14 4:52pm

    my car doesn’t have smart key option ,is there any way to install full system

  • kamal  commented on  12/21/14 7:34pm

    Mr Dineth, You can install a smart key option but it will cost you more than 100K -200K or more since system contains 6 sensors , 2 door handles with sensors , a control unit and a immobiliser unit and some other items too. And I’m not sure if there is any person who is take this task from SL (If you found any one who is willing please share with us ). So I say use the key option and spend some 20-30K for a antitheft system if you really like..I use a Key system and for me its cheap, easy to maintain and safe from kids ( smart key comes with a push start which any small child can push and start the car).

  • Shiran  commented on  12/17/14 12:39pm

    I bought a Aqua car two weeks before. it was done only 65km. now i have done about 700kms but trip efficiency shows only 17km/L. Not in heavy traffic. But seller said it will do about 20 km/L in normal traffic conditions. Also Hybrid battery goes down very quickly. is this normal?

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/21/14 6:14pm

    What do you mean it goes down very quickly? Do you mean it becomes very low? Did you get a report of your car from toyota lanka before you purchase it? People say that about 80% of the aqua’s bought to SL have faced accidents in Japan (the battery might be damaged). Better to check with toyota lanka regarding your mileage

  • kamal  commented on  12/22/14 8:37am

    Yes.. this also shout clear the doubts too. many dealers get R or RA rated cars and sell to customers keeping a huge profit. I checked around 30-32 cars befor I got my L grade one and around 25 of them I was able to see issues such as misaligned bumpers, scratch marks , paint marks ,ect. These are classic indications of R or RA cars. So there are few places you can do the checkup. Go to Toyota Maharagama or go to Mr. Nuwan S. Madananayke or Mr. Deeptha Appuhamy and show it to them. They will check and let you know the condition of the car.

  • kamal  commented on  12/21/14 7:44pm

    Yes. In normal traffic i get around 22-24kmpl in Colombo. Following are the process I use.
    – Use the Eco mode on all times.
    – Try to avoid sudden acceleration and avoid any heavy braking.
    – When start the travel accelerate around 50-60kmph if possible and bring to you required speed and keep it there.
    – Use 95 oct which give a slight advantage on fuel economy.
    – Remove any dead weight from the car.
    And more than that if you maintain your driving disciplines you will see the increase in the fuel economy.

  • chamilsanjeewa  commented on  12/7/14 1:48pm

    I have purchased aqua G (2013) which come with Setup and unlocked HDD navigation (
    navigation and set up is running on Japanese language). is there any place can I install srilankan map to this navigation system.

  • kamal  commented on  12/10/14 5:25pm

    Simple answer is NO. As far as I know there is no cheap solution to convert the navigation or language to english in SL. and also the Sri Lankan Navi maps will not support by the Japan setups. You have to buy a setup from SL and buy maps for that setup. This is the only solution we can have if you need a setup with Japan languages.
    My opinion is if you need maps buy a Sala Sat Nav with the device and use the Japan setup. If you need a radio use a separate device which connect to setup through BT.
    Else keep the setup with you and buy and fix a new one. But remember the qulity of Japan setups can not be matched with the setups comes to SL. 😀

  • A.M.Jayasekara  commented on  11/21/14 1:45pm

    Hi, all. It is for the first time I used Hybrid Aqua car. During parking, as there was no noise in the engine, I had forgotten to press the brake gear and press the button to stop the engine. I had locked the doors and after 3 hours only I noticed that I had not put off the engine when I came back to start driving the car.

    It happened again for the second time too, when I was in a hurry.

    Now I am very careful about this.

    (In other ordinary cars you can hear the engine sound and when the key is used engine can be put off.)

    Is there way to overcome this situation in a hybrid car?. If we lock the car without pressing the power button (engine working but no sound) due to forgetfulness, is there a way to get a warning signal.

  • killer_cruise  commented on  12/21/14 6:09pm

    In honda it sounds a loud beep if you exit the vehicle with the key while the engine is on. I am sure toyota has it as well, try navigating to the settings menu of the car and check for that option.

  • A.M.Jayasekara  commented on  11/21/14 1:22pm

    I purchased an Aqua car few days before the 2015 Budget. I like the colour, which is Grey. I am not running the vehicle very much. May be only a few km in a week. I am afraid that I will have a problem with the Hybrid Battery if I do not run the car very often.

    How many hours we should run it say, within a week to maintain the battery at a good level. Also I do not know how to use the tyre repair kit when the tyre gets deflated. There is no spare tyre in my car. Can I get the method demonstrated by some one.
    Kindly enlighten me on the above two matters.

  • Kamal  commented on  11/25/14 9:38am

    Mr Jayasekara, I’m not sure the purpose of buying a hybrid car if you are running only few KM’s per week. The advantage of getting a hybrid comes if we run about 20-30kms per day else the price we pay and the fuel consumption savings will not have any expected effect. You can keep the car in one place for around 2 months without having any issue to the normal battery (not the hybrid battery). Its better to disconnect the normal battery if the car is keeping still more than 2 months.Other than that its ok to keep the car in one place for few days without starting up..
    But my suggestion is sell the AQUA and buy a normal gasoline engine car and use the rest of the money in a FD. 😀

  • A.M.Jayasekara  commented on  12/3/14 1:10pm

    Thank you Kamal. Very good advice indeed. This is exactly what I wanted to know.

    I did not think about this before buying the car. I have also spent more money to keep the car in perfect condition such as leather seat covers, reverse sensors, carpets, et although the vehicle is not in much use. Not easy to sell at the total cost. Thank you again.

    When a tyre is flat I have to use Repair kit as there is no spare tyre.. Do we use the repair kit while still having the nail or what ever it is which made the tyre flat. If the use of repair kit is only a temporary measure where could I get the tyre repaired in the normal way.

    Thank you.

  • kamal  commented on  12/10/14 5:36pm

    If there is a nail do not pull it out. If you pull it out then it start blowing out air and your tire will be flat soon. Best thing is not to remove the nail or any object and go to the nearest puncture repair shop.
    You need to use the repair kit comes with car if tire goes flat and there is no repair shop near.
    Once I have gone to Anuradhapura for a trip and travelled about 10Kms with a nail in my tire until i find a repair shop without any issue or not using repair kit.
    If you use the kit the liquid bottle is around 5000-10000 i believe in Toyota

  • Prasad  commented on  11/14/14 5:48pm

    Can any body tell that,is it ok to on the dvd set while car is in off mode and is it ok how long ?

  • Kamal  commented on  11/21/14 11:45am

    You can on the DVD while you are in ACC mode (Not sure how is it in smart key car’s) It will run from battery until it last.

  • Upali Cooray  commented on  11/13/14 7:46pm

    I bought a reconditioned Aqua G done 18000 km. Average fuel consumption 12km/l. Did a tuneup but no change. Same (in the city) Have not gone long trips still. Can someone advise how to overcome the problem?

  • Kamal  commented on  11/15/14 8:31am

    Upali, Please mention the driving conditions of your traveling hours and you driving style (heavy on acceleration, lot of sudden brakes) also if you have switch on the ECO Mode or not and from where did you bought the car and is it under warranty or not and have you seen the auction sheets also. …
    These details need to give a idea about the problem since the worse conditions we will get minimum 17kmpl in traffic in Malabe to Dematagoda road in rush hours in morning with bumper to bumper traffic.

  • Nadiesh  commented on  11/4/14 4:15pm

    Can any one tell, is it ok to on ac while car stop?

  • Kamal  commented on  11/4/14 7:28pm

    If its is on “READY” state the blower and pump will work from the Hybrid battery and run it until its dropped to minimum and then start the engine and start charging the battery then again there is no harm i have run the car around 40min like this once. If you are just in ACC mode then blower only runs where AC pump will not work so there is no issues.

  • kasun  commented on  10/26/14 5:51pm

    Can anyone tell me where’s the VIN located in Aqua hybrid

  • Kamal  commented on  10/30/14 8:43am

    The VIN number is also called as Chassi numbere too. IN AQUA its located in the driver side door in a black sticker and white letters and should be as NHP10-XXXXXX

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