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  • thilankasl  commented on  9/6/17 10:10am

    Hi, Prius 20 Side mirror pair available. single power. any one want plz call.0714489003

  • Isuruk  commented on  6/14/17 1:29am

    hi guys.,

    please let me know what is the correct tire pressure for prius 3rd gen 15″

  • adithyamtr  commented on  11/26/16 12:56am

    need prius 20 generator coil 0714395800

  • Hilary  commented on  5/12/16 10:24am

    Hi I am new to this .. I have Prius 3rd gen 2010 Model. Can anybody advise me what is the recommended Tyre Pressure (F/R) ? Thank you

  • Lasantha puthu  commented on  5/10/16 5:30pm

    Hi to all

    please help me out by advising me of place where i can get my Hybrid battery changed or repaired..


  • schandrakumara  commented on  5/25/15 4:57pm

    I have toyota Esquire 2015 model. Does any one know whether the first service is required at 1000kms. Further please let me know what is the service interval. I have checked user manual of one prius. there it says that oil and filter change (normal driving conditions) is required every 10,000 kms (not 5000km)with 0-20w oil grade.I am not sure whether it will be similary apply for Esquire too.
    Appreciate your comments.

  • Harshana  commented on  2/1/15 10:01am

    What is the recommended tire pressure for 3rd Gen?

  • Harshana  commented on  1/11/15 11:41am

    I have a gen 3 Toyota Prius installed with the Japanese setup. It has to SD card slots one for navi and the other for music. I tried to play some mp3 by copying mp3s to root folder of the SD card on music solt. But the player doesn’t show the songs on the SD card. Can some one please help me how to do this?

  • nis  commented on  1/14/15 5:54am

    Where r u located? I have played around my car set up which is in Japanese and i was able to find something.. you can just go to each menu and check

  • Harshana  commented on  2/1/15 9:57am

    Hi Nis, I tired playing around but was not able to find a solution. Even the SD card has mp3 copied it doesn’t show the content. what is the file system you used.? FAT or NTFS.. or a different one?

  • Nis  commented on  12/14/14 12:32pm

    Can some one help me with a best place to re pain rear axel , replace stabilizer links, tyres, gear oil chnage

  • Prasad  commented on  12/12/14 2:20am

    Hibrid Prius 2nd genaration abs break pump, need urgently plz contact me on 0777558859 , 0777707777

  • Buddhika Peiris  commented on  12/2/14 5:50pm

    you have to reset the trip meter to get a better reding

  • Web Master - Indrajith  commented on  11/27/14 8:53pm

    Toyota Prius වහනයක ඉතා හොඳ ඉන්ධන පිරිමැස්මක් ඈති කර ගන්නේ කෙසේද ?
    By: Nuwan S. Madanayake – Hybrid Repair Specialist (Sirasa TV Auto vision Presenter)


  • Nis  commented on  1/2/15 8:46pm

    I was able to get 23km/l for 81km drive ( colombo to Negombo and back)

  • Kalum  commented on  11/23/14 10:03pm

    Dear all, I brought a 2013 prius gen 3 it does only 10 km/liter in city driving but in highway driving it was 23km/liter both in eco mode. is this normal ?

  • Nis  commented on  1/2/15 8:49pm

    Hybrids are designed specially for city drive only. I was able to obtain 19km/l from colombo 3 to dehiwala around 5pm, heavy traffic time.. you need to ride on steady speed, avoid using auto climate control, get the speed up to 40km/h and then release the accelerator, when the Eco mode is activated on screen, try to keep the scale in first half and maintain same speed. If you have to break / speed up, again do the previous step. I got even 30km/l in a day on prius 3rd Gen

  • nis  commented on  1/14/15 5:55am

    400km drive, colombo to Jaffna 24.5km/l

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