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Prius Plug-in

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  • Sudharma  commented on  12/7/14 1:29pm

    Pls let me from where I can get Level 2 (240v) Charger for Toyota Prius PHV 2012

  • Kaveen Goonawardane  commented on  3/5/15 10:11pm

    Hi Sudharma, your existing EVSE (The power chord unit) is simply a communication device which tells the on board charger whether it’s safe to start charging and at what rate it should do so. Typically in the Prius PHEV, the power supply portion of this communication device supports up to 240v (kind of like your mobile phone travel charger which can operate between 100-240V). You can safely disregard the label which says “200v”. Once the unit is plugged into your 240v power outlet, your hybrid battery will get charged at the same rate as a level2 charger.

  • sudharma  commented on  12/3/14 2:39am

    Dear indrajith, can i change dash boad language from japanees to english in prius 2012 phv

  • Sanjeewa Perera  commented on  11/9/14 12:25pm

    Toyota Prius (PHV) Plug-in Hybrid (ZVW-35) is the most efficient hybrid car in the range. The difference between normal Toyota Prius Hybrid (ZVW-30) and Prius (PHV) Plug-in Hybrid (ZVW-35) is can charge battery externally through normal domestic power outlet (13A-15A).

    By external power battery will be fully charged with in One and half hours (90Mins – 240VAC), which approximately can drive car on fully EV (Electric Vehicle) 20-25 km. Full battery charge will consume approximately 3.5 – 4.0 KWh.

    The most benefits of Toyota Prius PHV are, it has gasoline engine built in with a lithium iron battery bank. When externally charged battery power runs out automatically car switch to a normal hybrid car, then without any interruption of the journey can drive continuously without looking for charging points.

    Prius PHV hybrid system also more efficient than normal hybrid system since it has lithium iron battery pack, approximately Prius PHV hybrid system can deliver 27-35 Km/l fuel efficiency. Prius PHV normal combined driving with (Electric Vehicle) EV and HV (Hybrid Vehicle) will deliver approximately 50-75 Km/l.

    Toyota Prius PHV is the most environment friendly hybrid car and it’s most suitable for single car family. If solar system installed home, Prius PHV become a more economical and also more environment friendly car.

    Prius PHV will be an ideal car for Colombo city driving to go to office and also suitable as a family car for any type lengthy tours without any hesitation of finding charging points.

    I wish all vehicle lovers and hybrid car user can understand the benefits I highlighted above of the Prius PHV and join the team of green travel and save better environment for our next generation.

  • Sanjeewa Perera  commented on  11/9/14 12:19pm

    Dear Indrajith, First of all, we all should thank you for doing all this hard work and spending your valuable time for putting this mechanism as a social work and knowledge sharing media to access everybody in much easier ways.

    Thank you,
    Sanjeewa Perera.

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