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  • chandanadg  commented on  5/27/15 4:00pm

    HI Chandra Kumara, In traffic, it do between 10.5 – 13 Km/L and out station can go up to 16 – 18Km/L maximum with dual AC

  • schandrakumara  commented on  6/2/15 3:33pm

    Thanks Chandana. Mine is also more or less same efficiency.

  • schandrakumara  commented on  5/26/15 4:44pm

    Hi Chandana, Do you have any idea about the fuel efficiency of Voxy ?

  • Chandana Gunathilaka  commented on  5/25/15 11:11pm

    HI, I am using Toyota VOXY. I did the first service at 1000Km and I used Toyota oil and VIC oil filter. After that I did the second oil change at 6000Km. If you use fully synthetic oil you can change oil at 10,000km intervals.

  • schandrakumara  commented on  5/26/15 1:53am

    Thanks Chandana. Information will be useful.

  • schandrakumara  commented on  5/25/15 2:35pm

    Hi, I have toyota Esquire 2015 model. Does any one know whether the first service is required at 1000kms. Further please let me know what is the service interval. I have checked user manual of one prius. there it says that oil and filter change (normal driving conditions) is required every 10,000 kms (not 5000km)with 0-20w oil grade.
    Appreciate your comments.

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